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May 22nd, 2015
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  1. >Move to a new house
  2. >Go to check out the backyard
  3. >nice big tree by the fence
  4. >Go to check it out
  5. >'Hi there!'
  6. >Suddenly 6 red eyes in your face
  7. >Fall back on your butt
  8. >You look back at your assailant
  9. >It's an Arachne, hanging down from the tree by a thread
  10. >Her long black hair hangs down (up?) from her head
  11. >She flashes a mischeivous grin, small fangs visible
  12. >'Hehe, sorry about that.'
  13. >She flips over, helping you back up
  14. >'So you're the new kid moving in?'
  15. >'You wanna play a game together?'
  17. >'Oi, bro. What's going on out there?'
  18. >Your Oni sister comes out from the house, baseball bat in tow
  19. >She grabs the arachne by the scruff of the neck
  20. >'You trying to mess with my bro?'
  21. >The little Arachne is freaking out in her hands
  22. >'Sis, let her go!'
  23. >'She was just saying hello!'
  24. >She stares down the terrified girl in her hand
  25. >'You sure?'
  26. >'YES!!!'
  27. >She drops the poor girl onto the ground
  28. >'I'll trust you for now. But I'm watching you.'
  29. >She goes back inside, bat draped over her shoulder
  30. >You help the Arachne to her feet
  31. >'Sorry. My sister's a bit protective.'
  32. >'Maybe this was a bad idea.'
  33. >She quickly climbs back over the fence & out of sight
  34. >Swell...
  36. >Next day, you go knock on the neighbor's door
  37. >A motherly Arachne answers
  38. >'My, my. If it isn't the little cutie who moved in next door. How can I help you?'
  39. >'Hi, miss. I came by because I wanted to say sorry about what happened yesterday.'
  40. >'Ah, yes. I heard about the little scuffle that happened. I'll go fetch her for you.'
  41. >She disappears into the house for a moment, returning with the smaller Arachne in tow
  42. >'What do you want?'
  43. >'Hi, uhhh...'
  44. >You realize she never even got to tell you her name
  45. >'It's Katrina.'
  46. >'Right. Look, I'm really sorry that my sister grabbed you yesterday.'
  47. >'She threatened me with a bat...'
  48. >'And I'm really sorry. She gets that from my stepmom. We got off on the wrong foot. Could we please start over?'
  49. >A small smile crosses her face
  50. >'Not a problem!'
  51. >You introduce yourself to the young girl
  52. >'Hehe, that's a pretty silly name.'
  53. >'Hey.'
  54. >'Sorry. So, were still up for playing my game?'
  56. >'Umm, what are we doing out here?'
  57. >Katrina's taken you out into the woods behind your houses
  58. >'What? You said you wanted to play a game.'
  59. >'I thought that you meant some kind of game in your house.'
  60. >She gives you a sly grin
  61. >'Well, that's what I wanted to do yesterday. But...'
  62. >'But?'
  63. >'Since your sister attacked me, I figured you'd make it up to me with something a bit more strenuous.'
  64. >She reaches into her pocket and pulls out a small doll, tossing it to you
  65. >'Take this and go hide it somewhere on that hill.'
  66. >She points behind you to a large dirt mound littered with logs & sticks
  67. >'You get two minutes to hide the king, and then you have to stop me from reaching him.'
  68. >She pulls out three flags & ties them around her waist
  69. >'If you can get all three flags off me, then you've stopped my siege & you win.'
  70. >'Ready? Go!'
  71. >You barely have time to process all of it before she runs off, leaving you alone to hide the 'king'
  72. >It's not even a contest
  73. >All the trees & her webs give her a huge advantage
  74. >You only manage to pull one flag off before she gets away & finds the old doll in the log
  75. >'Aww, too bad. Not a bad attempt, but it looks like I killed the king.'
  76. >She taunts you with the scruffy doll like it's a trophy
  77. >'Alright. Go to the edge of the woods & start counting. It's my turn now.'
  79. >You finish your counting and start to make your way back to the hill
  80. >Your head is on a swivel, looking in every direction to find Katrina
  81. >Unfortunately, the one direction you aren't looking is down
  82. >Suddenly you lose your balance & are eating a faceful of leaves
  83. >You look down at your feet. There's a thin thread across your ankles
  84. >Clever girl laid a bunch of trip-wires
  85. >Suddenly you hear skittering & she's on you
  86. >'That's one flag.'
