Reborn as Rarity 1

Oct 2nd, 2018
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  1. >'Oh, come the fuck on,' you think, looking at the travesty to fashion on the screen in front of you.
  2. >You're not normally a fashion buff (outside of one exception), but when you ran into this piece of clothing online, in the middle of the night, you couldn't help but stare at how awful it was.
  3. >And people are praising it!
  4. >You honestly don't think it could get any worse. No, this piece of shit is worse than any Supreme shirt, any Jake Paul merch, any Lady Gaga meat dress, anything like that.
  5. >This piece of... you hesitate to even SAY clothing, is perhaps the worst possible thing you've seen in your life.
  6. >The worst. Possible. Thing.
  7. >You pause, then grumble. 'Too much pony recently,' you think to yourself.
  8. >That's not too much of a surprise, you tend to overdose on pony a lot, but what is a surprise is that you're using Rarity's language.
  9. >Your opinion on Rarity is simple: She's not your favourite pony.
  10. >She's not your least favourite pony either, of course, but she doesn't even rank in your top thirty. Hell, fucking Thorax ranks higher than her, and he's technically not a pony.
  11. "I need a fucking drink," you say to yourself, and stand up from your computer desk.
  12. >You turn around and walk into your kitchen; your apartment is very tidy for a mid-20s man with a dead-end job, even though it's very small, small enough that it barely takes 4 seconds to reach the kitchen, open the fridge and pull out a can of beer.
  13. >Cracking the tab open, you take a sip of it. A single can of beer is enough for you to get drunk, after all, and you'd rather not get wasted tonight, even after seeing that piece of shit piece of clothing-
  14. "Fuck it."
  15. >You slam back the beer, chugging it until the can is empty.
  16. >You start to feel lightheaded, and consider it might be a good idea to go to bed before you do something you regret.
  17. >You stumble through your apartment, barely reaching the bed before you can feel your muscles lose all coherency.
  18. >You close your eyes, just wanting to forget that horrible piece of clothing already, and feel yourself drifting off.
  19. >A short time later, you seemingly wake up - except it's kind of obvious you're not awake at all, considering all around you is an almost magical place. You're not sure how you could describe it; there are wisps of light flowing through the air around you, and there is no floor but you're obviously standing. And then there's the blueness that seems to stretch out endlessly.
  20. >You're just starting to look around when you can hear a throat being cleared.
  21. >You turn around to face the source of the sound, and blink.
  22. "Huh. Princess Celestia is in my dream."
  23. >Princess Celestia - the dream version of her, of course; it's not like she's real - blinks. "You already know my name?" she asks, her voice the same as the show's Celestia, because of fucking course it does.
  24. >You normally don't dream about ponies - in fact, you normally don't lucid dream at all, which is what this seems to be - so you nod, deciding to play along with it.
  25. "Yeah, I do."
  26. >She relaxes, letting out a deep breath in a sigh. "Thank goodness. I won't have to explain as much as I was dreading. Although, I wonder how..." She trails off then shakes her head. "Never mind."
  27. >She looks you in the eyes now. "Now, I have a request of you."
  28. >You can feel the weight of centuries behind those eyes - those very intimidating eyes. You hold back a gulp, reminding yourself it's just a dream.
  29. "What is it?" you ask.
  30. >"A pair of ponies from Ponyville have come to my court and asked for me to get them a foal. They don't want to adopt, they want their very own foal. They want me to make them one."
  31. >She takes in a deep breath, then looks down at the floor. "There's just one problem. If I create a foal, they would need a soul. I can't create souls.." She looks up at you. "I need someone to give their consent to become the foal's soul."
  32. >She chuckles dejectedly. "I suppose you've already guessed that you're whose consent I'm asking for. I can only ask one soul when using this spell, and those I have asked have almost never given consent. I know your answer will most likely be no as well, but for my little ponies' sake, I hope you will answer yes."
  33. >"So, what do you say?"
  34. >You blink.
  35. >Princess Celestia, one of the four Princesses from the television show My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, is offering you a chance to be transported to Equestria to live out your life from childhood once again.
  36. >If this wasn't a dream, you'd be stunned speechless. You could do anything, even become a pony tailor.
  37. >Yes, that's the one exception to your disinterest in fashion. Makes it a bit weird you dislike Rarity, but whatever.
  38. >Anyway! Since this is a dream, you know what you're going to do right away. Fuck, you'd even do it in real life.
  39. "I accept."
  40. >Princess Celestia looks down. "Alright, then. I knew you'd..." She trails off, then looks up at you and blinks once, before her pupils and irises shrink. "What was that you said?"
  41. "I said I accept." You smile.
  42. >Celestia blinks again. Then, you see a heartfelt smile spread across her face. "You accept? That's- that's very generous." She starts tearing up a little. "It's nice to know that for once, I won't be failing my little ponies." >Then she shakes her head and looks at you again.
  43. >"Thank you so, so much," she says. Her expression hardens. "Now, prepare yourself; this might be a bit painful."
  44. >Her horn flickers on, its bright golden glow clear as it always was, and you start to feel a little... odd. It almost feels like you're floating, for some reason. And is Princess Celestia getting larger or something?
  45. >Then everything just... switches off.
  46. >You don't feel anything right now; not even your body.
  47. >After that you feel odd, like some sort of sucking vortex is sucking you into it.
  48. >This is a weird dream.
  49. >You suddenly regain sensation again. But something feels... off.
  50. >You're not sure why, but you don't feel like you're asleep. Rather, you feel awake.
  51. >You realize you can hear an odd murmuring, and on the back of your head and your back you can feel something oddly fuzzy, although a bit feels cold and metallic.
  52. >But your legs aren't touching the ground for some reason. Weird.
  53. >"Princess Celestia, is this..." a voice you'd see coming from a middle-aged man says.
  54. >"Yes, this is your foal." That's Princess Celestia's voice. And it sounds... well, it sounds far more real than any voice you've ever heard in your dreams. "I'm happy for you, my little ponies. Rarely ever has this spell succeeded, and in my previous attempts it has never done so."
  55. >You inch your eyelids open; they feel oddly large. This feels very... surreal, yet it doesn't feel like a dream. You can feel air on your skin, feel something holding you up; those generally aren't present in dreams.
  56. >When you finally open your eyes fully, you see a horse, with a more human-like face than any horse you've ever seen, a grey coat, brown hair, and a moustache (making it presumably a male), staring at you from in front of you, as well as another horse, with a PINK coat, BLUE eyes, and PURPLE hair looking at you beside him.
  57. >Oh, and they both have horns.
  58. >"Rarely?" the pink UNICORN (PINK) says. Her eyes grow distant. "I... think I have a name."
  59. >You can barely stop yourself from panicking right here and now, and try to remain calm. The only conclusion you can draw from this is that the whole thing with Princess Celestia was real, and not a dream. Which means you're a foal now.
  60. >You almost shut down from an emotional overload, but thankfully, you just go stiff instead, staring ahead like some kind of zombie.
  61. >The grey unicorn beside her turns towards her. "What kind of name do you think fits?"
  62. >The pink one gets a strange smile on her face. "I think the name that fits her best is Rarity."
  63. >With that bombshell dropped, the only thing you can do is faint.
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