Orchestra Kids form — @crybabyjoon

Dec 12th, 2016
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  1. RUN
  2. username ; @crybabyjoon
  4. full name ; Kwon Jae-Sun
  5. nicknames ; Jae, Sunshine, Sun
  7. FIRE
  8. birthdate ; July 10, 1999
  9. age ; 17
  11. blood type ; AB
  13. SAVE ME
  14. nationality ; Korean
  15. ethnicity ; Korean
  17. birthplace ; Seoul, South Korea
  19. I NEED U
  20. hometown ; Seoul, South Korea
  22. languages ;
  23. -Korean ;; 100%
  24. -Japanese ;; 100%
  25. -English ;; 75%
  27. weight ; 45kg
  29. WINGS
  30. height ; 178cm
  32. slot ; sporty cello player
  33. backup slot ; chill viola player
  36. face claim ; S.Coups (svt)
  37. backup face claim ; Jackson (got7)
  39. background ; Jaesun was born as, what he likes to think as, a normal Korean citizen. He doesn't think anything special about his life or himself, but he's very thankful for who he has and what he has in his life. He was born into a rich family, though was raised by he father only, due to the accidental death of his mother when he was still very young. As a child, he understood a lot, negativity was something he took too easily and as if it were nothing. So when Jaesun was always ignored by his father, he didn't take it to heart, since his father was diagnosed with depression once his wife was killed in a plane crash. Later on, Jaesun was left with no parents, his father committing suicide, though Jaesun believed he was a mere bother for his father.. he was left a letter explaining why his parent did such depressing thing. He sooner or later moved in with a family friend, who he is now really close with and has always been. Though Jaesun did go through a lot of negativity when young, he adores everyone he has now and had, making sure he makes that clear in his own specific way.
  42. personality ; Giving one look at Jaesun, and you could tell he's the type to be cool and friendly, though very tough and manly. This boy is fairly popular, but because of how friendly and attractive he is. Jaesun is easy going though he only has few friends he actually likes and would die for. He's very supportive, always saying "fighting!" when one of his teammates were next in playing or when his classmates had a test for their next class. Even though he's really positive and all about the smiles and making someone happy, Jaesun is easily hurt and takes negativity the hardest way possible. Help break when under pressure, but doesn't enjoy being taken care of because his wish is to always make people happy, not vice versa. Though, Jaesun lets his negative vibes out by playing sports, because the last thing he'd want is blowing out on someone, so he's fairly serious when mad or sad, and when playing any type of sports. Of course, he isn't all muscle, though he isn't really on the smart brainy side, Jaesun tries his hardest to get the highest grades and be on the top... which usually does happen. He'll be seen buying snacks for his friends and patting them in the head, he enjoys buying sweets for girls and giving them as a gift.. which always ends in the girls favoring him.
  44. family ;
  45. Kwon Jaehyun / father / 43 / dead
  46. Kwon Jinah / mother / 42 / dead
  47. (omg, not sure if it's k but,,, could like, the slot he's closest to be the one he's living with? if it's k with you!!)
  49. which slot he's closest to ; cut viola player (or confused bass player... if the love interest isn't available to be the bff as well)
  51. CYPHER PT. 4
  53. —r&b and indie music
  54. —studying
  55. —running track
  56. —beat boxing
  57. —rapping
  58. —high brands
  59. —Oreos
  60. —sushi
  61. —dark colors
  62. —grape and strawberry flavored anything
  63. —mangaka
  64. —korean dramas
  65. —cute couples
  66. —hoodies
  67. —cold weather
  68. —eating steak
  70. dislikes ;
  71. —vulgar music
  72. —having nothing to do
  73. —when his stomach rumbles
  74. —being sick
  75. —pigeons
  76. —mint cookie oreos
  77. —vegetables
  78. —neon colors
  79. —orange and watermelon flavor
  80. —banana milk
  81. —too oblivious people
  82. —anything abusive
  83. —shorts
  84. —hot weather
  85. —pineapple juice
  87. trivia ;
  88. —his favorite animals are turtles & kittens
  89. —really likes memes
  90. —protecting people is his hobby
  91. —likes wearing Nike products
  92. —wants a puma as a pet but can barely take care of himself
  93. —can be oblivious at times but he's really sharp
  94. —when thankful, he'll be very touchy & friendly
  95. —listens to r&b most of the time
  96. —basketball is his favorite sport
  97. —doesn't like going to gyms but enjoys working out
  98. —wears glasses
  99. —really hates wearing contact lenses
  100. —believes his lucky number is 5
  101. —has a bump on his right hand ring finger from too much writing
  102. —is very organized
  103. —likes wearing dark ripped jeans
  104. —has never had a girlfriend before or never been in any type of romantic relationship
  105. —gets flustered pretty easily, no matter who it is and what's happening
  107. LOST
  108. love interest ; cute viola player
  109. backup love interest ; smart cello player
  111. first impression of each other ;
  112. she thought he was a little cold looking, and wasn't sure how to speak with him or if she should start the conversation... but he spoke first, making all her ideas go down the drain.
  113. he thought she was pretty, and wanted to speak with her first but she seemed timid and wasn't sure what to say, but after a few minuets of just summing her up, he spoke and was glad when she smiled.
  116. how she acts around him ; she's very friendly with everyone, though when she meets eyes with him or sees him, she'll get very shy and timid. She'll be clumsy and accidentally do things that she shouldn't do, though she'll apologize and laugh it off. After a few, she'll be friendlier than with everyone else, and treat him with care and be by his side.
  118. how he acts around her ; Jaesun compliments her a lot, and makes sure if she's okay. He'll put all his attention to her and watch her every move. Jaesun will always buy he things and likes patting her on the head, they're always together and when so, he tries to squeeze in the most skinship he can. He'll wrap his arm around her shoulders or intertwine his fingers with hers, making an excuse about how she walks too peacefully. He doesn't speak much about her to his other friends, the last thing he wants is other guys giving her attention.
  120. relationship at the end ; innocent love / innocent dating
  123. couple trivia ;
  124. —share all the food they have, it being sweets or kimchi
  125. —like playing games like rock, paper, scissors to pass time
  126. —somewhat over protective over each other
  127. —he makes her wear his hoodies
  128. —own low key couple things like bracelets or rings or similar shoes
  129. —she helps him study every day after school
  130. —always recommending things to each other, like animes or dramas to watch
  131. —he likes gifting her food while she gifts him cute key chains
  132. —she steals his glasses every now and then
  133. —thinking of owning a group of kitties as their small family
  135. suggested scenes ;
  136. -he's in a sports competition and didn't plan on being first but he ended up winning
  137. —tries his best to be noticed by everyone
  138. —cheers on for his band mates / sport mates
  140. suggest scenes with interest ;
  141. —they're practicing together
  142. —walking back home together and people see them as their shoulders are touching & question if they're a thing OR he's walking her to her class and same thing happens
  143. —it's lunch time and he has a difficult class next, so he questions her if he did his homework right, so they're sitting down at a lunch table & reviewing his work while they share earphones
  144. —he takes her out and sees it as a date but she's confused if it is or not & is dropping hints but he doesn't really take them since he's a smol, innocent & oblivious child whose never been on a date :')
  147. anything I missed ; nope, everything's fine
  149. message for me ; lmao even tho we talk on kik, and we say our feelings every now and then, I hope ur healthy while you do dis & have fun with it!! also, you could message me whenever if you're having difficulties : )
  151. will you read if you don't get in ; of course, I think this concept is really cute and I find it really interesting. & I really like reading so, I will, promise~
  154. password ; Sanha (I'd say yoongi too)
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