  87. >She's already off back into the trees by the time you're back on your feet
  88. >You finally make it to the hill & are dumbfounded
  89. >Using her silk, she's rearranged the logs into a veritable fortress
  90. >'How'd she do this so fast?'
  91. >Before you can answer, you hear a crack under your feet
  92. >A line goes taut, and suddenly you're hanging by your ankles in mid-air
  93. >Katrina slides down on a line, staring you in the face while hanging upside-down with you
  94. >'You'd be surprised at what I can do with a few minutes.'
  95. >She nonchalantly reaches behind you & takes the second flag
  96. >'One more to go.'
  97. >She skitters away back up her line
  98. >Suddenly, you hear a snap as she cuts the line & you're flat on your back
  99. >Finally, you manage to navigate to logs & find the doll
  100. >She has it sitting on a hug pile of rocks like an Indiana Jones treasure
  101. >Carefully, you make your way over to the pile. Luckily, no traps
  102. >You reach out with a hand to climb up to the king...
  103. >Aaand you're stuck
  104. >You look at the pile of rocks & see that is's absolutely caked in webbing
  105. >You struggle to free yourself, but each limb is eventually stuck to the rocks
  106. >Eventually, you hear Katrina walking up behind you
  107. >She nonchalantly takes your last flag before sitting on the rocks in front of you
  108. >The smug look on her face burns. How did you get played this badly?
  109. >'You're having way too much fun with this, aren't you?'
  110. >'Maybe just a little. Rematch?'
  112. >Logic says you won't win, but your 12-year-old ego won't let you give up
  113. >'Rematch.'
  114. >The next thirty rounds play out more or less the same way
  115. >You manage to steal one or two flags off of Katrina, but she just has too much of an advantage with jumping around in the trees
  116. >Meanwhile, you've barely even come close to the doll without losing all your flags
  117. >The worst part is the forts she keeps making
  118. >Each round she keeps changing them, but by the time it's your turn she's dismantled them
  119. >You're on your back from exhaustion after your most recent loss
  120. >Katrina's twirling the flags in her fingers, that smug look still on her face
  121. >'Not a bad attempt that time. Whaddaya say, best of 70?'
  122. >Your spirit is willing, but your body ishaving none of it
  123. >All you're able to do is wheeze out 'Mercy, my lord'.
  124. >Katrina seems satisfied with your answer
  125. >She helps you up into a sitting position & takes a seat next to you
  126. >She passes you a juice that she had stashed away, which you tear into all too eagerly
  127. >Katrina takes a sip from her own before turning back to you
  128. >'So, what did you think?'
  129. >You finish off your juice before having the strength to reply
  130. >"It was... fun. But I gotta know; How'd you do all that with the logs?'
  131. >'It was a trick my sister showed me. We used to play this game all the time before she moved out with her boyfriend.'
  132. >A game made up for Arachnes. No wonder you were completely outclassed
  133. >'You just make a quick framework with silk, then you fit the logs on however you want. Everything's connected toegether & stuck up just enough to stay there, but comes down with one or two quick pulls on a thread.'
  134. >'Kinda seems like cheating to do it to someone who can't do that back.'
  135. >She takes another drink from her pouch. 'Maybe, but nothing was stopping you from getting creative.'
  136. >'Besides, I was trying to see you squirm.'
  137. >Of course she was
  139. >Katrina glances up at the sky & realizes how late it is
  140. >'Darn. It's almost dinner time. I wanted to keep playing.'
  141. >She gets up on all eight legs before pulling you up to your feet
  142. >The two of you make your way back through the woods to your houses, Katrina sipping her juice as you go
  143. >When you finally get back to your houses, she stops you
  144. >'Hey, I had a lot of fun today.'
  145. >'No problem. I figured I owed you.'
  146. >'I haven't been able to play like that since my sister moved out. My parents are too busy, and most other people are scared of my spider parts.'
  147. >She leans over & gives you a quick hug before scurrying off to her house
  148. >'See you tomorrow!'
  149. >You stand there for a second before making your way back into your house
  150. >Your Oni sister is leaning on the door. Looks like she saw you two hug
  151. >'Oi, what was up with that, bro? And why do you look like hell?'
