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  1. Chat started: 2019-03-23 01:22 AM UTC
  3. (01:22:32 AM) Visitor 9096023: Says account is locked from sus activity pls unlock it
  4. (01:22:41 AM) *** Phatmage joined the chat ***
  5. (01:22:44 AM) Visitor 9096023: forewarning
  6. (01:22:53 AM) Visitor 9096023: i was told by my old support friend ticket man
  7. (01:22:58 AM) Visitor 9096023: to come back later to try
  8. (01:22:59 AM) Visitor 9096023: here i am
  9. (01:23:21 AM) Phatmage: Sure! let me get the account up and review the info real quick! If i need any further info ill let you know! ^_^
  10. (01:23:29 AM) Visitor 9096023: okay
  11. (01:23:51 AM) Visitor 9096023: i told the guy too i dont remember any of the inital creation but i can provide some store info because thats the most relevant info that i have
  12. (01:27:03 AM) Phatmage: Alrighty so lets go ahead and start the verification process, it is okay if you dont know the answer but go ahead and give your best guess
  13. (01:27:44 AM) Phatmage: Can you remember the email used to create the account? if not, list a few possible emails?
  14. (01:28:17 AM) Visitor 9096023: no
  15. (01:28:20 AM) Visitor 9096023: i dont remember them
  16. (01:28:27 AM) Visitor 9096023: thats why i said i dont remember any inital stuff
  17. (01:28:39 AM) Phatmage: I know, still gotta ask it though
  18. (01:28:47 AM) Phatmage: and i asked for some, can you think of a few?
  19. (01:28:54 AM) Visitor 9096023: no lol
  20. (01:28:58 AM) Visitor 9096023: i dont remember
  21. (01:29:00 AM) Phatmage: Did you create this account?
  22. (01:29:04 AM) Phatmage: If so? where was it created?
  23. (01:29:15 AM) Phatmage: City/state please
  24. (01:30:00 AM) Visitor 9096023: bruh yes but i dont remember any of this stuff it was too long ago
  25. (01:30:17 AM) Visitor 9096023: youve asked all the same questions the other guy asked
  26. (01:30:27 AM) Visitor 9096023: he said if i came back later there would be diff questions
  27. (01:30:55 AM) Phatmage: that is not the case, go ahead and try and answer that question for me!
  28. (01:31:16 AM) Visitor 9096023: i just told u i didnt know
  29. (01:31:31 AM) Visitor 9096023: would opening a ticket get different results or would i just be waiting weeks to get the same questions?
  30. (01:32:15 AM) Phatmage: You will get the same questions every time
  31. (01:32:22 AM) Phatmage: if you choose to not answer them we wont be able to help you
  32. (01:32:30 AM) Visitor 9096023: im not choosing to answer something i dont know
  33. (01:33:01 AM) Visitor 9096023: so if i keep guessing every city/state for the next year and i eventually get the right one will i get my account back this system doesnt make any sense
  34. (01:33:49 AM) Phatmage: Can you tell me the date of birth on the account?(Your Birthday!)
  35. (01:34:03 AM) Visitor 9096023: quit pullin scripts dude i told you i dont know
  36. (01:34:16 AM) Phatmage: im not pulling scripts, just asking questions I have to ask
  37. (01:34:37 AM) Phatmage: If you dont want to answer them that is fine but I will go ahead and hop outta here and you can come back again when you are ready to answer them
  38. (01:35:05 AM) Visitor 9096023: what are you talkiing about
  39. (01:35:11 AM) Visitor 9096023: you are incriminating me
  40. (01:35:17 AM) Visitor 9096023: i havent done anything but got my account locked
  41. (01:35:30 AM) Visitor 9096023: and youre trying to make it seem like im doing something wrong when my account just got locked
  42. (01:35:50 AM) Visitor 9096023: do you want me to answer some random stuff because if that helps i can do that??
  43. (01:36:32 AM) Phatmage: If that is what you want to do
  44. (01:36:39 AM) Visitor 9096023: ????????????????????????????
  45. (01:36:43 AM) Visitor 9096023: is that a yes or no?
  46. (01:36:50 AM) Visitor 9096023: like do you want me to answer the questions i dont know
  47. (01:36:58 AM) Visitor 9096023: what do i do to get my account back?
  48. (01:37:02 AM) Phatmage: the only thing I can really tell you to do is to try and answer these questions
  49. (01:37:09 AM) Phatmage: how you handle them is up to you
  50. (01:37:13 AM) Phatmage: Can you name any refunded champions or skins?
  51. (01:37:34 AM) Visitor 9096023: dude
  52. (01:37:39 AM) Visitor 9096023: who remembers that
  53. (01:37:45 AM) Visitor 9096023: thresh????
  54. (01:37:46 AM) Visitor 9096023: maybe?
  55. (01:38:26 AM) Visitor 9096023: i dont understand how you expect me to answer questions from a long time ago
  56. (01:38:32 AM) Visitor 9096023: why cant it just send me an email verification
  57. (01:38:39 AM) Visitor 9096023: and i can be on my way with my account
  58. (01:39:13 AM) Phatmage: Alrighty, as im not going to be able to get you verified i will be closing this chat now. When you are ready to take the recovery process seriously you are welcome to write in again at a later time to go through the verification process. Thank you for your time
  59. (01:39:24 AM) Visitor 9096023: how am i not taking this seriously
  60. (01:39:27 AM) Visitor 9096023: i told you from the get go
  61. (01:39:39 AM) Visitor 9096023: the guy said the same questions and told me he will pull more info
  62. (01:39:43 AM) Visitor 9096023: and then he can help later
  63. (01:40:33 AM) Phatmage: As you have not actually answered my questions I couldnt get you verified so i recommend that you take some more time to think over the account info. I will be closing this chat now but i hope you enjoy your weekend
  64. (01:40:37 AM) *** Phatmage left the chat ***
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