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Episode 30: Ragnarok

Darkling Dec 2nd, 2012 115 Never
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  1. <Darkling> One of Surtr's hands lift up, fingers spread out towards the pilots in their Aesir. "So, it has come to this, final stand." It's voice is enough like Ivy's to be familiar, however it resonates like boulders grating over each other.
  2. <Rasia> Ein snarls, mimicking its pilot, in response to the stolen voice.
  3. <Lahja_Ilvainen> "Mother, father, moon geezers, NERV... damn you all." Lahja hisses in the plug.
  4. <Wilhelm_Faustus> "This time we'll escort you to Helheim personally."
  5. <Darkling> "So you say, yet you have lost so many friends along the way, and given up your most powerful weapon. What can you expect to do alone?"
  6. <Wilhelm_Faustus> "Snuff you out like a candle."
  7. <Lahja_Ilvainen> "It seems like a nice enough day to die."
  8. <Rasia> "Rrrr."
  9. <Darkling> "Well, no matter what you think. I've brought friends too.." Surtr's extended hand motions behind them. "Rise..."
  10. <Darkling> The ground rumbles behind you, debris falling down into the pit as a newcomer joins you.
  11. <Rasia> Ein twists its long neck around, three eyes fixing on the source of the noise.
  12. <Darkling> Tarnished white and red armor appears first over the rise, broken in places and eaten away in others. Then the head of the Aesir follows, hollow eyes glowing a sickly green. It's chest cavity is vacant, swallowed by a shifting darkness. In one hand it lifts a hammer challengingly, in the other a shield held fast.
  13. <Wilhelm_Faustus> Even Loki turns to look.
  14. <Lahja_Ilvainen> "Friends." Lahja echoes flatly, drifting off to her own thoughts. The eventual looking back comes more as an afterthought.
  15. <Rasia> "Leash." She nearly spits the word.
  16. <Darkling> "I shall leave you to your reunion." Surtr rises up and vanishes.
  17. <Lahja_Ilvainen> Lahja watches Surtr rise and vanish, then turns her attentions to the parody of the familiar unit. Both guns get pointed right at the rogue Aesir.
  18. <Rasia> A dark red streak explodes past Lahja, covering a third of a kilometer in a handful of leaps. Before the simulacrum can even raise its defenses, Ein buries its fist square against its head, dragging a long slash down its thigh as the Aesir lands.
  19. <Darkling> A groan from the dark Aesir as the blows land.
  20. <Darkling> Then the hammer in his hand grows double size as it swings around clobbering Ein sideways in the head.
  21. <Rasia> The Aesir stumbles, head snapped aside at a painful angle, but it lands on its feet. Visor and head armor cracking, it gives its neck a shake, sending armor fragments away. The patchwork of fur and scales underneath comes into view, Ein's unnatural eyes fixing on the faux-Aesir intently.
  22. <Darkling> Zwei looks at Ein with those sick eyes, staring the Aesir down.
  23. <Rasia> Ein utters a rumble, Rasia tightening her lips. "Corrin hurt-ing."
  24. <Lahja_Ilvainen> Rasia's words prompt a twitch from Lahja. She begins to ramble, more to herself than anyone else. "How dare you people do that..." Vier then fires both guns at Zwei's shield arm, leaving a mess of bullet holes.
  25. <Darkling> After a moment of consideration, Zwei drops the shield that looks more like swiss cheese than a protective plate of metal.
  26. <Rasia> One eye locked warily on that hammer, Ein swings with all its might. Those taught muscles make it hard to even track the limb's movement, until its torn open pieces of armor on the zombie Aesir's face.
  27. <Darkling> Amour and flesh tear away, even bits of skull, leaving behind a dark essence that swirls in its place.
  28. <Darkling> Then, after a moment of hesitation, it throws the hammer in one smooth movement. The hammer flies across the battlefield smashing into Vier's arm, then back into Zwei's hand.
