In A Gilded Cage

Nov 14th, 2017
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  1. >Glancing at your watch, you notice that you're a little earlier than you expected.
  2. >Nonetheless, you're sure they'll be more than happy to see you.
  3. >You're a loyal customer.
  4. >And a well-paying one at that.
  5. >Popping open the umbrella into the rain, you step under its cover and quickly shut the door behind you.
  6. >Your transport moves on without you as it heads to the loading area.
  7. >Likewise, you make your way to the door of the building in front of you.
  8. >Even after all this time, it's quite the sight.
  9. >But that's to be expected from someone who got into the market so early and has little qualms about spending.
  10. >Next to the door, you see a new golden chain affixed to it.
  11. >Pulling it, you hear the muffled sound of the bell from within the building.
  12. >After a minute or so, the door opens to receive you and you walk inside.
  13. >The staff take your jacket and your umbrella, spiriting them away as you walk through the hall to the waiting room.
  14. >Before you're even close to taking a seat, the mare acting as secretary simply shows you to the door.
  15. >He must already expect you.
  16. >Not one to waste time, you follow the red-headed pony to the gilded doorway and are ushered in with a glow illuminating your path.
  17. >Hmm.
  18. >Those unicorns sure are something.
  19. >As quickly as you enter, the door shuts and you see the joyous visage of your most prominent business associate.
  20. >”Friend! It is so good to see you!”
  21. “It's good to see you too, Mikhail.”
  22. >”Yes, there's nothing but good times when we get together, friend! Your pockets are lined up with money, and my stables are quite full with new and fresh stock. I'm sure you'll be glad to have your pick of the merchandise first.”
  23. “I'm sure I will.”
  24. >”Ah, I get so caught up in joyous reunion, I forget you have not yet heard the news!”
  25. >News?
  26. >Mikhail gets closer to you, and giving you his trademark toothy smile lets you know there's something to pique your interest.
  28. >>31369023
  29. >”I know that you're a very discerning man when it comes to your choices. I don't know why you choose them, but I know you want them. It is why I am glad you come to me now.”
  30. >Putting his arm on your shoulder, he keeps you moving forward until he unlocks the backdoor in his office.
  31. >He truly must have something worth your time if he's letting you in there.
  32. >As you walk down to his special stables you see that he's gotten quite giddy on your way.
  33. >It dawns on you why as soon as you see them.
  34. “Those are unicorns.”
  35. >”Oh, yes indeed. But, you see what is there?”
  36. “How did you-”
  37. >”Eh, the how is not so important. Just know that it was quite an ordeal, but well worth the effort. I'm sure you'll agree on that.”
  38. >Looking over them, you can see that they're immaculate.
  39. >Lustrous alabaster coats.
  40. >Flawless manes.
  41. >Most amazingly of all, their horns are intact.
  42. >You can hardly believe your eyes.
  43. >”I see you like them. That is good to hear.”
  44. “I can guess why.”
  45. >”Oh, you've got my number, friend. Indeed, they're exactly what you want, but you also know they're not going to be cheap.”
  46. “It's to be expected.”
  47. >”This is also why I like you, friend. Straight to the point.”
  48. “I trust you've gotten the paperwork sorted out?”
  49. >”Oh yes.”
  50. “of course you did.”
  51. >Stepping further closer to the soon-to-be newest jewels of your collection, you see just how beautiful they are.
  52. >And how frightened they seem to be.
  53. >They're definitely new.
  54. >”I understand you're very much wanting to check out the quality of your new purchases, but I assure you we spared no expense in thoroughly investigating every inch of them. They're completely pristine, Moonie herself saw to that.”
  55. >Taking a deep breath, you stand up and walk back towards Mikhail.
  56. >After all, he's right that you have other things to attend to at the moment.
  57. >You'll have plenty of time for them later.
  59. >>31369029
  60. >You tap your foot impatiently.
  61. >Normally you'd be fine with your crew's pace.
  62. >They work fast and diligently.
  63. >But today isn't any ordinary day.
  64. >You've got something to attend to and you want to get to it now.
  65. >Finally, you see the last crate come off of the truck.
  66. >Well, crate is a very loose term for it.
  67. >Especially since that one costs as much as any of the purchases you'd made today.
  68. >You spare no time in walking over and relieving your workers of their handling.
