(Wincest) Not So Lonely After All

Dec 29th, 2013
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  1. >Applejack woke early to tend the farm as she always did
  2. >She woke even before the sun had peeked over the mountain peaks to the east of Ponyville
  3. >And she was one of the only ponies in her town, besides Twilight, who got to appreciate Princess Luna's nights on a regular basis
  4. >As she was walking out to the barn to take care of the pigs, she looked up at the night sky, as she had so many other times
  5. >She saw the familiar constellations that Twilight had taught her about, the big and little dippers, Orion, ursas Major and Minor
  6. >And of course, the moon, now unmarred by Nightmare Moon's taint since she and her friends had taken care of it so long ago
  7. >It had been a decade since Nightmare Moon had been defeated
  8. >Applejack had had to bury Granny Smith six years prior to now
  9. >That had been a sorrowful day, but they had all known it had been coming and they celebrated her long life
  10. >But then tragedy had struck two years ago
  11. >A strange illness had swept through Equestria, a magical and deadly disease
  12. >The doctors had tried everything, and the girls had even attempted to get rid of it using the Elements
  13. >But it had been to no avail, the sickness was somehow resistent to even the most powerful of magic
  14. >By the time the scientists had found a cure, thousands of ponies had been killed or permanently harmed by the horrific virus
  15. >Big Mac had been the first pony in Ponyville to be infected, he had been visiting relatives in Apploosa, since he hadn't had a chance to go down there when Applejack had
  16. >That little, desert nowhere became a ghost town
  17. >Her brother's body had fought the sickness for a month before he fell into a coma
  18. >He never woke up
  19. >In a fit of cosmic cruelty, the tissue collected from Big Mac had gone on to advance the cure effort significantly
  20. >He would have liked that, helping people even in death
  21. >Since then, Applejack and her little sister, Applebloom had maintained the farm
  22. >Little Applebloom had grown up in the years since she and her friends had founded the Cutie Mark Crusaders
  23. >She had got a cutie mark of an apple hanging from a flowered branch after she had started filling a bigger role on the farm after Big Mac had died
  24. >But since her brother had been gone, Applejack had felt lonely
  25. >It was Ponyville's worst kept secret that she and her brother had had a much more intimate relationship than just siblings
  26. >But nothing had even come of it, except Applebloom's curiosity of why squeaking noises sometimes come from Big Mac's room
  27. >Applejack had worked the apple fields for two years now with no one but her sister to help you
  28. >It was exhausting work, and she certainly wasn't getting any younger
  29. >But she still had her sister, and family was what really mattered to her anyway
  30. >As she slopped the pigs, her mind drifted, as it had so many times before, to doing what she had done with Big Mac with Applebloom instead
  31. >The thoughts of the young mare who had developed so beautifully with her tongue buried deep in Applejack's pussy made the orange farm pony start to get wet
  32. >She'd masturbated to such fantasies frequently, but they remained just that, fantasies
  33. >With her morning chores completed, and the sun just appearing over the horizon, Applejack headed back inside
  34. >It wasn't harvest season, food had already been preserved for winter, and the extra stock had been sold at market
  35. >So she could get some extra sleep, or take care of the pressing matters going on South of her tail
  36. >As she headed back to her room though, she paused outside Applebloom's door
  37. >It was open just a crack, as it always had been since her little sister had been a filly, and emenating from it was a familiar sound
  38. >A wet, slapping noise of flesh being impacted by an object quite forcefully
  39. >And it was accompanied by sweet little moans, clearly stifled by a hoof in the mouth
  40. >And the more Applejack listened, the wetter she got
  41. >So she made a decision
  42. >The orange earth pony opened the door to Applebloom's bedroom
  43. >The hinges squealed like a torture victim, and Applebloom looked up from her activities
  44. >The horsecock dildo was fully hilted inside her little pussy and the bedsheets were damp with lubricant
  45. >Spread out on the bed in front of her were pictures of Applejack that the older sibling hadn't known were taken
  46. >Pictures where her breasts were exposed when she was bucking, or her tail swished aside for whatever reason
  47. >And her little sister was masturbating to them
  48. >"S-sis it isn't what it looks like. Ah promise!"
  49. "Well tarnation Applebloom, it looks like y'all were masturbatin' to obscene pictures of yer sister taken without me knowin' about it. So is it what it looks like little filly?"
  50. >Applebloom looks down at her soaking hooves and the lewd pictures of the pony that had practically raised her
  51. >"Y-yeah it is. But ah jus' needed ta make mahself feel better. You know how it is, sis!"