  29. <Lahja_Ilvainen> Lahja's head suddenly turns to the side as Vier gets hit, bits of armor cracking and falling off. She looks back to Zwei afterward, sporting a sorely displeased look.
  30. <Wilhelm_Faustus> "Back to sleep with you brother, the days of the Aesir have come to a close." Wilhelm, still in Loki's palm, makes a subtle gesture the Aesir copies. AT layers warp and tear free into a heavy blast of screaming heat and slam into the undead god.
  31. <Darkling> The Aesir is consumed, falling to its knees. When the blast clears almost nothing remains but a charred skeleton falling to pieces and crumbling to dust.
  32. <Lahja_Ilvainen> "So you really were still in there. I wonder... did you really believe in this?" Lahja stares at the skeleton-turned-dust-pile.
  33. <Darkling> A mournful wail, and the head of the skeleton rolls off, splintering to ash when it hits the ground.
  34. <Rasia> Ein clicks its teeth, turning a slow circle, looking for their true foe.
  35. <Darkling> Everything around you remains still.
  36. <Lahja_Ilvainen> Lahja sighs, and out of all the things she could be doing she decides to toy with her hair.
  37. <Wilhelm_Faustus> "...mewling quim...she went to Yggdrasil for the spear!" The boy seems enraged, already latching onto the fields of Lahja and Rasia to shunt them into the space the tree inhabits.
  38. <Rasia> "Lit!"
  39. <Lahja_Ilvainen> "Hostages. And remember, she said friends. We may need to deal with more."
  40. <Darkling> The world starts to bend and flex about the trio as Wilhelm concentrates, then it blinks out of sight, replaced a moment later by the snaking blue tendrils of the Yggdrasil.
  41. <Darkling> You can see some of the roots are burnt and sickened. Something infecting them.
  42. <Darkling> It does however give you a trail to follow.
  43. <Rasia> Ein takes point, keeping as strong of a pace as the other Aesir can keep tempo with.
  44. <Lahja_Ilvainen> Vier speeds along the trail, making it a point to keep some distance between itself and the others.
  45. <Darkling> You don't have to travel far before you find the origin of the infection. Surtr stands in a clutter of roots, spear in hand and stabbed through a root.
  46. <Darkling> With your approach, Surtr removes the spear and turns to face you.
  47. <Rasia> Ein snarls again, its half-exposed lip peeling back.
  48. <Darkling> A wicked grin spreads across Surtr's face.
  49. <Lahja_Ilvainen> Lahja just stares blankly. Her mouth opens as if to say something, but nothing comes out.
  50. <Wilhelm_Faustus> "Lahja. Sometimes words can't convey feelings properly. Use your bullets to tell her how you feel."
  51. <Rasia> Rasia prowls forward carefully, measuring the distance with trained precision. Bowing forward, Ein takes a pot shot with a pair of long prongs jutting out of its armor. Hurling a small explosive sabot at Surtr, the munition explodes harmlessly against the Jotunn, but makes Raz's opinion clear.
  52. <Darkling> Surtr could almost be laughing at you as the blast clears.
  53. <Darkling> The jotunn strides forward, flames trailing it its wake as it levels the spear at Ein. Two red beams shoot forth from it, the first missing and lancing a root in half, the other connecting with the Aesir.
  54. <Rasia> The lance sears away large pieces of armor, heating the LCL and drawing the scream of escaping steam. Ein falls to the ground, flesh still smoking and sizzling, but operational.
  55. <Wilhelm_Faustus> "Rasia!"
  56. <Rasia> "Ngh..." The lights in the plug flicker as wiring holds tenuously.
  57. <Lahja_Ilvainen> Vier dashes forward, leaving a blurry trail and leveling its guns at Surtr when it stops, the pilot taking the chance to size up the Aesir. "I'm so tired of this and having to look at people this way."
  58. <Rasia> Sounds like Rasia's whispering to herself. It's vague but panicked, hard to make out between her broken German and winding.