  69. >Producing the key from around your neck, you quickly unlock the crate and step away from it.
  70. “You can come out, it's dry here.”
  71. >After a few moments, you see a hoof be tentatively poked out from the entrance.
  72. >It's emergence is soon followed by the rest of the mare, her body trembling.
  73. >From behind her, the young filly soon comes out and clings to her for safety.
  74. >Cute.
  75. “Good to see that you listen. Now, come along.”
  76. >You turn your back and head off through the corridor.
  77. >Behind you, you hear the quick trotting of eight hooves behind you.
  78. >Navigating your way through the currently empty building, you see the two taking in their new surroundings far slower than you're moving.
  79. >Not wanting to outpace them, you slow down your walk to accommodate them.
  80. >It's an understandable desire.
  81. >All three of you eventually make it to the elevator at the back of the room, and you usher them inside.
  82. >A very soft tune fills the box as you and your entourage slowly ascend to the tenth floor.
  83. >The mare's breathing is quite audible, betraying her increasing uncertainty.
  84. >It's her fault if she wants to worry that much.
  85. >An abrupt stop signals that you've reached your destination with the doors opening in short order.
  87. >>31370790
  88. >You take off your jacket and set it on the rack outside of the elevator.
  89. >Quickly looking behind you, you see the two ponies have settled themselves a fair distance behind you.
  90. >Without acknowledging their position, you walk to your chair and have a seat.
  91. >Extending out your arm, you gesture them forward.
  92. >The mare comes to you as quickly as her trembling body will allow.
  93. >After quickly clearing your throat, you bring your arm back in and set it on the armrest.
  94. “Hello.”
  95. >”H-hello.”
  96. >It seems she's still quite unsure of how to proceed.
  97. >But that's nothing a bit of talking won't solve.
  98. “So, now that we've properly greeted each other, why don't we get to know each other a bit more. I am Anonymous.”
  99. >”It's nice to meet you, Anonymous. I'm Rarity.”
  100. “And the little one below you?”
  101. >”That is my sister, Sweetie Belle.”
  102. >While still hiding under Rarity, she waves to you.
  103. >Adorable.
  104. “I was wondering what the relation between the two of you was, considering that mother and daughter was out of the question.”
  105. >Rarity seems to have begun to calm down.
  106. >Not much, but it's a start.
  107. “Tell me, what kind of skills do you possess?”
  108. >”Skills?”
  109. “I've seen you've got the mark on your body like other ponies. They're tied to their talents from what I've gathered. So, what is yours?”
  110. >”I...I am a fashion designer.”
  111. “Oh really?”
  112. >”Yes. I used to have a shop where I lived.”
  113. “That's perfect. I've been wishing for someone with the capability for making clothing.”
  114. >”You have?”
  115. >Her recalcitrant attitude seems to be leaving her quicker and quicker.
  116. “Not a bad stroke of luck getting to you first. Tell me, are there any other skills you have that I should know about?”
  117. >”I can cook and clean very well. That's about it.”
  118. “Useful skills to have no matter where you're from. I'll be glad to enjoy your services in the future.”
  119. >Cocking your head slightly, you look to the filly below.
  120. “And what might you be good at?”
  122. >>31370795
  123. >The filly stares at you uncomfortably, looking quite nervous.
  124. “Come now, tell me what your talent is.”
  125. >She comes out from under her sister and sits herself beside her.
  126. >”I...don't have a talent.”
  127. “Oh?”
  128. >”I don't have a cutie mark yet.”
  129. “Is that what those are called? I've never heard them referred to by their proper name before. At any rate, that's a shame. I suppose I'll just have to let you go back.”
  130. >Her eyes shine with a hopeful look.
  131. >”I can go back home?”
  132. >You probably should have worded that better.
  133. “No, sadly, I meant back down. With the others. You'll make a nice auction.”
  134. >”You're going to sell Sweetie Belle?”
  135. >Rarity seems to be on the verge of breakdown from hearing what you just said.
  136. >But again, you've chosen your words poorly.
  137. “No, I paid good money for the both of you and I intend to keep you. What I don't have is need of a talentless pony as an assistant. So, she'll work downstairs.”
  138. >”What do you mean by auction, then?”
  139. “I'm going to sell off her virginity.”
  140. >You see their faces freeze in shock.
