Fuck you, LCCoolJ95.

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  1. >generic dubstep YouTube intro
  2. >i talked to mako, and it was a joke
  3. >censoring yourself on YouTube. kek
  4. >if your product straight-up doesn't work, that's not criticism, your shit's broken.
  5. >self-plugging in a discussion video.
  6. >if people ask for too much, ignore it. just focus on a quality product.
  7. >i don't think you can judge the character of a group
  8. >no, you're NOT god. contrary to your point, your character deserves just as much, if not more, criticism than you're giving to these other hackers.
  9. >item pics are not just aesthetic, you can scroll down the list and pick an item without reading. it also makes for a more polished product. it was added in FR/LG/E for a reason, shithead.
  10. >somebody get a burn heal, because you got DESTROYED by Rangi. just look at how many likes it got!
  11. >Rangi's NOT a "fucking idiot", because he/she can make a polished hack (pun intended)
  12. >gens 1&2 had no battle backgrounds because of hardware limitations. as soon as they could've been added, they were.
  13. >kahn-to. kek
  14. >no Pokemon icons and no item icons? you mean like gen 1, which was wildly succesful and beloved by many a child?
  15. >700 Pokemon is excessive and shitty, i don't even like the newer games because of that. and once again, item pics are just a nice aesthetic, affect the game positively, and don't hurt gameplay.
  16. >ash greninja is shit; shame on Game Freak for adding that.
  17. >"doing it by myself." you mean using other people's tools, sprites, and the base stats from Game Freak?
  18. >you're by yourself because no one wants to work with you.
  19. >i officially don't know shit about Pokemon hacking, but the fine people of have helped me in my struggles. you guys/girls are great!
  20. >"if you [act like an unappreciative shit], you're gonna get bullied for the rest of your life."
  21. >THEN you shit on the website? we're happy here, we don't appreciate assholes, we don't name-call, and we DEFINITELY don't make YouTube videos shitting on others.
  22. >everything we say about you is a lie? see the above statements.
  23. >long censor? you probably didn't even say anything because your mom would hear and send you to your room.
  24. >no one here's on their asses (except for me, because I mainly just lurk). see the great creations of Chaos Rush, Rangi, Linkandzelda, and a whole lot of others whom i'm forgetting now
  25. >"word vomit" is accurate
  26. >doesn't want to add Pokemon icons, but shits on CR for adding item icons.
  27. >"liek an subsrcib" generic spheel
  29. In the end, just fucking leave if you don't like it. I welcome anyone here, just don't be an asshole. And I'm also not here to insult you, I'm here to provide a counter-argument to your points. Learn some discipline, or you won't get far in life. You fucking cunt.
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