  59. <Wilhelm_Faustus> "...fuck me..." the boy mutters in hushed disbelief, briefly touching Surtr with his field.
  60. <Wilhelm_Faustus> The boy grits his teeth, Aesir charging straight for Surtr with hammer in hand, swinging for the burning Aesir as soon as they're in range.
  61. <Darkling> Surtr closes the gap between itself and Drei, the spear bearing down quickly. Just as Drei moves to dodge out of the way Surtr fades, reappearing farther away, towards Vrei.
  62. <Darkling> The spear flashes, throwing more energy beams out, one connecting with Vrei, blasting away metal and flesh alike.
  63. <Lahja_Ilvainen> "Aww... how nice of you. I was beginning to think you didn't want to spear me at all." Lahja says in a peculiar and not very healthy sounding tone. She giggles, not seeming to mind much when her shots are deflected.
  64. <Rasia> Growling at nothing in particular, Ein and Rasia manage to get back in the fight, taking off at a run for Surtr. The big red Aesir manages to land one solid blow on the world-ender, another finding only air. "Shut up!"
  65. <Darkling> Surtr slams the spear into the ground in rage. Flames sprout out in a wave from the impact wash over Ein, the roots and even lick at Drei.
  66. <Rasia> That already-weakened armor gives. Ein bravely faces the blast, AT Field shimmering and cracking before it, too gives. The wave of fire turns Ein's chest to ash, exposing its core and, more importantly, the plug. The LCL boils around Rasia, before even the plug's armor gives, steam gushing out as flame meets fluid.
  67. <Lahja_Ilvainen> "I'm about to do something stupidly suicidal, Wilhelm. Give me a distraction and as much support as you can manage when I start shooting."
  68. <Wilhelm_Faustus> Loki lets loose with another heavy blast from the AT Field, attention turning toward Ein before it even hits. "Rasia! Rasia!"
  69. <Rasia> The Aesir's down and out. Even if she's okay, it'd a struggle to get into communication.
  70. <Darkling> Surtr merely absorbs the blast. "Pathetic."
  71. <Lahja_Ilvainen> Lahja twitches within Vier, the Aesir sending out a single shot from each of its weapons at Surtr, pulling the trigger twice in rapid succession. "This is it. Do what you can from here on, Wilhelm. I think I've just painted the biggest target sign on my head." She sighs, then puts on a wide smile.
  72. <Darkling> Pulling the spear up out of the impaled root, Surtr lets out a pained scream, and instantly vanishes.
  73. <Wilhelm_Faustus> "You're not dead yet."
  74. <Lahja_Ilvainen> Surtr's not the only one. Lahja lets out a shriek of her own, then seethes from inside the plug. "How disappointing."
  75. <Darkling> =====================
  76. <Darkling> The whole of the Yggdrasil starts to thrum, coming to life. Bright pulses begin to flash past you, all congregating at the point where the spear was thrust into the root.
  77. <Darkling> At the point where the spear was stuck in, the roots have begun to turn a sickly colour, almost red-black, and it is starting to spread.
  78. <Rasia> Ein lies still, save for the occasional spurt of blood or crackling bone as steamed marrow escapes.
  79. <Darkling> The rot continues to spread, going from root to root, squelching the light from them.
  80. <Lahja_Ilvainen> "Well, Wilhelm... what do you think?" Lahja asks as she looks at Vier. Looking over the wreckage calms her nicely.
  81. <Wilhelm_Faustus> "Who? Oh, right. Well...hard to say. The rotting portion is new."
  82. <Darkling> Soon enough you are surrounded by nothing except contaminated roots, though it seems to have stopped spreading beyond.
  83. <Darkling> A loud crack echos through the darkness, followed soon after by another.
  84. <Lahja_Ilvainen> "No bright ideas, then?" she asks as Vier begins poking through the wreckage of Ein.
