Anon and Thingpone [CANCELED]

Aug 29th, 2016
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  1. >You are Anon, and you are tired of running.
  2. >Your lungs burn and it feels like you're never going to catch your breath.
  3. >You can't feel your ankles anymore, and your legs burn with each desperate pump.
  4. >There's a stitch in your side that won't go away, and it makes each breath feel like a knife's jabbing you in between your ribs.
  5. >Your stomach churns from not only the danger of the situation, but from all the exercise you're getting; it feels like you're about to throw up.
  6. >You're being chased by something horrible.
  7. >You spotted it in the woods a few hundred metres outside your house - a disgusting blob of flesh caked with mud and leaves and small bones; hopefully from forest critters and not anyone you know.
  8. >Unfortunately, the monster just as easily saw you.
  9. >It probably saw you first, as a matter of fact; it was just sitting there.
  10. >Waiting.
  11. >But you're done.
  12. >You can't keep running any more.
  13. >You want to - desperately - but you've reached your physical limits.
  14. >You drop to the forest floor, unable to even hold your arms out to break your fall.
  15. >You don't even feel the sting as your momentum makes you slide on a few feet of rock-filled forest floor.
  16. >By the way, you were right; you threw up.
  17. >Interestingly enough, the fleshy abomination doesn't.... do whatever it is flesh-monsters do.
  18. >You hadn't really thought about what would happen when it caught you; just that it would probably be bad and that you didn't want it to happen.
  19. >Several agonizing minutes later, you've caught your breath enough that you can speak.
  20. "P-Please, don't h-hurt me."
  21. >The flesh-monster wriggles and shifts around - it's disgusting and you throw up again.
  22. "Don't hurt me..."
  23. >You don't have the energy to say much else - you whimper and repeat the plead over and over.
  24. >A hole opens up in front, and another one off to the side.
  25. >One hole wriggles and the other hole - the front hold - produces a warbling howl.
  26. >You reel back as you realize that it's a flesh tunnel, and the creature is forcing air through the hollow area.
  27. >The noise it makes almost sounds like a dog that was trained to speak.
  29. >The front hole shifts and shapes into something a bit more narrow.
  31. >A smaller hole opens up above the front hole, and the edges of the front hole become thicker and fatter.
  32. >The side hole continues to undulate and pump air.
  34. >With a sinking feeling, you realize it's trying to talk - to imitate you.
  35. >Over and over it repeats your words, each failed attempt changing what you now recognize to be a mouth and nose.
  36. >"DON'T HURT ME!"
  37. >It's your words, and it's your voice.
  38. >To your disgust, it smiles at you after its successful attempt at speech.
  39. >Honestly; you aren't sure if that should make you laugh or cry.
  40. >By now, you've been laying on the ground for several minutes.
  41. >You've caught your breath and your body isn't nearly as sore as it was back when you were running.
  42. >Adrenaline surges through your system and you realize that this is your chance to escape - to go home and cry in the bathtub.
  43. >You leap to your feet and sprint out into the forest, hopefully in the general direction of your home.
  44. >The creature, oddly enough, doesn't pursue you; it just repeats the one sentence it knows over and over again.
  45. >The one it speaks in your voice.
  46. >"Don't hurt me!"
  47. >The flesh-monster's shouts haunt you as you run home.
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