RPG Rules

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  1. Welcome to Lake RPG 1.0 :) You will be able to adventure around and get XP and Gold in far off lands. Then, when you are done with your character, you can bring back all the XP you earned on your adventures and add them to the XP on this channel. These commands are NOT case sensitive. Also, to take part, you need to be a rank of "Serf" (2 hours of viewing) on this channel.
  3. !rpgAdventure - This sends you out to find a creature to fight. Good luck to you as you could die and lose all the XP and Gold you collected.
  4. !rpgStats - Show the scores of your current character.
  5. !rpgLevelUp - Leveling up costs XP (this games XP, not channel XP). Leveling up not only adds to all your scores, but also let's you find bigger and tougher monsters who have greater rewards.
  6. !rpgReset - Resets your character to level 1 and rerolls your character. Note that this also deletes all your in-game XP and gold.
  7. !rpgHeal - Heals you up to full health. However, it does reduce your max hitpoints down by 1. Use it wisely.
  8. !rpgUpStat (Attack/Defense/Hitpoints/Stamina) - Gives you a PERMANENT bonus to your stat over multiple characters. Costs 100 gold per the level of the bonus.
  9. !rpgTurnIn - Transfers character XP from adventurer to chat XP. Also resets your character.
  11. Race Bonuses
  12. Human - No bonuses. This is the standard.
  13. Dwarf - +1 Attack, -1 Defense.
  14. Elf - -1 Attack, +1 Defense.
  16. Class Bonuses
  17. Still being worked on.
  19. Happy Adventuring. :)
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