  85. <Rasia> So that's what an Aesir looks like on the inside. Most of it's charred and burnt, but there's some lumps that could have been organs.
  86. <Wilhelm_Faustus> "Find Surtr and destroy her. That's all I've got."
  87. <Darkling> Another crack and a groan from behind Vier
  88. <Lahja_Ilvainen> Vier is up and alert at that, turning and staring into the darkness. "We're going to need something more." she snaps.
  89. <Wilhelm_Faustus> "There isn't anything detailing what happens so...hm..." The boy falls silent.
  90. <Darkling> Vier is yanked by the ankle backwards as more cracks and groans echo all around.
  91. <Lahja_Ilvainen> "Think about...!" Lahja stops abruptly and hisses, head tilting to look at its grabber.
  92. <Darkling> The roots all around start to shift and writhe, pulsing unhealthily. A small one snaps at Drei like a whip, leaving a gash across its leg as the one entwined about Vier's ankle continues to pull.
  93. <Wilhelm_Faustus> "Come out cow!" He barks, looking around. Follow the root to where it first branched off from the rest...and sever it.
  94. <Lahja_Ilvainen> Well, enough of that. Lahja remains alert, letting Vier get dragged along a little further to put some distance between it and Drei. "Get ready to move."
  95. <Wilhelm_Faustus> "What?" He looks back.
  96. <Darkling> Another roots grabs Drei around the waist, pulling him back and pinning him to a wall of roots.
  97. <Wilhelm_Faustus> He starts swearing in some old language as Drei struggled against the roots.
  98. <Lahja_Ilvainen> Vier lights the area with a brief but potent flash, a globe of energy surrounding it before fading.
  99. <Rasia> Hmm, did Ein move? Must have been a trick of the light...
  100. <Darkling> Roots fall away from Vier, burned and charred, but more replace them. Bigger ones start to emerge, another wrapping around one of Drei's legs.
  101. <Darkling> A flash of fiery light and Surtr appears in front of Drei, spear raised.
  102. <Lahja_Ilvainen> Vier scrambles to get up in the brief moment of reprieve, sending out a shotgun-like blast at the next batch. The pilot doesn't even seem to notice Drei's plight.
  103. <Wilhelm_Faustus> "Go ahead, we're already dead!" He grins up at Surtr, arms out to the sides.
  104. <Darkling> "Indeed." Surtr replies, spear descending.
  105. <Rasia> "Wilhelm!" Ein's eyes open, and a keening fills the air. AT field flaring back to life, the zombie of an Aesir lurches to its feet. Wounds close along its ruined armor, growing in scales and fur, even boney spurs. Before its arm has even finished regrowing, the beast lunges for Surtr, smashing into the spear at blistering speed, the light of Ein's--Rasia's? soul burning bright.
  106. <Darkling> Ein and Surtr explode in a ball of flame as they both fall away from Drei.
  107. <Wilhelm_Faustus> "Fen-- Rasia!"
  108. <Lahja_Ilvainen> That at least gets Lahja's attention. Vier stares at Drei first, then Ein, and finally Surtr.
  109. <Wilhelm_Faustus> Drei looks down, a flash of power before eye beams start cutting through binding roots. Oh, right, he could do that.
  110. <Darkling> Surtr has broken away from the ressurected Aesir, sporting a few wounds, and is making its way back towards Drei. "Your pet will not stop me!"
  111. <Rasia> Tumbling, Ein sinks its talons into the toxic roots, searing them away even as it uses the plant-material to steady its roll. Limbs bulging with new strength, its spined tongue drools toxin, tail held high. "I'll kill you!" This isn't like last time... The Aesir leaps back into the fray, latching onto Surtr like a backpack made of hatred.
  112. <Rasia> With its focus thrown, now might be a good time to reattempt escape, you two.
  113. <Darkling> A cry of rage and Surtr reaches back, pulling Ein up and over its head, obsidian plated armour and fleshing coming with, and tosses the Aesir like a rag doll at Vier.
