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  2. To: thoult
  3. 12/10/2011 at 01:01
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  5. I find it handy to post things in there that I don't always wish to say out in the open (like the bit about calling up every single Englishman living in Zimbabwe before dual nat is awarded...),
  7. Not worth a warning/ban
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  14. To: boxhead
  15. 12/10/2011 at 08:55
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  19. This tells me that you either spend a lot of time reading other nations' boards, or one of the Hall family has been pointing things out. I'm going for the latter in this case, though I don't doubt you read many boards.
  21. There are two players you're going to call up that I looked at, but from age and wage I think we have better options when they reach 24 themselves. Meanwhile, my older players should suffice. Shame Drummond isn't better, as I like his trait, but like I said, we will have stronger options at 24 I feel.
  23. The dual nat situation is a tricky one though. There's nothing stopping me calling up any English qualified player, even when he's qualified for ZIM or others, so you could get the odd bun fight over prospects this season coming.
  25. Rest assured, I'll not be taking 'your' players. Regardless of skill, it would be counter productive calling up players whose managers don't wish to work with you and with whom you have had no previous contact. But my point in that post still stands - were it something I was seriously considering, the first you'd know about it would be when they're called into the squad
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  30. To: thoult
  31. 12/10/2011 at 09:21
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  34. I thought surely England had better players than those to pick from than a couple of players *we* had organized, it was implied by your phrasing that you were going to call them up just to be clever (politely put)
  36. If you had no doubt that i was signed up to a lot of boards you would be mistaken also. I have a wife and 3 kids, Zimbabwe and my own team take up my spare time. I have my insiders
  38. Rest assured, my deleted comment still stands as well
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  43. To: boxhead
  44. 12/10/2011 at 09:58
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  46. If I say there are things that I wouldn't want to discuss in public, then include something immediately after which clearly wouldn't go down well if I did, I would imagine the vast majority of people would read that as being tongue in cheek.
  48. It would be foolish of any side not to keep track, if they have the time, effort and manpower, of any prospects, regardless of where they live. Those two weren't as far progressed as some of our other options, so I opted not to get in contact. I'm not in the habit of snatching players who are being trained for other nations in the long term - their managers wouldn't want to work with me, so why should I risk it?
  50. As for calling up players 'just to be clever', as you so politely put it, why on earth would I do that? They'd take up valuable squad space that could be used for genuine prospects.
  52. Still, this poses a problem for any side in the game, and has done in the past. If a Zimbabwean is pulled by an Australian side, and is trained to elite at 24 without playing for the U19s, who should get to call him up? There were similar 'discussions' about Graham Donnelly in the past.
  54. You may not read the boards yourself, but I guess I can remind myself in future to let davidl at least know my thoughts and plans for our fixtures if you wish
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