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Mike Asimos - Wine Exporter

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May 7th, 2016
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  1. Mike Asimos, a wine importer/exporter and wholesaler from Portland, Oregon, was recently interviewed by, a website that features interviews from top entrepreneurs.
  3. During the interesting interview, Asimos talked about his passion for wine, how he got started in his career, and his fondness for jazz. People who would like to learn more about Mike Asimos may also check out his website.
  5. As Asimos noted in the interview, he’s always had a keen interest in wine. From the grapes and the fermentation process to the way wines are bottled and how they taste, Asimos enjoys anything and everything having to do with wine. After he reached a crossroad in his life, Asimos decided to move forward with a job that he loved, and he became a wine importer/exporter.
  7. When asked what a typical day looks like, Asimos said no two days are the same. For example, he may find a new wine that he really likes and then contact the winery or distributor to learn more about it. Or he may spend time educating others in the wine industry, restaurants or customers about wines and their profiles, pairings and price points.
  9. “Some days I have showings at different liquor stores or restaurants,” Asimos said, adding that one other days, he travels locally to different vineyards and wineries to get a sense of what is soon to be on the market.
  11. As for a trend that he is especially excited about, Asimos said many people are starting to look for local and smaller sources for their food and wine.
  13. “In the wine industry, bigger commercial wineries can’t take as many risks with their products as a smaller unique vineyard can. I love bringing my clients special wines, it’s exciting,” he said.
  15. Asimos concluded the interview by naming a person who has had a huge influence on him. The jazz and music lover said the late Louis Armstrong has definitely impacted his way of thinking.
  17. “Armstrong is considered one of the most important figures in American history,” he said.
  19. “He was able to not only shape the music but also the culture. He is an extremely respected and influential gentleman. I am just happy to have been introduced to his music.”
  21. To read the recent interview in its entirety, people may visit the website at any time. For regular updates about Mike Asimos, please follow him on Twitter.
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