  114. <Wilhelm_Faustus> Drei surges forward at the boy's urging, tearing itself free. Metal bends then snaps off, freeing the Aesir to leer with its constantly mocking smile.
  115. <Rasia> Recovering with a shake of the head, Ein glances at Vier, locking on with three eyes. A claw reaches out to help, ripping away any final restraints. "Fight." A simple order, Lahja.
  116. <Lahja_Ilvainen> "I..." Lahja is cut short by the need to move Vier out of the way, sending out another blast at some incoming roots. Lahja twitches, taking aim at Surtr with its two guns and unleashing a pair of shots. "... have some more flowers for you."
  117. <Darkling> The moment between the two is broken by the flaming red spear thrust through both Ein and Vier, and back out.
  118. <Rasia> Ouch. Ein jerks and twists, nursing the fresh hole in its flank for only a moment. Rounding its attention back to their foe, the Aesir bolts after, only vaguely slowed by the intense blow.
  119. <Wilhelm_Faustus> Another blast from Drei's eyes, supplimented by its multiple AT layers. "Don't touch her!"
  120. <Darkling> Surtr reels from the blast, hand motioning and a root follows to slam Drei off balance as Surtr moves to meet Ein.
  121. <Lahja_Ilvainen> Lahja shrieks, looking at the new hole in Ein and using her imagination to picture the gushing hole in her own. "Damned moon aliens, damned moon geezers, damned NERV, damned mother!"  The Aesir twitches a little and begins to wobble with the pilot's screaming, the shot from Drei seeming to irritate her further as Vier moves into position to get a clear shot.
  122. <Wilhelm_Faustus> Drei lands from its hovering height, staggering in an attempt to regain its composure. An arm snaps up, collecting its field before snapping off multiple shots that were sent screaming toward Surtr.
  123. <Rasia> Hands rise, and Rasia clashes with the fire giant's wrists, talons digging in deep. It even cranes its neck forward, trying to rip off chunks of Surtr's face and chest. "Not animal! Not afraid!"
  124. <Darkling> "Just their pet!" Despite the size advantage, Surtr has to strain to keep Ein at bay.
  125. <Darkling> Seeing the incoming shots, Surtr directs Ein towards them, though still taking the brunt of the damage, Drei's blasts manage to hit Ein as well.
  126. <Rasia> A harsh bark, and Ein releases its grip, taking a step back to get its breath.
  127. <Lahja_Ilvainen> "You people... really..." Lahja hisses, something having set her off even further. Vier levels its guns at Surtr. As it does those extra arms reach for the spear stuck in its body, firmly grasping it.
  128. <Darkling> Surtr sees the opening and lands a cheap upper cut on Ein, then flashes away in a burst of flame, appearing in front of Vier.
  129. <Wilhelm_Faustus> Drei charges after Surtr, hammer meeting the deformed Aesir's back with a thunderous blow.
  130. <Darkling> Surtr shudders, more plating falling off as it heaves forwards, hands grasping onto Vier's, holding the spear in place.
  131. <Rasia> Ein's finally back in the fight, going straight for one of those hands with tooth and nail. Looks like she's trying to amputate the arm completely.
  132. <Lahja_Ilvainen> Lahja grins widely, taking advantage of Surtr's sudden appearance to launch a shower of bullets from the gun on its shoulder right at the giant's chest. "I'm more than willing to die like this. Did you know that?" Lahja asks. Oddly Vier doesn't seem too keen on withdrawing the spear, merely holding it in place, though it does drop one of its guns to grab on with as many of its arms as the...
  133. <Lahja_Ilvainen> ...spear's size allows.
  134. <Darkling> When the bullets hit, Surtr jerks, spiralling backwards with Drei, Ein and the spear torn sideways out of Vier.
  135. <Wilhelm_Faustus> "Sorry Lahja, you can't exactly do that." Drei works in wrapping its arms around Surtr, Loki's ego spiking as it works to force the Aesir back. "Heimdall got me...we're already dead. So you and F-- Rasia need to live through this."