  141. >”Wh-what?”
  142. “I run a very niche business, but it pays well. I'm sure that a beautiful filly like...Sweetie Belle, will fetch a fine price for her first time. Unicorns with intact horns are so rare that I'll likely make half of what I bought you for back in the first day.”
  143. >”No! You can't!”
  144. >Your brow drops and your neutral expression turns slightly sour.
  145. “Are you aware of your status, Ms. Rarity? You're not in any position to be ordering me around.”
  146. >Seeing your displeasure at her action, she simply falls to her knees and bows her head down.
  147. >”Please forgive my outburst, I shouldn't have spoken to you like that. I just can't bear the thought of my sister-”
  148. “I understand. You care for your sister. You'll need to be taught some manners it seems, but I can appreciate your concern. But if I do not sell her, then what use would I make of her?”
  150. >>31372312
  151. >Rarity's head meekly rises as she looks up to meet your gaze.
  152. “Well?”
  153. >”She's simply young and hasn't found her place in the world, yet. If you give her time, she'll get her cutie mark.”
  154. “So I should simply wait and see if she'll be useful?”
  155. >The next few seconds are deafeningly silent.
  156. >Your clock ticks as Rarity lies below you.
  157. >She doesn't seem to have an answer for you.
  158. “If that's the case, I don't quite see much in it for me.”
  159. >Rarity's face belies her absolute horror at the prospect that you're going to sell off Sweetie's innocence and there's not a thing she can do to stop it.
  160. >But you're nothing if not intelligent enough to realize there's still something you can use this situation for.
  161. “And if that's the case, I must surely do what's in my best interest. Or, perhaps, I'll give your idea consideration.”
  162. >Given how Rarity seems to be on the verge of tears, you'd say your ploy will be paying off handsomely.
  163. “You may more than make up for the potential loss with your usefulness alone while she's currently not as useful as she could be. And if not, I can easily cash out on the value she has anyway.”
  164. >Her gaze falls from you to the floor in complete submission.
  165. >”Thank you. I promise I will work hard to make her useful to you.”
  166. “I trust you will. However, I believe you still have something else to do.”
  167. >Clapping your hands together, a sliding door opens and from out of it steps another pony.
  168. >”Roseluck?”
  169. “Ah, you know each other. Rosie, please take these two and run them through the orientation as you would any other slave.”
  170. >”Yes, sir.”
  171. “Oh, and please get them fitted for their security collars. They'll be needing them for tomorrow.”
  172. >”As you wish.”
  173. >With that, she assists Rarity up and out with her sister to the elevator.
  174. >You pull out your phone and begin dialing the number for your fabric distributor.
  175. >They'll certainly be happy to hear the news.
  177. >>31401068
  178. >”And to your left, you will see the kitchen. Unlike most others, you'll be allowed unrestricted access to and from the kitchen and the pantries. As an assistant, you'll be handling matters like this regularly.”
  179. >Roseluck quickly pushes through the door to the kitchen, showing the two unicorns the interior bustling about with ponies and humans alike cooking up a storm.
  180. >Sweetie Belle's eyes widen in hunger.
  181. >Poor girl hasn't had anything to eat for a couple days or so.
  182. >They always starve them a little bit before sale.
  183. >Seeing it, you pick up your microphone and gently turn the mute off.
  184. “Rosie, when you're done with orientation have something ready for myself and the two of them to eat.”
  185. >You see her gently nudge one of the other ponies and whisper into her ear your command.
  186. >She nods and rushes off to alert the head-chef.
  187. >”Sorry for the delay, let's continue.”
  188. >You sit back once more, observing the proceedings.
  189. >The two of them are not quite too keen it seems on familiarizing themselves with the less glamorous portions of their new jobs, but that is to be expected.
  190. >Especially as Roseluck shows them to the economy chambers.
  191. >Rarity is choking back tears as she covers Sweetie Belle's eyes from the sight of some of the employees enjoying the merchandise off-duty.
  192. >It's a good reminder, though.
  193. >That looming threat will surely be a reminder for Rarity to work her hardest on serving your every whim.
  194. >Watching on a little further, you see them finally come to the collar room.
  195. >Your chief of security gets them both fitted with pink security collars and the corresponding tags.
  196. >It's a little funny to watch him struggle with Sweetie Belle.