  52. >Applejack looked at her little sister with an evil smirk on her face
  53. "Well now, we can't have that goin' on around here, Applebloom. Looks like ah'm gonna have ta teach ya a lesson, ain't I?"
  54. >The litte yellow filly swallowed loudly, looking completely ashamed of herself
  55. >Applejack sat down at the end of her sisters bed and patted her knee
  56. "Get over here, y'all know what ah've got in store for ya. Though given the circumstances, y'all will probably just masturbate to this later. No matter."
  57. >Applebloom did as she was told, removing the dildo from her marehood and sauntering over to her sister and bending over the orange mares leg, thick from years of working the orchards
  58. >Applejack didn't hesitate, and brought her bare hoof down on Applebloom's tender flank with a loud smack
  59. >The aroused pony moaned at the strike, a little bit of fluid leaking from her vagina
  60. >Applejack continued to beat her sisters backside, each swat with a little more strength than the last, and inching ever closer to her plot
  61. >The juice leaking onto Applejack's thigh was arousing her more than she had ever though possible
  62. >Even her big brother hadn't been able to get her this wet
  63. "Alright now. This'll be the last one, but ya've got ta promise me y'all won't masturbate to mah pictures no more."
  64. >Her little sister, in tears from the pain and the arousal managed to choke out an answer
  65. >"Ah promise big sister, ah won't do that to yer pictures no more!"
  66. >Applejack grinned wider at the statement
  67. "Good girl."
  68. >The final blow came down directly on her sisters winking clit
  69. >The filly cried out with pain and pleasure, her vagina gushing fluid onto Applejack's ample thigh
  70. "Now look what ya've gone and done ya silly mule! Got mah coat all dirty. Yer gonna have to clean that up now!"
  71. >Applebloom dismounted her sisters leg and began to walk out the door to get a rag and some water
  72. "Where in the hay are you goin' Applebloom? Ah said to clean this up and ah mean NOW!"
  73. >The yellow mare walks back into the room with a confused look on her face
  74. >"But ah don't have nothin' ta clean it with sis!"
  75. >Applejack just grinned wider
  76. "Ya've got a tongue haven't ya? At least if yer backtalk is anything to go by. Now get over here and clean up yer mess!"
  77. >Applebloom couldn't believe it
  78. >The sister she had lusted after for years wanted her to lick her thick, orange thighs clean
  79. >It was a dream come true for the red-maned pony
  80. >She eagerly scampered over to her sisters waiting body and took her place between her spread thighs
  81. "Now get started sugarcube, y'all have made quite a mess down there. Now get to work!"
  82. >Applebloom started eagerly licking up her own cum that was staining her sisters inner thigh, lapping it up like a little dog
  83. >The feeling of the soft, warm tongue lapping at her thighs was arousing Applejack further, and her pussy got wetter with every lick to her thighs
  84. "N-now Applebloom, look what ya've done! Now mah plot's all wet. Get it cleaned up or ah'll spank ya again!"
  85. >Applebloom couldn't believe what her sister was asking of her, but before she could even think, her lips were already locked around Applejack's lower ones
  86. >The orange mare moaned in delight at the feeling of the young mare's eager tongue licking away every drop of lubricant she was making
  87. >She pushed her sister into her plot with a great deal of force, not allowing her the chance to get away even if she wanted to
  88. "M-make sure to get deep in there, Applebloom! Ah don't want ya ta miss nothin' young lady!"
  89. >Applebloom's tongue plunged deep into her sisters marehood, wriggling in there and causing waves of pleasure to crash over the matronly ponies body, her hips grinding on the young mare's face
  90. "Oh Celestia, Applebloom! That's it! Now don't go missin' the little button down there. That'd be just like ya, ya lazy little child!"
  91. >The verbal abuse just made Applebloom work all the harder, using her nose to stimulate her sisters clit while still licking away at her folds
  92. >Applejack squealed and her hips bucked forward into her sisters face, a torrent of fluid gushing from her pussy and soaking Applebloom's face and chest
  93. >The young mare pulled away and looked up at her sister with an eager grin
  94. >"Did ah do good, sis?"
  95. >Applejack took off her everpresent hat and placed it on the ecstatic fillys head, patting it in the same action
  96. "Y-yeah, ya did do good little sister. Now come here and give me a hug."
  97. >Applebloom flung herself at Applejack so quick that they both fell over and lay on the bed, cuddling
  98. >Applebloom was the first to fall asleep, curled up against her sisters chest and snoring away
  99. >And as Applejack nodded off, she looked down at the little earth pony with a smile on her face
  100. >Just before she closed her eyes, she put her thoughts into words and wrapped her forelegs around the younger sister
  101. "Maybe ah'm not so lonely after all."
  103. >END
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