  136. <Rasia> Rasia flinches, Ein hesitating in kind. Already... "No! All live!"
  137. <Lahja_Ilvainen> Lahja shrieks in pain, stunned for the moment. She clutches at her side, feeling at the area as if she expected something to be there that isn't. Vier's midsection bends to the side very oddly, the Aesir having trouble supporting itself as it gushes ichor all over the place. With a scream she launches a quick flurry at Surtr's spear arm, the recoil forcing Vier to fall over.
  138. <Darkling> The bullets melt before reaching Surtr, the air around it having become superheated a moment before as Surtr swings Drei side to side on its back. Flames start to sproud on Drei and the surrounding roots.
  139. <Rasia> Ein takes its best attempt, AT field pulling tight in an attempt to fight away the flames, going again for the shoulders, twisting and slashing where the joint should be...
  140. <Wilhelm_Faustus> The boy works to cover his face with his arms even as Loki continues to cling with the ferocity of Ein. "Use the spear to kill her!"
  141. <Darkling> Ein, Drei and Surtr vanish in a flash of flame and smoke to reappear a moment later over Vier. Enough of the Aesir's obsidian armour has fallen off to reveal a human body underneath, black and red, a maniacal grin showing through bits on the helmet as Surtr thrusts the spear down through Vier's head.
  142. <Lahja_Ilvainen> Lahja reaches for the scissors and spoon in her hair, shuddering violently and shrieking as the spear connects. Vier shudders as well before growing still, the pilot managing a pained sigh when the shriek ends. "Thanks."
  143. <Darkling> The spear twists and raises with Vier's head flaming on the end.
  144. <Rasia> Taking your victory bow already? You should know better, Surtr. Ein's hand grabs for the spear violently, burying its fist square in the fire giant's jaw and kicking off against its ribcage.
  145. <Wilhelm_Faustus> Meanwhile Drei had wrapped a hand in AT hexagons, working to bury fingers into the twisted Aesir's dark flesh. Maybe we'll shake things up for the pilot. "Lahja was right. To hell with the moon, to hell with NERV...I just want to see you die now."
  146. <Darkling> The spear comes free letting Ein fall back as both Surtr's hand reach up to grab at Drei.
  147. <Wilhelm_Faustus> "I'm the finished product, your superior! How dare you resist! Just DIE already!"
  148. <Rasia> Landing with a thunderous rumble, Ein takes its stance, gripping the spear in both hands, looking for an opening...
  149. <Darkling> The rest of the armour on Surtr falls off as its body shifts impossibly until it is facing Drei, grinning face to grinning face.
  150. <Wilhelm_Faustus> "Do it!" the boy shouts, trying not to tear his attention away from the close combat.
  151. <Rasia> A moment of hesitation. Fear. "No! I want...get away! Get back!"
  152. <Darkling> Surtr begins to heat up again, its hands digging into Drei's back so he can't get away.
  153. <Wilhelm_Faustus> "Hurry up!" How long can he go untouched by the flames? Burning wasn't the top of his list of ways to go.
  154. <Rasia> Grip tightening on the spear, Ein waits silently for its pilot's resolve. "Wilhelm..." A quiver of the lip, and she closes her eyes. All it takes is a moment of will, and Ein strikes, pouncing Surtr from behind with all its might.
  155. <Darkling> There's an explosion, throwing all the Aesir apart and blinding them.
  156. <Rasia> As Ein lies on the ground, its pilot does a curious thing: She prays. Well, it's more hoping, since she doesn't know any gods to pray to. But she strains her senses, chanting under her breath every second she can't see. "Be okay, be okay..."
  157. <Darkling> Surtr is standing in place where it was speared, slumped forward, gripping the spear.
  158.  <Rasia> Not you.
  159. <Wilhelm_Faustus> A distant, choking couch.
