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  2. jain03/08/2019
  3. how much for tnf online
  4. whats pricing
  5. SosaTewGewd03/08/2019
  6. 325 for 500 and have a 110 for 193
  7. SosaTewGewd03/08/2019
  8. Jus lmk soon if you wanted
  9. jain03/08/2019
  10. no ty , quan sold me a $500 cheaper
  11. SosaTewGewd03/08/2019
  12. Yeah he did 250 when they were pretty easy get
  13. jain03/08/2019
  14. I c
  15. SosaTewGewd03/08/2019
  16. If this buyer doesn’t get all 2k I’ll sell you one for 300
  17. jain03/08/2019
  18. Sounds good
  19. SosaTewGewd03/08/2019
  20. He only got 1500 so I can do that for you
  21. jain03/08/2019
  22. Ok cool
  23. Can you take 289.96 lol
  24. i can give 300 within 12 hours but i can do that amt now all i got in my acc since we doing bank transfer im assuming
  25. also zelle works for me cause cashapp has been acting up
  26. SosaTewGewd03/08/2019
  27. Yeah cash app
  28. I don’t have Zelle
  29. You can send that and send the 11 whenever no biggie
  30. jain03/08/2019
  31. uhhh its asking for ssn and shit and i dont got that
  32. u probs dont trust paypal gifted
  33. SosaTewGewd03/08/2019
  34. We can do that
  36. jain03/08/2019
  37. aight give me a min
  38. sent homie
  39. thru paypal
  40. SosaTewGewd03/08/2019
  41. Bet give me a min
  43. Post in success after loaded up plz :raised_hands::skin-tone-4:
  44. SosaTewGewd03/08/2019
  45. Don’t forget about me in success broski :raised_hands::skin-tone-4:
  46. jain03/08/2019
  47. Yup i havent used im in class rn
  48. ill let u know
  49. SosaTewGewd03/08/2019
  50. Oh okay bet yeah it’s g2g I checked balance before I sent no rush to use it was physical card I had :ok_hand::skin-tone-4:
  51. jain03/08/2019
  52. Awesome thats really reassuring, I was planning on ordering and returning to get a new gift card that was secure but this works even better. you a G
  53. SosaTewGewd03/08/2019
  54. even better bro i have some for sale that are  pinless that you can finesse like that
  55. like 37%
  56. jain03/08/2019
  57. Shit 37%??
  58. what amts
  59. also the card u gave me..
  61. Gyazo
  62. Gyazo
  64. i have like $500 worth  of stuff in the card but this is the only amount that's left...
  65. SosaTewGewd03/08/2019
  66. nahh bro shit had 500 left on there
  67. jain03/08/2019
  68. yo
  69. lol i just checked it rn
  70. Like you gave it to me at like 7 in the morning when i went to school
  71. now im in like 6 period class checking the balance and theres 273
  72. brb im going to 7th
  73. SosaTewGewd03/08/2019
  74. bro i did a return this is a non carded or any of that no way balance would be any ddifferet at all tf
  75. stop playing bro
  76. jain03/08/2019
  77. im not
  78. ask anyone
  79. im legit
  80. SosaTewGewd03/08/2019
  81. no nigga im legit ask anyone just checked the balance its 500
  83. check it rn
  84. can you check it now
  85. jain03/08/2019
  86. Yeah ill do it rn
  87. sorry i was walking to 7th
  88. SosaTewGewd03/08/2019
  89. you just used it
  90. jain03/08/2019
  91. no its still 500 on the link u gave me
  92. SosaTewGewd03/08/2019
  93. eyah wsa bout to say bro
  94. i dont rip
  95. shit had me tight lol
  96. jain03/08/2019
  97. i think i added something to cart, added the card, and it showed up as that amt. i added a second item and it didnt apply automatically so i think i have to reapply it
  98. sorry bro
  99. SosaTewGewd03/08/2019
  100. make way to much money to need to comeup that way lol
  101. np at all
  102. jain03/08/2019
  103. yeah makes sense
  104. SosaTewGewd03/08/2019
  105. bro shit happens
  106. jain03/08/2019
  107. sorry ill shoutout now haha
  108. SosaTewGewd03/08/2019
  109. no problem at all broski and thanks appreciate it
  110. jainYesterday at 7:29 PM
  111. Hey dude
  112. so you know the card you sold me
  114. Gyazo
  115. Gyazo
  117. It doesn't show up as $500.00 or even $0.00 if anyone used it, I thought there was no rush to use since you sold me a private one with pin...
  118. it doesn't even register anymore, it's invalid, i even checked balance using link u gave earlier
  119. any idea why?
  120. SosaTewGewdToday at 9:17 AM
  121. Dude get real :facepalm::skin-tone-4:‍♂️ 3 weeks later ??? And you said you used it the day I sold it to you
  122. jainToday at 9:21 AM
  123. no i tried to
  124. SosaTewGewdToday at 9:21 AM
  125. You tried to what ???
  126. jainToday at 9:21 AM
  127. I would've used first day... you told me it was uncarded and yours from a return
  128. I didn't actually use it first day.
  129. You were clear in saying there was no rush
  130. Oh okay bet yeah it’s g2g I checked balance before I sent no rush to use it was physical card I had :ok_hand::skin-tone-4:
  131. ^ you
  132. I'm not stupid, I would'ved used asap if this was cracked or some shit
  133. SosaTewGewdToday at 9:22 AM
  134. Yeah no rush not wait a month get real bro you was acting shady when I sold it to you saying it was no balance
  135. jainToday at 9:22 AM
  136. Shady???
  137. Bruh it doesn't even say $0.00 shit says invalid
  138. SosaTewGewdToday at 9:22 AM
  139. It’s not cracked or carded was on s return
  140. jainToday at 9:22 AM
  141. wtf does that even mean
  142. That's dishonest, you told me it was uncarded with pin, no rush to use, so I saved it? It was a physical card...
  143. SosaTewGewdToday at 9:28 AM
  144. Fuck outta here nigga talking about dishonest nigga it was that and I still have the physical card like I lied your weird my guy from jump
  145. jainToday at 9:28 AM
  146. um
  147. so why is it invalid
  148. SosaTewGewdToday at 9:28 AM
  149. Cuz you used it nigga I’m not dumb
  150. Fuck outta here
  151. jainToday at 9:28 AM
  152. dude if i used it wouldn't it say $0.00
  153. i didnt use it
  154. send me another picture of the physical if you have it?
  155. SosaTewGewdToday at 9:29 AM
  156. No it says invalid after 2 weeks of no balance
  157. And I will rn goofy
  158. jainToday at 9:29 AM
  159. Bruh I swear i didnt use the card
  160. I wouldve messaged you asap if there was an issue
  161. ive never scammed
  162. never done shady shit on
  163. SosaTewGewdToday at 9:30 AM
  164. jainToday at 9:31 AM
  165. im not even playing hold on
  166. can you try checking balance
  167. it just keeps saying invalid for me
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