  152. >You look yourself over & realize how dirty your clothes are
  153. >'Uhh, we were just playing out in the woods was all.'
  154. >'You got that messed up playing around with a spindly little shrimp like her? Shit, bro, you gotta toughen up.'
  155. >Maybe
  156. >If you're gonna keep playing with her, though, you may need to smarten up instead
  157. >'Whuzzat, bro?'
  158. >Nothing.'
  160. >Five years have passed since that day
  161. >You and Katrina have gotten extremely close
  162. >All the games she would come up with that you spent hours playing, her creative, carefree personality
  163. >You just couldn't get enough of being around her
  164. >Eventually, you finally got up the courage to ask her out
  165. >You thought she would be shocked or struck silent when you did
  166. >All you ever got out of her was 'What took you so long?'
  167. >The two of you were practically inseparable
  168. >Her mother even began to joke about you two already being married
  169. >Not that a life with Katrina wouldn't have been wonderful, but the two of you had priorities
  170. >It was the last weekend of summer before your senior years in MGC High
  171. >Katrina was thinking about going to college for programming & design
  172. >You were... slightly less committed. You had a general idea, but nothing solid
  173. >'I mean, why not right?'
  174. >The two of you were hanging out in her room as she was getting her things together for the coming year
  175. >'I've always had a thing for games & designing, why not make a career out of it?'
  176. >'I guess if you want to survive on ramen while you're working.'
  177. >She hocks a pillow at your face. 'Very funny, smartass. And what do you plan on doing?'
  178. >'I have plans.'
  179. >'Like what?'
  180. >She's still joking, but you can hear a bit of worry in her voice
  181. >You walk over and hold her hand reassuringly
  182. >'Hey, I know you're worried about me. I promise you I'll have everything sorted out before school ends.'
  183. >'Thanks, honey.' That seems to have eased her a bit, but she still seems worried
  184. >'You know what? We gotta get your mind off of school for a bit.' You head back over to her bed & grab your shoes
  185. >'What are you doing?'
  186. >'We are going outside.'
  187. >'For what?'
  188. >'We're going to play a little game.'
  190. >The two of you walk out into the woods
  191. >Katrina's grown quite a bit since you were kids (not that you mind some of those growths), so navigating is a bit trickier for her
  192. >Eventually, the two of you come to the old hill in the center of the woods
  193. >Somehow, there are even more trees here now than when you were kids
  194. >'So you mind telling me what we're doing out here now?'
  195. >'Like I said, we're going to play a game.'
  196. >Katrina still seems a little lost. 'What game.'
  197. >'Your favorite.'
  198. >You reach into your hoodie's pockets & pull some things out
  199. >It's the old 'king' doll & three flags
  200. >She tries to stay calm, but you can see her eyes light up at the sight of that old toy
  201. >'Really?'
  202. >'Yep. Same rules as when we were kids.'
  203. >'So you brought me out here just to beat you?'
  204. >'Ohoho, I think I might just surprise you.'
  205. >'Ohh, is that so?'
  206. >'Give it your best shot.'
  208. >It takes a good while before you finally hear her signal
  209. >You just know she's not going to make it easy on you
  210. >But you're ready this time
  211. >Before you even set foot into the woods, you quickly look around
  212. >'A-ha.'
  213. >You find a long branch lying by a tree & pick it up
  214. >You take measured steps towards whatever contraption she has erected on the hill, sweeping the branch in front of you
  215. >every now and then the branch bounces back, recoiling off of her hidden trip-wires
  216. >You carefully avoid them, staying on your feet & minimizing how alert she is to you
  217. >'Oh my, it seems someone's been learning since we were kids.'
  218. >Even with how much she's grown, you're having a hard time picking up where she is
  219. >'Hey, I had to pick up on something being around you all these years.'
  220. >'It's too bad you still haven't learned to multitask.'
  221. >'Wha-'
  222. >You can't even finish the thought before you're suddenly suspended by your ankle
  223. >Already you can hear her making her way through the trees for you
  224. >You quickly reach for your ankle and pull out a small knife
  225. >All these years, the number of times Katrina's snared you have taught you to keep one on you
  226. >You start to hack away at the rope as she closes in on you
  227. >The line gives just as she takes a swipe for you
  228. >You land on your ass, dazed but ultimately out of her clutches
  229. >Almost
  230. >You check your belt. Damn...
