Hilarious sequence in NYTimes hoax (as told by @WikiLeaks)

Jul 29th, 2012
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  1. Hilarious sequence in NYTimes hoax (as told by @WikiLeaks)
  3. 1. Block New York times campaign starts late March
  4. 2. BlockNYTimes campaign "wrests control" back over and starts new twitter account @block_nytimes
  5. 3. Sunday morning, Anonymous & another other accounts start to tweet "Bill Keller opinion" article about bank blockade
  6. 4. Bill Keller twitter account with one "I" switched for "l" starts tweeting article, asking NYTimes journalists to reweet.
  7. 5. NYTimes tech editor falls for it, re-tweeting to 125k followers. As do many others.
  8. 6. A variation on the PayPal blog gives a statement on the Block NYTimes / WikiLeaks issue
  9. 7. Nine hours ago, @journalismfest tweets WikiLeaks, A Post Postscript by @nytkeller
  10. 8. Bill Keller apparently himself fooled(!) in the early morning retweets the "hoax" article tweet from from @journalismfest
  11. 9. Bill Keller apparently discovers his error 5 hours later and GOES INTO CAPS MODE
  12. 10. Inexplicably Bill Keller @nytkeller then tweets "I am now a world expert in dressage. Ask me anything."
  13. 11. Bill Keller @nytkeller then deletes the tweet showing he was fooled and later the bizarre "dressage" tweet.
  14. 12. WikiLeaks takes credit for NYTimes banking blockade hoax. But who else involved?
  16. Screen shot of NYTimes exec editor Bill Keller unwittingly spreading Bill Keller hoax
  17. Assange:"If the NYTimes cannot act with honnor to defend their 'sources' from economic censorship then we'll just have to do it for them :)"
  18. Yes. We admit it. WikiLeaks (Assange & co) and our great supporters where behind the successful NYTimes banking blockade hoax on @nytkeller.
  19. What is not a hoax, is that WikiLeaks is under illegal economic censorship by US financial insitutions and NYTimes says nothing. The rats.
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