  160. <Lahja_Ilvainen> That was something, whatever it was. Maybe it's time? Lahja stops dragging the scissors across her neck, pausing to listen for a few moments longer. Strangely quiet.
  161. <Rasia> "Wilhelm!" Ein runs across the room, headed for the fallen Drei.
  162. <Wilhelm_Faustus> Drie is...well...it isn't going anywhere. It may never move again. The blue and black form of its pilot hand landed a ways back, trying to sit up but failing.
  163. <Darkling> Surtr staggers to a knee, stopping the fall with a hand.
  164. <Rasia> The big red Aesir curls around the fallen Wilhelm defensively, twisting its head around to watch Surtr warily. "Wilhelm, stay alive..."
  165. <Lahja_Ilvainen> Lahja watches with squinty eyes, far more focused on Surtr than Ein and Wilhelm. "Finish the job..." She mutters, not that it gets heard by anyone.
  166. <Darkling> Surtr's free hand reaches back pulling the spear free from its breast and splattering the roots beneath it with blood and viscera.
  167. <Wilhelm_Faustus> "Better...better go." He reaches out to pat an armored plate of the massive Aesir. "I'll be here when you're done." He's given up on sitting, deciding it was better to rest for a while.
  168. <Rasia> Gnashing its jaws, Ein rises, turning to face Surtr. Mindful of its stance, it pads away from Wilhelm, staring the massive fire giant down.
  169. <Darkling> Surtr rises as well, spear in hand and a gaping hole below its breast showing a gleaming orb inside. Its head cocks to one side and its face splits wide with a smile as if something is hilarious. Without all the armour and flames it resemples Ivy all too much.
  170. <Rasia> Ein, of course, has only grown more feral and plainly bestial with most of its own armor gone. The core. Talons dig into the roots, muscles priming themselves to strike... "Die! Go sleep!" And Rasia leaps across the chamber, right for Surtr's flesh.
  171. <Darkling> Surtr raises the spear all too slow as Ein crashes into its body and they fall backwards to the ground.
  172. <Rasia> A single hand rises, fingers spread wide, claws gleaming and coursing with fiery red energy. It comes crashing down, right for Surtr's heart, seemingly intent on shoving the Jotunn's core clean through the back side.
  173. <Darkling> The spear clatters away and Surtr twitches, hands ciming up to shove Ein off.
  174. <Lahja_Ilvainen> Lahja continues to observe, flinching as Ein goes in for the attack. Seems Lahja has had enough of the plug for now, and she starts making her way out. After a dangerous front row seat? Maybe.
  175. <Rasia> There isn't enough. Never enough. Another talon swats away the first hand, though the second manages to deflect the finishing blow. "Enough! Done fighting!" The predator lunges for the forgotten spear, abandoning its advantage pin for the moment.
  176. <Darkling> Surtr pulls free and a glowing red hand thrusts through ein's lower back, pulling out the Aesir's spine.
  177. <Rasia> Ein howls out in agony, its rear legs instantly going limp as its spinal cord tears messily. Its pilot screams her own hurt, sympathetic pain for Ein...all the students dead because of these monsters...Wilhelm's body twisting into Something Else...the thousands freezing and starving out in the Fimbulvinter... And she strikes with it.
  178. <Rasia> Lashing out with her last bits of strength, propelled by something larger than herself, Rasia hurls the spear for Surtr's core.
  179. <Darkling> The core cracks, Surtrs' grin disappears. "No! N---
  180. <Darkling> Surtr explodes.
  181. <Lahja_Ilvainen> "Good night again." Lahja says with a weary salute.
  182. <Rasia> Far too fast for Ein to protect Wilhelm, though it certainly tries, even if the blast doesn't reach him.
  183. <Darkling> The explosion clears, doing rather little damage.
  184. <Darkling> Laying on the roots where Surtr was is Ivy, her body black, red veins dull, eyes wide open and a happy grin on her face as she stares vacantly upwards, spear through her breast.