  231. >'You'll need to be a bit quicker than that to win.'
  232. >She taunts you from a tree with the flag she's won
  233. >'I've still got two left. Hope you've stepped up the rest of your game.'
  234. >'You don't even know.'
  236. >The rest of the trek isn't easy
  237. >Those swinging logs were definitely new
  238. >And she managed to snag another flag off you as you worked your way out of one of her pitfalls
  239. >Funny, you never did ask her how she managed to get those holes dug
  240. >But finally you managed to make it to the hill
  241. >And Katrina definitely didn't disappoint
  242. >Logs were suspended chaotically in mid air all throughout the clearing
  243. >Some were linked by webbing
  244. >Others were swinging back & forth
  245. >She'd even figured out how to get a few of them to rise up & down
  246. >And in the center, hanging twenty feet above the hill, was the king
  247. >'Well then... this is new.'
  248. >'Do you like it?'
  249. >Katrina's sitting in a tree high up above, that pleased look on her face
  250. >'Hanging the doll in the air? Isn't that cheating?'
  251. >'I don't think so. It's still above the hill, isn't it? I'm just using its airspace.'
  252. >'Riiiiight.'
  253. >You slowly make your way around her mad gauntlet, analyzing it
  254. >'So I'm assuming you want me to climb the logs to reach it?'
  255. >'That was my idea. But are you gonna be fast enough to reach it before I get your flag?'
  256. >You come to a stop next to a large tree. 'That depends. Did you build this the same way you built all those other temples?'
  257. >Katrina seems confused. 'Why does that matter?'
  258. >'Because if you did, then I can just do THIS!'
  259. >You take your knife and slice a thread on the tree next to you
  260. >You take cover as logs crash down all around you
  261. As the dust settles, all that's left is the king suspended in the center
  262. >'Everything held with just enough strength, suspended by a single thread for easy disassembly.'
  263. >Katrina's in utter shock. 'Do you have any IDEA how hard all that was to rig up?!?'
  264. >'Hey, you're the game designer. Learn to deal with people hacking your stuff.'
  265. >Katrina gathers herself up. 'Whatever. Now you can't reach the king.'
  266. >'You see, that's where you're wrong now.'
  268. >'What do you mean?'
  269. >'All the traps you've been setting for me so far have left me with a whole lot of rope to work with-'
  270. >From off your belt you pull a long length of rope made from Katrina's own silk
  271. >'-And I think it's finally time I got your king.'
  272. >Katrina realizes what your trying & makes a mad dash for you, trying to end the game
  273. >You line up a throw & give it everything you've got
  274. >Whatever divine force is in this world smiled on you as the rope sticks to the doll
  275. >She's bearing down on you as you give a mighty tug on the silk rope
  276. >The cord holding the doll snaps
  277. >It flies through the air towards you as Katrina crashes into you, knocking you to the floor in a heap
  278. >You both come to your senses to survey the damage
  279. >Katrina has a hand around the final flag, but it's still secure on your belt
  280. >And sitting on your chest is the little king, the symbol of your total victory
  281. >'Heheh...Hahahaha...HAHAHAHAHA!!!'
  282. >After years of her putting you in your place you finally managed to beat her
  283. >Katrina seems stunned, but finally manages to give you a smile
  284. >'Looks like you finally pulled it off.'
  285. >The two of you get back to your feet and take in the surroundings
  286. >'Thanks for helping me take my mind off all this school stuff. It's getting late now. What do you say we head back in?'
  287. >'Oh, no. I just went through your gauntlet. Now it's your turn to seek!'
  288. >She seems dumbfounded at you. 'Really?'
  289. >'Yes really. I finally stole this from you, now I'm going to finally protect it from you.'
  290. >There's a brief second before she starts to laugh.
  291. >'Alright, have it your way, genius.'
  293. >After a few minutes, you give her the signal
  294. >Katrina comes back to the clearing to find...
  295. >Nothing
  296. >Not one log or rock seems to have been moved since she left
  297. >'What are you playing at?'
  298. >'No games. Just find the king & you win. I won't even try to take your flags.'
  299. >'Is that so?'
