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  1. Character Image/Faceclaim:
  2. Source: History
  4. Class: Assassin
  5. True Name: Paul Emil von Lettow-Vorbeck
  6. Alignment: Neutral Evil
  7. Place of Origin: Prussia
  9. Parameters:
  11. STR: D
  12. END: B
  13. AGI: D
  14. MGI: C
  15. LCK: A+
  16. NP: C
  18. Height:
  19. Weight: 78kg
  20. Likes: Whisky, Writing, Imperial Germany
  21. Dislikes: Surrender, insects
  22. Talent: Annoying the British, insults
  23. Natural Enemy: His superiors
  24. Attribute: Man
  25. Traits: Male, Neutral, Evil
  26. Armament: As a personal combatant he is mostly helpless outside of his standard issue rifle and officer's cavalry saber and mediocre skills, forcing him to work through others to succeed.
  27. Catalyst: His officer's sword
  29. Class Skills:
  30. Presence concealment B+: Hides one's presence as a Servant. Suitable for spying and sabotage. It is possible to attack from a distance and retreat without being cornered. Lettow-Vorbeck's Presence Concealment gains a bonus modifier when working in a forest environment.
  32. Personal Skills:
  33. Independent Action A: The ability to be able to act independently for a period even without a Master. On his own Lettow-Vorbeck would last a week before fading away but with the help of his minions he can sustain himself indefinitely by feeding on the populace.
  34. Subversive Activities A+: This skill allows one to seriously reduce their enemy's might before facing them in battle using traps, landmines and if possible artillery barrages. With careful preparation 60% of an enemy force can be defeated or crippled before facing them directly. If the terrain is a jungle it is possible to claim up to 80% of an enemy force instead. Weak to servants with predictive or observational talents.
  35. Noble Phantasm:
  37. Kriegserklärung - Unending Campaign of Desolation
  39. Type: Anti-unit
  40. Rank: C
  41. Range: 0-2000
  42. Max Targets: 14000
  44. When this noble phantasm is released a haze will seep into the land, slowly claiming anyone of weak will at first but eventually becoming strong enough to claim anyone without magical protection. Those claimed by it will be enthralled and join Lettow-Vorbeck's cause, as a result they gain lesser versions of his own skills to better serve his will. Individually barely stronger than before, they are mostly forced to rely on their newfound skill with traps, harassment and sacrificial tactics to succeed against enemy servants but are far better suited for attacking any masters they can find. Eventually, the land this noble phantasm is deployed in will become a hell filled with traps and as the populace is expended for Lettow-Vorbeck.
  46. Lore: Paul Emil von Lettow-Vorbeck was set to be an unremarkable and forgettable officer until soon after the outset of World War I he decided to defy orders from high command and rally as many of his men as he can to contain British forces in East Africa. Through a combination of guile, determination, slavery and luck he kept hundreds of thousands of British and colonial troops occupied until news of the armistice arrived and he surrendered on his own terms.
  48. Personality: As a man Lettow-Vorbeck is courageous, strict in discipline, honest, forthright and above all determined. However, this same determination in pursuit of his goals means that he will not flinch regardless of what horrors he is forced to inflict upon the land to achieve them.
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