  185. <Rasia> Giving up on Ein's health, Rasia kicks at the breach that previously boiled her, trying to escape her Aesir.
  186. <Lahja_Ilvainen> Lahja stares rather flatly on realizing she's still alive, then stares at Ivy, looking rather torn. Eventually she makes her way closer, though she still keeps some distance.
  187. <Wilhelm_Faustus> Wilhelm for his part has fallen fairly still as well, a few drops of his silver life blood collecting like mercury near his fingertips.
  188. <Rasia> The metal finally grunts, and gives, and off she goes, trailing LCL at her dead sprint. "Wilhelm!" Stumbling more than once as her legs still think they're paralyzed, she finally lands nearby, throwing herself onto the bleeding boy.
  189. <Wilhelm_Faustus> He grunts as she hits him, eyes squeezing shut tight. A little life left in hit it seems.
  190. <Lahja_Ilvainen> "I guess it's kind of nice this way." Lahja says, probably more to herself, before looking over to Wilhelm and Rasia. "I should probably tell people a few things first."
  191. <Rasia> The tears are flowing, as she picks his head up, held close to her breast. "Won, Rasia won. W-we safe. Wilhelm be okay."
  192. <Wilhelm_Faustus> "Sorry Rasia. I...I'm not so sure about that." He grunts, adjusting his position slightly.
  193. <Rasia> "No! Wilhelm okay!" A choked sob of her own, grip tightening on the boy.
  194. <Lahja_Ilvainen> Lahja ponders a while longer. It's not like Corrin is going to come up out of nowhere and eat her, right? Then again, being sentimental is what got Rasia in trouble. "You two alright over there?" she calls out toward the pair.
  195. <Rasia> Lahja gets a weird look, but no objection.
  196. <Wilhelm_Faustus> "Why did I think it was okay to go around naked?" He snorts, looking down at himself. "Look...Rasia...I'm sorry it took so many clones to grow up. To see things as they are. I really...really...do love you. You're not an animal. You're...you're..." He swallows hard, trying to force something more past his lips, but it never comes.
  197. <Rasia> "Shhh." Her voice wavers, and she holds him higher, pressing a kiss to his mouth. "I...love...Wilhelm. A-always."
  198. <Lahja_Ilvainen> Lahja stares at the two, twitching and looking irked. Eventually she turns her back on them and closes her eyes, trying to calm herself.
  199. <Lahja_Ilvainen> She makes her way over closer, scissors in hand. She puts a hand on the spear while keeping her other hand on the scissors. "You know, captain, if I were to say anything sappy it would probably destroy your smile if you were your old self and paying attention. No matter how much I questioned your motives and intentions the fact that I wiped away your smile a few times kept coming up. I knew...
  200. <Lahja_Ilvainen> ...it meant that I mattered."
  201. <Lahja_Ilvainen> "I'm going to write you some nice messages on us both before I die." Lahja puts on a maniacal grin of her own. Writing with scissors on flesh is fun!
  202. <Darkling> =====================
  203. <Darkling> "Are they near each other?" He asked.
  204. <Darkling> "No." The other man replied, running a hand through his platinum hair. "We suspect there will be no way they will find their way back."
  205. <Darkling> A moment of silence passed between the two men. They sat facing each other in white chairs in a white room. A single table between them with a chess board in the middle of a game and forgotten drinks.
  206. <Darkling> "And the other two, the ones they left?"
  207. <Darkling> "Alive, untouched, unaware."
  208. <Darkling> "Perfect." He smiled, and leaned forward to move a piece. "Checkmate."
  209. <Darkling> "So it is." The blonde smiled as well. "We restart the experiment tomorrow then?"
  210. <Darkling> A nod from the other. "Everything is going according to plan." He reaches into his pocket pulling out a two-way radio. "Time to wake up Ivy and Wilhelm." Then he reached forward and knocked his king over.
  211. <Darkling> ===========END===========
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