  300. >'Yep. I'm going to sit right here & wait for you to give up.'
  301. >You plop down on the side of the hill, not breaking eye contact once
  302. >Katrina gives you a suspicious look, but seems to trust you & goes to work
  303. >She spends what seems to be an eternity searching for the doll
  304. >The sun's almost completely set now, & she has flipped every single rock, branch, & loose object three times over
  305. >She finally collapses next to you, exhausted
  306. >'Well?'
  307. >You have the biggest shit-eating grin on your face right now
  308. >Is this how she's felt all these years? Feels good.
  309. >'Fine...'
  310. >'What was that?'
  311. >'
  312. >'Speak up please.'
  313. >'You win!'
  314. >Oh, how sweet victory is! And you feel like letting her know just how it feels
  315. >'Okay, genius, you finally won. Now where's the doll?'
  316. >'You know, I can't believe you didn't think to look for it in the most obvious spot.'
  317. >You pull the doll out of your hoodie's pocket
  318. >Katrina just stare blankly at it for a moment
  319. >'That's cheating!'
  320. >'I stayed on the hill the entire time. It's perfectly fair.'
  321. >'Give me that thing!'
  322. >She reaches across you for the doll but loses her balance, falling on top of you
  323. >The two of you just linger there for a moment, the doll held between you
  324. >'Guess you finally got the better of me.'
  325. >'Heh, guess I did...'
  327. >In the setting sun, you've suddenly become very aware of the woman on top of you
  328. >Her eyes are shining like rubies
  329. >her beautiful black air hanging down, framing her face in the fading light
  330. >Her soft body pressed against your own
  331. >Your mind is spinning, urging you to do something, anything
  332. >Almost on instinct, you reach up and kiss her
  333. >The two of you hang there for a moment before you pull away
  334. >You just stare at each other for a moment, a blush breaking out on Katrina's face
  335. >'I-I-I'm sorry. I don't know what came over m-'
  336. >Katrina takes your head in her hands, kissing you back twice as hard
  337. >It's a good minute before she breaks it, saliva hanging between your lips. Now it's your turn to look surprised
  338. >'Idiot... what took you so long.'
  339. >Your lips meet again with redoubled enthusiasm, intent to not break apart for as long as possible
  340. >Your hands start to roam over each others bodies
  341. >You feel along her back, down to where warm flesh meet cool chitin
  342. >You both become painfully aware of how suffocating your clothes are
  343. >You begin to undo her top as she likewise tries to work your shirt off, breaking away just long enough to lift it over your head
  344. >Her breasts press into your chest as you pull each other as close as possible, the heat of your bodies almost unbearable
  345. >Instinct guides your hand to her chest & you begin to play with her breasts
  346. >She's moaning into your mouth as you knead the flesh in your hand, teasing the nipple with your fingers
  347. >Finally, the two of you break your impassioned kiss to breathe
  349. >You can feel your member straining against your pants desperate for relesase
  350. >She must have read your mind as her hands are already undoing your belt
  351. >The cool night air almost burns against the seething flesh of your erection
  352. >Katrina pulls aside her skirt, revealing her delicate folds already soaked in anticipation
  353. >She takes hold of you, gently positioning you at her entrance
  354. >In one swift motion she slides her hips down, joining the two of you together as your shaft buries itself in her
  355. >She moans heavily into your chest, holding you close as she is filled for the first time
  356. >Once she settles, her six eyes look up to yours, ready to finish the deed
  357. >Your rhythm starts slow, gentle, as you both let the sensations wash over you
  358. >Her walls are warm & moist, squeezing around you, sending pleasure through you like nothing before
  359. >Your hands guide her hips, pulling out a small moan from her with each slow thrust
  360. >You slowly pick up the pace, going a little bit harder, a little bit deeper
  361. >Now you can feel her hips pushing back into your own as desire begins to overtake her
  362. >Your tempo begins to build & build, your own carnal thoughts consuming you
  363. >her breath begins to catch & you feel her walls clamping tight around you
  364. >She pulls you close & kisses you deeply as her hips rock harder & harder, riding out her orgasm
  365. >You can feel you own limit coming
  366. >With one final thrust, you bury yourself deep within her
  367. >White hot jets erupt from your throbbing member & plaster her womb, determined to claim her as yours
  368. >Your hips grind into one another as the last of your load fills her up
  369. >Utterly spent, the two of you lay there in bliss, holding one another in your arms
  370. >Her legs wrap around you, keeping you inside her as long as possible
  372. >You have no idea how long the two of you lay out on that hill
  373. >The lights in your house were all off by the time you finally made it back
  374. >You look like a mess
  375. >Your clothes are completely wrecked
  376. >You reek of sweat (as well as other things)
  377. >You have leaves in some rather uncomfortable places
  378. >But damn, was it worth it
  379. >You come in as quietly as possible, trying not to disturb anyone
  380. >'That you, bro?'
