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  7. Alfred:
  8. "You sure you're gonna be alright?"
  9. Marcy:
  10. "Yeah. I'll be okay. You said today is usually a slow day, right?"
  11. Alfred:
  12. "Exactly. Perfect first day on your own. You remember how the register works right?"
  13. Marcy:
  14. "Yep! And I've got plenty of notes just in case."
  15. Alfred:
  16. "Good. Barely anybody should even come in. So it'll be a cake walk."
  17. Marcy:
  18. "Thanks. I'll make sure that-"
  19. (Violet pops up from behind the counter.)
  20. Violet:
  21. "Marcy you look so cool in your uniform!"
  22. Marcy:
  23. "My uniform?"
  24. "But I'm not wearing..."
  25. "Oh. You mean my nametag?"
  26. Violet:
  27. "Yeah!"
  28. (Violet stretches her little arm as far as she can over the counter, handing Marcy a small glittery teddy bear sticker.)
  29. "Put this on it. It'll make it look even better!"
  30. Marcy:
  31. "Aww. Thanks Violet!"
  32. (Violet beams.)
  33. Alfred:
  34. "Give me a call if anything goes wrong."
  35. Violet:
  36. "Daddy can I stay with Marcy pleaseeeeee?"
  37. Alfred:
  38. "You want to stay here with her?"
  39. Violet:
  40. "Yeah!! She's so cool like a big sister!"
  41. Alfred:
  42. "You've got school sweetheart. Plus. She's busy with the store. Not babysitting you silly."
  43. Violet:
  44. "Alright. Maybe next time!?"
  45. Alfred:
  46. "Hahah...Maybe next time Princess."
  47. Marcy:
  48. "Have fun at school, Violet."
  49. (They leave the store.)
  50. Violet:
  51. "I'm gonna tell all my friends about my big sis Marcy!"
  52. Marcy:
  53. "And then it was me."
  54. "I guess this won't be too bad."
  55. "All I'm doing is keeping myself occupied until someone comes in."
  56. "And Alfred says it's a slow day. So hopefully nobody will even come in."
  57. "Yeah...That'd be great."
  58. (Front door chimes)
  59. Marcy:
  60. (WHAT? IT'S 7:05 IN THE MORNING???)
  61. Marcy:
  62. "H-hello! Welcome to Andrea's. Looking for anything in particular?"
  63. ("Did I screw that up? I totally screwed that up didn't I?!)
  64. Customer:
  65. "Uh. Yeah. Do you guys have any cookbooks?"
  66. Marcy:
  67. ("Cookbooks? This kid couldn't be older than 15. What would he need a cookbook for?")
  68. "Um. Yes. They're off in the back corner. We've got quite a few, actually."
  69. Customer:
  70. "Thanks."
  71. Marcy:
  72. "I-I'm Marceline, by the way. If you need any help or recommendations let me know."
  73. ("Recommendations?? Why would i say that?? It's my first day alone! I don't know that the hell they have?!"
  74. ("Maybe he didn't hear me.")
  75. Customer:
  76. "Recommendations?"
  77. Marcy:
  78. ("Damnit!")
  79. "Uh. Y-yes. What kinda of cookbook are you looking for?"
  80. ("Maybe I can fumble around the digital inventory to find something...")
  81. Customer:
  82. "Um... I'm not sure. Actually. I've never bought a cookbook before."
  83. Marcy:
  84. "Well...What are you using it"
  85. Customer:
  86. "Oh. I'm Oliver."
  87. "And...It's kind of embarrassing."
  88. Marcy:
  89. "Embarrassing? What could be so embarrassing about a cookbook?"
  90. Oliver:
  91. "Well..."
  92. "Hey! You're a girl! What kind of dishes could a guy make that would impress you?"
  93. Marcy:
  94. ("What kind of question is that?! I cook my own meals!")
  95. "I-I'm not quite sure what you're getting at, Oliver."
  96. Oliver:
  97. "There's this girl at school. And I've got a huge crush on her."
  98. "We're in a class together. And I bragged to her about how good a cook I was."
  99. "She totally took the bait...but..."
  101. "I totally messed up!"
  102. "Unless you count microwave pizzas and cup noodles!"
  103. "But nobody thinks those are romantic..."
  104. "Or good..."
  105. Marcy:
  106. ("But I love microwave pizza...")
  107. Oliver:
  108. "We're supposed to meet up at the end of the week with a our signature dishes. To show each other."
  109. "This girl is in cooking class..."
  110. "Cooking class!"
  111. "How do I impress that?!"
  112. "My goose is cooked!"
  113. "And probably better than I could ever cook one..."
  114. Marcy:
  115. "Whoa whoa...Slow down."
  116. "So you lied to this girl about who you really are just to impress her?"
  117. Oliver:
  118. "Yeah..."
  119. Marcy:
  120. "And she believed it?"
  121. Oliver:
  122. "Yeah..."
  123. Marcy:
  125. "Well... I suppose if a guy were to make me dinner...I'd want something that I like, first of all. I can be a picky eater. Do you know what she likes?"
  126. Oliver:
  127. "No... I probably should've figured that out huh?"
  128. Marcy:
  129. "Probably."
  130. "But I guess if you play it safe you can make something that most people like."
  131. Oliver:
  132. "What would that be?"
  133. Marcy:
  134. "Hmmm. I guess everyone likes pasta."
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