Seren Child

Apr 2nd, 2021
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  1. [Took place March 16, 2021]
  3. You follow Initiate to the Tah'vrai, Rhalkyr west to Arcane Library.
  5. You tilt your head curiously at Rhalkyr.
  7. Prowling inside, Rhalkyr moves about in a slow, winding circle, a letter clutched loosely in his hand. His head angles towards you as he paces, turning and twisting to keep you within view at all times. "Have met, young faeling. Of Serenwilde." He holds up a hand, as if to forestall any interruption, and continues, "Is interested, in the Glomdoring. Saw, with blessing, of Silent One. Has, promise. Could, be stolen, away, for home. Yes?"
  9. You have emoted: Esei quirks a brow. "Perhaps. Did you catch their name?"
  11. Rhalkyr jerks his head down in a nod. "Illyria."
  13. You have emoted: Esei's eye glitter, not unlike dark gems. "Her strength would need to be proven," they say softly. "While I am undoubtful of your talents, or whoever might take on the task of influencing her, is she strong enough for the Glomdoring? For the Wyrd?"
  15. You have emoted: Esei pauses, clasping their hands behind their back. "Not everyone is."
  17. Rhalkyr lifts a shoulder in a brief shrug, the thick slab of muscle rising and falling like a rolling hill thrown up by quaking earth. "Think, so. Curious. Very, curious. Always, questioning. Eager, to know. Suspect, could be made, strong. With, Wyrd, especially."
  19. You have emoted: Esei tilts their head down, humming. "Many could be," they say. "I noticed you've a letter? Is that what has brought this on?"
  21. Rhalkyr stalks over to you, straying close enough to loom, though this seem unintentional. Lifting his other hand, he gently touches the back of his knuckles to your upper arm, and holds out the letter, offering it to you.
  23. You have emoted: Esei tilts their head, grasping the letter with a single raised brow.
  25. Rhalkyr gives a starry sheet of onyx and diamond stationery to you.
  27. You read what is written on a starry sheet of onyx and diamond stationery:
  28. Esei,
  30. My name is Illyria, and I'm a Ward of Serenwilde, new from the portals.
  31. I did not begin there- I started in Celest, and was called to forest
  32. rather than city. I feel, though, the call of a different forest..
  34. Specifically and especially, though, due to the presence of the Silent
  35. One there.
  37. I've been given your name as someone who might be able to teach me of
  38. Him and guide me on this path- or help me determine if it should be
  39. walked in the first place.
  41. I am one whose heart lies with the dark of the night and the lessons it
  42. teaches. The shadows feel like home. But.. if you don't care to help a
  43. Seren child, I do understand.
  45. I await your reply with patience and eagerness alike.
  46. -Illyria
  48. You have emoted: Esei runs their fingers lightly over the signature when they are finished reading, eyes glancing up to Rhalkyr's face. They frown. "She did not simply mail it to me?"
  50. Rhalkyr gives a quirk side-to-side jerk of his head, lifting a hand up to tap against the wood of his mask with a faint 'tak'. "Rhalkyr, advised, this. Did not, know, if Warden, would smell, Serenwilde, and ignore. Less likely, if, this way." A pause, and then, accompanying an angling of his head to one side, eyes flitting to you and away again. "Think, this one, has promise."
  52. You have emoted: Esei hums lowly. "Shame. I quite enjoy teasing Serenwilders." They flip the letter closed, running their fingers lightly over the closed edge.
  54. Rhalkyr flutters his fingers in a rippling cascade, tone mild. "Plenty, other prey, for Warden, to play with."
  56. Smiling, amused, you say, "I am aware, fear not."
  58. You hum thoughtfully.
  60. Rhalkyr nods in an amiable fashion, gaze roving ceaselessly about the library. "What, will do?"
  62. In dark, lyrical tones, you say, "Construct a letter in return, of course."
  64. In dark, lyrical tones, you ask, "Would you like to watch?"
  66. Eyes flitting over to you at this, Rhalkyr nods, curiously.
  68. You beckon to Rhalkyr.
  69. Rhalkyr begins to follow you.
  71. [Gathering commodities for letter.]
  73. You hum thoughtfully.
  75. Rhalkyr tilts his head curiously at you.
  77. In dark, lyrical tones, you say, "Merely constructing the words in my head."
  79. Rhalkyr grunts noncommitally.
  81. You begin softly humming low, dark tunes.
  83. You tilt your head curiously at Rhalkyr.
  85. Rhalkyr tilts his head curiously at you.
  87. In dark, lyrical tones, you ask Rhalkyr, "What else did you glean from little Illyria?"
  89. Taking a few moments to mull the question over, Rhalkyr idly flexes his fingers in slow, thoughtful motions. "Have not, interacted, much. Eager. Hungry. Very, hungry, for knowing. Big eyes, swallow the world, to know. Gentle, but, not weak. Learns, listens, well. Not, daunted, by Rhalkyr, or, Glomdoring."
  91. You hum thoughtfully.
  93. In dark, lyrical tones, you say, "A curiosity that may get her into trouble, if she does not temper it with sense."
  95. (The Shadow Kindred): You say, "P.S. Esei speaks from experience."
  97. Rhalkyr jerks his head down in a swift nod. "Yes. Also, used, to draw in. Bait, the hungry hound, with meat."
  99. You have emoted: Esei's dark eyes narrow thoughtfully, staring briefly into the distance before moving to write their letter.
  101. Young Illyria,
  103. I have received your letter. I commend you for shedding your ties with a city so young; unfortunately, not many realize that they are as such until later in life, or not at all.
  105. While I cannot detail much while you still remain a member of the Serenwilde, what you feel is known as the Ole'noc Caihel, a silent melody that rings through all things. Neither can I teach you of His tenets while you reside there.
  107. However, the path that is within the Glomdoring is not kind. It can be grueling, and painful, and force you to address things within and without about yourself that you did not ever imagine thinking about. The Wyrd is unrelenting in its chaos and change, even if it is beautiful. I could tell you a great many things, beautiful things, but this is what truly matters before you consider joining.
  109. Often, this journey, this path, starts as defining the Wyrd for oneself, or figuring out if truly, Nothing Matters but Glomdoring to you. Our Divine, I find, are easily disappointed by those who cannot or will not truly commit, for any number of selfish or prideful reasons. But, I suspect you will start far smaller than that.
  111. In your heart, do my words ring true? Are you strong enough for this path? Or do you only seek out knowledge of Him, nevermind the rest of the Wyrd?
  113. I await your response,
  114. Wyrden Auspice Esei Shee-Slaugh, of the Ascending Dusk.
  115. The seal of Wyrden Auspice Esei Shee-Slaugh of the Ascending Dusk is stamped onto the page: A simple but stylized athame is the focus of this seal, with holly berries, rose-sprouting vines, blackthorn blossoms, and hemlock leaves wreathing the weapon. The entire seal is rounded out with a thin circle.
  117. Observing their stamp, you say, "Hm, I ought to update this."
  119. In dark, lyrical tones, you say, "Another time."
  121. You address shadowed stationery covered in pale blackthorn petals to Illyria, and immediately a harried-looking faeling comes out to take it from you. She whistles, and a jet black crow comes flying into the room. The faeling attaches shadowed stationery covered in pale blackthorn petals to the crow's leg, and it speeds away.
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