  197. >You've never had a filly get a pink collar before, after all.
  198. >He manages however, and Roseluck ferries the sisters on back to the elevator.
  200. >>31401079
  201. >Before they reach the elevator proper, you see Rarity stop in her tracks.
  202. >Seeing her charges are no longer with her, Roseluck turns back.
  203. >”Please enter the elevator.”
  204. >”Roseluck, how can you be so calm about this?”
  205. >”Please enter the elevator.”
  206. >”This isn't right! You saw what was happening down there and you didn't even so much as bat an eye! Why?”
  207. >”Rarity, please enter the elevator.”
  208. >Seeing that she's getting nowhere with Roseluck, Rarity walks to the elevator and is quickly ushered inside.
  209. >With them ascending once more to the top floor, you leave the observation room and back into your office proper.
  210. >By the time you're settled in once again, the telltale sound of their return comes around and you see them now outfitted with their tags and collars.
  211. “Good work, Rosie. Come, you've earned a treat.”
  212. >Walking over to her, you produce a large ball of caramel from your pocket and hold out your hand.
  213. >She softly takes the candy into her mouth and rests her face into your palm as she chews it.
  214. >You can't help but softly smile as she relishes the reward.
  215. >Once she's done, she steps away from your hand and sits down, awaiting further orders.
  216. “Ah, I see the two of you have been properly collared. That's good, you'll be needing that tomorrow.”
  217. >Stepping over towards your new assistants, you place your hand upon their necks and check the collars.
  218. >Not too tight, snug fit, and the tags have been minted with their full names.
  219. >Wonderful.
  220. “Tell me, what do you think of them?”
  221. >Rarity uncomfortably fidgets in place.
  222. >She probably thinks this is a test.
  223. “Go on, I give you permission to speak freely.”
  224. >”They...they're very functional.”
  225. >A lukewarm answer, but it will do for now.
  226. “I'm glad to hear it. And please, wear it at all times.”
  227. >”Why is that?”
  228. “If you're not wearing it, the staff may mistake you as fair game. I'm fairly certain you don't want that.”
  230. >>31401093
  231. >From the looks on their faces you can tell that they will take your words to heart.
  232. “I know you may not have the highest opinion of me right now, but I truly have every intention of keeping my word.”
  233. >Kneeling down to eye level with Rarity, you stare her straight in the eye and give her a warm smile.
  234. “You have my word that nothing will happen to you so long as you wear those collars. I swear on my life.”
  235. >Her eyes begin to blink rapidly with you so close.
  236. >You can tell you're making her extremely uncomfortable in so many ways.
  237. >But that's the point.
  238. >As you're about to stand up, you see the elevator door open to reveal one of your workers bringing up a cart.
  239. >”The food you requested, sir.”
  240. “Thank you, Sasha. Leave the cart, I'll send for someone to remove it later.”
  241. >”Yes, sir.”
  242. >With that, Sasha departs from the room and you are left alone with your assistants once more.
  243. >Quickly stepping over to it, you see the food has certainly been heaped on.
  244. >There's certainly enough to make up for the meals the two of them have missed.
  245. >Looking back slightly, you can see the two ponies practically flooding the room at the sight of it.
  246. “I know that you don't get fed much if at all beforehand, so I thought it would be only right to feed you.”
  247. >Carefully grabbing the plates, you set them down onto the floor in front of the sisters.
  248. >Out of the corner of your eye, Roseluck looks away.
  249. >Finally on the ground, you see Sweetie Belle go straight for it without a second thought.
  250. >It is then that you make your move.
  251. “Rarity.”
  252. >The starving mare looks up from the plate in front of her to you, breaking out of her hunger-induced trance.
  254. >>31402890
  255. “Unicorns have magic, correct?”
  256. >”Y-yes, that is true.”
  257. “That allows you to perform certain things like telekinesis and other sorts of spells, if memory serves.”
  258. >Leaning onto your nearby desk, you adopt a relaxed posture and stare at Rarity.
  259. “You're fortunate to still have it, you know. Most unicorns get dehorned since it makes them too much of a liability to capture and from what I know that makes it horrendously hard if not impossible to do any magic. For this reason, it always amazes me to see it in person. So, if you would do me a kindness and show me just how proficient you are at telekinesis, I would request you feed me.”
