"Just business" (SOoT Side Story) ~Complete

Nov 26th, 2017
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  1. Spoilers for "Staying Out of Trouble" Act 2.
  2. Warning: breeding facility, rape, birth, feels.
  4. >You'd met the couple that was to take your foal away.
  5. >Kind enough, sure. Almost a little too friendly.
  6. >Simply odd or naive you can't tell.
  7. >The strange thing was their demands for doing things the 'natural' way.
  8. >Everything had to have good vibes, positive feelings, and above all no chemicals.
  9. >They even wanted to be there at the moment of conception!
  10. >Because a crying mare bound to a rack somehow qualifies as good vibes.
  11. >You think she had good intentions, but holding your hoof isn't going to make your penetration any less traumatic.
  12. >For all your dates and stolen kisses back in ponyville this was your first time.
  13. >Tied to a rack with a stranger grunting as he took you.
  14. >Master told you not to make a scene, but it hurt.
  15. >It hurt a lot and you couldn't help the crying and begging.
  16. >The wife was kind though. She held you hoof and told you what a good job you were doing.
  17. >For what little that was worth.
  18. >You felt dirty when he finished.
  19. >The stallion climbed off and abandon you as soon as he was done.
  20. >No cuddling, no kisses, no small whispers in your ear to assure you he loved you.
  21. >Just dripping and a foreign warmth deep inside you.
  22. >But you didn't take.
  23. >Three times you were submitted to the violation and still didn't take.
  24. >The vets say your receptive, as fertile as any field ready for the plow in the warm spring weather.
  25. >The stallions even gave you plenty of' material' to work with, but your body failed to conceive.
  26. >The couple insists they wanted you though.
  27. >Something about your beautiful coat and mane.
  28. >Beautiful indeed, but you wish they'd let the task pass to another.
  29. >Then again it is your job now.
  30. >Eventually they'd been talked into trying artificial insemination.
  31. >You're natural heat was ending, and the window of time humans could extend it with their medicine had limits.
  32. >It was another rack for you. This time a large syringe, or perhaps a turkey baster, did the job between your quivering legs.
  33. >At first you thought it might be better this way.
  34. >Meeting a stallion mere moments before he's exploring your most intimate parts is awful.
  35. >But at least they had the manners to apologize before climbing up and putting hooves on your flanks.
  36. >The doctors had no such pause.
  37. >The procedure felt so.. cold...
  38. >It still left the warm spark of life inside you, but hard plastic is no substitute for something more real.
  39. >At least the stallions forced to rut you were sympathetic.
  40. >Even if they only expressed it by rubbing your back as they thrust. They cared a little.
  41. >The medical implement didn't.
  42. >It's only mercy was how quickly it was over.
  43. >If reducing what should be a magical moment to passionless seconds is mercy.
  44. >Nevertheless you took.
  45. >The couple visited you often to check on your progress.
  46. >The odd vegetables and health supplements they insisted on stuffing you up with only slightly bothersome.
  47. >It meant they cared. If not for you then for the health of their investment.
  48. >Finally the time came.
  49. >You'd talked to the other mares about what to expect.
  50. >Thankfully everypony told you that you'd be so drugged up you'd barley feel a thing.
  51. >Pills would both suppress the pain, as well as make it easier for them to separate the foal from you.
  52. >Being high out of your mind apparently reduced the emotional bonding at birth.
  53. >None of the mares you talked to even remembered the delivery.
  54. >A mercy no doubt.
  55. >Imagine your terror when the wife said she wanted your delivery to be all natural.
  56. >There's no shame in admitting you'd begged.
  57. >You'd never foaled before.
  58. >You fully admit you were terrified of pain.
  59. >Normally you were a model of good behavior, but this time you argued.
  60. >Who cares about her stupid beliefs? It's your body! Hasn't she put you through enough as it is?
  61. >Master wasn't happy to hear your opinion on the matter.
  62. >You'd been sent to the rack to await discipline.
  63. >He had to be careful with a pony so close to delivering, but he's been doing this for years.
  64. >A flank on the receiving end of the crop get's the message across safely enough.
  65. >He always knew how to make you say you're sorry.
  66. >But that wasn't the worse.
  67. >The next morning the vet came.
  68. >If you were going to be unmanageable then they'd simply get what they came for.
  69. >You were due to delivery soon anyway.
  70. >This isn't what you wanted!
  71. >You'd begged and cried, but they'd hear none of it.
  72. >To make things worse chemical means of inducing labor were off the table.
  73. >You're hate for your foals new parents grew as the vet invaded you.
  74. >That should never go there! Humans should never do that!
  75. >It wasn't long before master muzzled you.
  76. >It wasn't long after that before your body convulsed and it began.
  77. >When you threatened to pass out from lack of oxygen master had to remove your muzzle.
  78. >Sadly you only had a few moments between gasps to curse their existence.
  79. >And then the screaming started.
  80. >You thought you knew would how badly it would hurt.
  81. >Just imagine the worst pain you've ever experienced and multiple it by 10 you figured.
  82. >Oh, how wrong you were.
  83. >Surely the foal was ripping you in half!
  84. >You cried out for Celestia and Luna to save you!
  85. >It's their fault this happened to pony kind! It's their fault you were raped, and beat, and are giving birth!
  86. >You raged against everything.
  87. >Humans, ponies, gods, anything that came to mind.
  88. >Still the little bundle of agony was only part of the way out!
  89. >If you ever walked after this you'd consider it a miracle!
  90. >After hours, or perhaps minutes, the ordeal is finally over.
  91. >As all foals do, yours dropped the last few inches to the floor.
  92. >Human babies may be frail but foals aren't.
  93. >You can hear her stumbling around.
  94. >A pony foal should be on it's own hooves and nursing after just a few minutes.
  95. >Is she ok though? You can't even see her while you're in the rack like this!
  96. >Can she not find you?!
  97. >Since you can't move a muscle the best you can do is call out to her.
  98. >Perhaps she'll recognize the sound of her mother's voice.
  99. >For once you're grateful to the wife.
  100. >She kneels down and guides the newborn where it needs to go.
  101. >Nursing is a new experience for the both of you, but you soon find it incredibly calming.
  102. >And she's so strong!
  103. >You actually squeak in surprise at how forceful her first meal is!
  104. >You're happy though.
  105. >Only a healthy foal would be so vigorous at the teat so soon.
  106. >When you'd proved yourself docile master released you from the rack.
  107. >Finally you're allowed to lay eyes on the fruits of your labor.
  108. >And she's the most beautiful thing you've ever seen.
  109. >Instinct tells you to clean her up with your tongue.
  110. >Good thing you're so flexible. You don't even have to interrupt her meal.
  111. >She'll spent the first week or so with you until she's strong enough to go from her mother to the bottle.
  112. >Master will want her out the door as soon as possible.
  113. >It's better customer service, and he'll want to give away as little milk as possible.
  114. >Yes, a market exists for mare's milk.
  115. >No, you don't understand it.
  116. >If you're lucky his daughter will come around and milk you personally. She's a kind girl.
  117. >If you aren't so lucky you'll get to experience one of the machines.
  118. >The other mare's say the machine isn't tha bad, it just might leave you a bit sore.
  119. >Either way you'll be milked until you run dry, and then the process repeats.
  120. >It's a better job than some ponies get you suppose.
  121. >You have a roof, food, and right now you have the most beautiful foal in the world.
  122. >There are unpleasant aspects of course, but that's just business.
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