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  1. Sciomancers,
  3. First off, let me start out by saying I am so proud of the guild for coming together to subdue the massive
  4. singularity that threatened to destroy Spinesreach, if not all of Sapience. Great job to each and every one
  5. of you.
  7. Just to reiterate the events that have happened over the past several weeks:
  9. Several weeks ago, there was a discovery that three enchantresses had found an aegis after diving into the
  10. vortex to the lost land of Kelesys. This aegis was covered in runes with glyphs. The enchantresses were trying
  11. to figure out how to harness the aegis with large amounts of diamond dust, which proved unsuccessful as it blew
  12. up. After it was suggested, ruby dust was used which stabilized the glyph. The enchantresses decided that they
  13. would research it further.
  15. The following week, an explosion was heard and felt throughout Spinesreach with smoke and fire to accompany
  16. that alerted the rest of Sapience. It was here that we found out three prisoners escaped from the Iron Maw,
  17. those three all holding our skills and having been locked up for treason for a very long time, and escaped from
  18. Spinesreach via portal.
  20. Upon further investigation, Jino, the gambling dealer that was arrested for theft a little over a month ago was
  21. found dead in the same cell. There were some anomalies with his body, the Archivist examined the body as fast
  22. as they could manage though it decayed very quickly. The theory they came up with was that he was not blown up
  23. with a singularity, but perhaps had all of the Shadow sucked from his being. When his body decomposed, he was nothing
  24. but air, water, and ash left from fire - a mix of mud, if you will.
  26. The next week, after the prison break, upon waking - my Shadow Mark ran cold and eventually turned my entire body
  27. cold. The Shadow Mark puts me closest to Czjetija and the Shadow Mother Herself, Ohslana. I thought for a short time
  28. that I may have contracted the Shadow Plague, until I just though I was going mad. I could smell a jungle, and heard
  29. a voice in my head speaking in Rajamalan with the word, 'Ati'. Emir, myself, Skiva, Mazzion, and the Warden all went together
  30. in search of jungles with Rajamalan. In Western Itzatl, my Mark compelled us to head to Farsai, which is where we stumbled
  31. upon the three escaped prisoners.
  33. From here, a battle started. We were able to subdue one of them, though the other two escaped via portal once more. We
  34. brought him back to the Iron Maw for questioning where he quickly necrosised. We felt a disturbance and found the other
  35. two escaped prisoners in the Citadel opening a massive singularity that threatened to wipe out Spinesreach at the least,
  36. potentially Sapience. Lord Severn appeared and tried His best to seal it, but it was so powerful it was eating away at
  37. His artifice. He made the only choice he could and anchored more Shadow into the prime to give the Sciomancers the power
  38. to help Him dismantle the singularity.
  40. Though we were successful in dismantling it, the Master Crystal became tainted with the Shadow that Lord Severn anchored
  41. to it, so our crystals as we knew them were no more. Instead, it is giving us shadowy versions. With the imbalance of Shadow,
  42. our spells were not working correctly, if at all.
  44. Something happened in Enorian, that I still do not have the majority of the details on - all I am aware of is that they
  45. pulled more pieces of each element except Earth into the Prime to try to sort out the imbalance. When/if I get more details,
  46. I will post the details of that.
  48. Last week, Nevithor called us to the guildhall as he had decided on our new way forward. With the overwhelming amount of
  49. Shadow at our disposal, that will be the only element that we focus on. We will no longer be using the Air or Earth elements
  50. in our spells. As I am sure you have seen, we have brand new skills and are all learning how to defend ourselves with them.
  52. A few things to note:
  54. - Woodcrafters are able to make staffs if you choose to use these as your weapon.
  55. - Forgers can make shortswords and croziers for you if you choose these as your weapon.
  56. - You will CAST CREATE FOCUS in front of the Master Crystal to form a focus crystal to embed in your welcome, giving you full
  57.   access to your Shadow magic.
  58. - For bashing: Use Shadowprice and Fever until your Shadowprice runs out, then continue on with Fever. You can also use Orbital
  59.   while bashing.
  61. We are all learning our new skills, so if you have questions, please don't hesitate to ask over GT.
  63. With Shadow,
  65. Shadow Warden Tatia Vilandra-Seirath
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