  260. >”Feed you?”
  261. “Yes. That cart has my dinner as well. I may not be as famished as you, but I could stand to eat.”
  262. >Rarity frowns slightly at the realization that she will not get to eat her food immediately.
  263. “I'm waiting.”
  264. >A blue glow emanates from her horn as she proceeds to move the cart forward.
  265. >With a clearer view, she cuts up the meal and floats a bite to you.
  266. >You accept the tines into your mouth and relieve them of their load.
  267. “Mm. Delicious. Again, if you would be so kind.”
  268. >Rarity repeats the process and leaves the food in your mouth.
  269. >Once done, you have her repeat it again.
  270. >Bite by bite, you finish your plate until there is nothing left.
  271. >As the last bite comes to you, you swallow the last morsel and wipe your face with a handkerchief from your pocket.
  272. “Thank you, Rarity. I can see you were certainly worth every penny.”
  273. >”I am thankful for your praise.”
  274. >Meal concluded, you move back to Rarity and meet her eyes again.
  275. “After that hard work you must be quite ready to enjoy yourself with your meal.”
  277. >>31402896
  278. >Rarity breaks eye contact and glances down to her plate.
  279. >It's still full and has cooled off completely.
  280. >In contrast, Sweetie Belle's plate is as clean as a whistle.
  281. “Would you like to eat?”
  282. >Rarity looks back to you and meekly nods.
  283. “I am certain you wish to. However, you won't get to eat just yet.”
  284. >Quickly, you grab hold of her horn and force her face down into the plate.
  285. >She's just a couple of inches away from the first bit of food she's been given in days.
  286. “Do you see how good it looks? Though anything must look good to you right now.”
  287. >You can feel Rarity shaking as you keep her head down.
  288. “The only reason this is in front of you right now is because I am making it available to you. ME.”
  289. >Leaning over to her ears, you feel them twitch as your breath falls on them.
  290. “As easily as I can give it to you, I can take it away. I will not tolerate being disrespected in my establishment by anyone, let alone my own property. I will be shown respect. I will be listened to, and you will be happy to be given instruction. You WILL mind yourself when interacting with me and any guests welcomed here. If you do not, you will be finding your privileges quite quickly revoked. Is that understood?”
  291. >Her fearful mood renders her voice little more than a whisper.
  293. >”yes, yes i understand.”
  294. >You let go of her horn immediately and lay your hand upon her face.
  295. >Her eyelids shut instinctively, but you gently caress her cheek and remove your hand.
  296. >She slowly looks up from the floor and to you.
  297. >You simply respond back with a smile.
  298. “Thank you for understanding. Now, please. Eat.”
  300. >>31402902
  301. >”This is where you are to sleep. There are extra blankets in the closet should you require them. Help yourself to anything in the fridge should you feel peckish before the power is restored to the elevator. It's shut off for security purposes, and you'll learn a little bit more about the proper security protocols under personal instruction from Mr. Anonymous himself.”
  302. >Roseluck gently trots over to a door near the closet and points towards it.
  303. >”In there you will find the bathroom. It has a functioning shower and toilet, as well as the fire extinguisher in case of an emergency. I believe that covers everything. Do you have any further questions?”
  304. >Rarity steps close to Roseluck, her face expressing how difficult her thoughts are to manifest as words.
  305. >”Roseluck, why? Why are you doing this?”
  306. >The air is deathly silent as Rarity rears her previous question up again.
  307. >She stares down Roseluck, unwilling to let her sidestep the issue this time.
  308. >Acknowledging the situation in front of her, Roseluck simply sits down as she stares back at Rarity.
  309. >”I am a pony. The other slaves are ponies. Interacting with me should make them feel more at ease to discuss issues or ask for assistance should the need arise. I provide a much needed bridge between our Master and his less privileged slaves. It is something that is good for everyone involved.”
  310. >The answer doesn't sit well with Rarity.
  311. >Her face face contorts into one of frustration and disgust.
  312. >”Is that all you have to say? Just some rehearsed speech that you were taught to explain why you don't even care that he's forcing those poor fillies to do such awful things?”
  313. >”But I do care, Rarity. I care about everyone here. It's why I work so hard to make everyone's lives easier here.”
  315. >>31440193
  316. >”Easier? What could possibly make the process of destroying their innocence and forcing them into such a disgusting service easier on them?”