  381. >Crap you sister's still up
  382. >A light comes on in the kitchen, illuminating your Oni stepsister, her scruffy sleeping tank-top, and a beer in her hand
  383. >'The hell you doing out so late?'
  384. >'Uhh, I was... just over at Katrina's.'
  385. >'Then why do you look like shit?'
  386. >Ummm, we went for a walk. In the woods. Aaaand I feeell?'
  387. >She walks over to you, giving you a once-over
  388. >Anyone ever tell you you're a bad liar?'
  389. >'What?'
  390. >You reek of cum, like you just came out of a whore house. So the two of you finally fucked, ehh?'
  391. >The game's up. 'Is it that obvious?'
  392. >Your sister let's out a small laugh. 'So my little brother finally popped his cherry, huh? Cheers!'
  393. >'You won't tell mom or dad, will you?'
  394. >'Pfft, why? It's your cock, Do what you want with it.'
  395. >She cracks open the beer & makes for her room
  396. >Before she rounds the corner, she turns back to you
  397. >'The two of you are pretty cute together. Don't do anything to fuck it up.'
  398. >'Right...'
  399. >'And tell that little spider tramp if she ever hurts my bro, I'll kick her ass.'
  400. >You crack a small smile. She was a little rough, but she cared about you
  401. >You make your way up to your bed
  402. >It feels a little lonely without Katrina there to beside you, but you're too tired to care
  403. >'Guess we'll have to work on that...'
  405. >4 years pass
  406. >The two of you made it through most of your college lives on one piece
  407. >She's wrapping up her design program, and you managed to scrape together a modest marketing degree
  408. >The two of you are moving into an apartment just off campus for your last year
  409. >Katrina's been pitching an idea of you two starting your own development team, making a few products to pitch to some of the bigger companies together
  410. >She's helping you pack the last of your things before you two move out
  411. >'I can't believe we're finally doing this.'
  412. >'What having second thoughts?'
  413. >'Of course not. Just thinking back on how all this... how we... started.'
  414. >'Feels like it was just yesterday you were that goofy looking kid who was moving in next door, and now-'
  415. >'And now that goofy kid is moving in with the most beautiful girl in the world.'
  416. >She's starting to tear up a bit. 'Oh, stop it.'
  417. >You set down the box you're packing & walk over to her.
  418. >'Hey, you wanna step out for a bit?'
  419. >The two of you forget about packing and go out for a walk to clear your heads
  420. >Unsurprisingly, your walk leads the two of you to your old hill in the woods
  421. >'Seems like whenever we have a new beginning, we always end up here.'
  422. >Yep. You bringing me here the first time we played your little game, the first time we were together-'
  423. >'And now when we're moving in together.'
  424. >'I think you're forgetting one other beginning.'
  425. >Katrina seems confused as you point her to the to of the hill
  426. >On the top of the hill is a shoddy stone pedestal, perched upon it is the old 'king'
  427. >But he's not alone
  428. >Next to him is a new doll with brilliant red eyes, wearing a beautiful gown
  429. >In their hands is a brilliant gold ring set with a diamond
  430. >Katrina slowly picks up the ring & turns to you
  431. >'Is this-'
  432. >You take the ring from her and kneel down
  433. >'This is where we started our friendship together, and it's where I wanted to start the rest of our lives together.'
  434. >All six of Katrina's eyes are tearing up as you ask her the question.
  435. >'Will you marry me?'
  436. >Tears of joy begin to roll down her face
  437. >Time seems to stand still as you fit the ring over her finger
  438. >As you rise, she pulls you into a tender embrace, giving you a loving kiss
  439. >'Idiot... What took you so long?'
  440. END
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