  317. >”I talk to them. I help them clean up and teach them how to perform their duties more effectively. If they have any allergies, I make sure to have the kitchens take note of it.”
  318. >”And how does that make what goes on here any better?”
  319. >Giving the increasingly angry unicorn in front of her a quizzical look, Roseluck shrugs and cocks her head.
  320. >”What makes it worse by doing so? I could do nothing. They'd really be all alone then. No one to make them feel safe, or to help them avoid getting punished. If they get really out of line, they're broken. No more laughs, no more sadness, just an empty shell that used to be a happy little filly. I would never want to see that happen to any of them. Would you?”
  321. >Rarity pauses as she attempts to process what Roseluck just said to her.
  322. >For a moment you see a flicker of uncertainty.
  323. >Then it is gone.
  324. >Replaced by a determined hatred.
  325. >”Fine. If that's the way you feel, I suppose there's nothing more for us to talk about.”
  326. >”So you have no more questions?”
  327. >”No.”
  328. >Upon hearing that word, Roseluck makes her way to the exit.
  329. >”I hope you sleep well.”
  330. >With that, she closes the door behind her and walks away.
  331. >Once she is gone, a blue aura grips one of the pillows from the bed and flings it hard at the wall near the door.
  332. >Rarity seems on the verge of a breakdown until a nudge on her shoulder brings her around to her senses again.
  333. >It comes from her sister.
  334. >Seeing the frightened look on her face, Rarity gets down and hugs her tightly.
  335. >Afterward, she and her sister head to the bed and settle in, dragging together a few extra blankets to nestle themselves snugly into.
  336. >Seeing all you wanted to see, you turn off power to the console and leave the observation room once more.
  338. >>31440205
  339. >As you leave the room, something nudges at your leg.
  340. >Instinctively you jump back.
  341. >Then you plant your face firmly in your palm as you realize just how stupid what you did was.
  342. >”Did I scare you?”
  343. “You can't do that to me, you're gonna stop my heart.”
  344. >Roseluck gives you a small smile and stares up at you.
  345. >”I'm sorry, I didn't mean to spook you.”
  346. “Just don't make a habit of it.”
  347. >You begin to walk off towards your room, the sound of hooves quickly matching your own pace.
  348. >Out of the corner of your eye, you can see the silhouette of Roseluck barely a step behind you.
  349. >Knowing this, you slide your security card into the reader and enter the door, not stopping to hold it open.
  350. “So, I saw that you had quite the conversation with Rarity.”
  351. >You begin to disrobe and enjoy the freedom from your formal wear.
  352. >”She is quite adamantly opposed to the brothel's practices.”
  353. “That's to be understood. Even you don't quite care for it.”
  354. >Weaving between you and the dresser, she grabs your discarded clothing and pushes them into the laundry chute.
  355. >”No, I don't. But she doesn't seem to understand things quite yet either.”
  356. “Do you think she will be a problem at all?”
  357. >A soft bit of fabric brushes against you, and you quickly reach out to it to put it on.
  358. >”I think you may have gone a bit too far for that. She really cares about Sweetie Belle. Probably even more in light of all of this. They're both very afraid of that.”
  359. “Good to know. I would hate to worry about something like that. Going through that once was more than enough.”
  360. >”That wasn't anything we could have helped. After a while Berry just... just gave up.”
  362. >>31440211
  363. >Noticing the look on her face, you kneel down and gently pull her frown into a smile.
  364. “That's enough brooding on the past. Let's get some sleep and have a better day tomorrow.”
  365. >Her forced smile transforms into a genuine one and puts your heart at ease.
  366. >Working your way behind her neck, you undo her collar and take care to not rub along the scars.
  367. >You set it onto the dresser next to your keycard.
  368. >That done, you tunnel your way into the blankets and settle in for a nice, deep sleep.
  369. >You'll be needing it for tomorrow, for sure.
  370. >As you prepare to drift off, you feel the warmth of Roseluck's body rest next to yours.
  371. >Gingerly, you scoop her small frame closer to you.
  372. >She already seems like she's falling asleep.
  373. >You're ready to join her yourself.
  374. >Before you finally drift off, you gently place a kiss on her forehead and watch her give you the last smile of the night.
  375. “Sweet dreams, Rosie.”
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