sony michael jackson mafia

Apr 19th, 2018
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  1. sony and michael jackson
  3. Alvin Malnik
  4. was a friend of Jackson’s for a long time and says the King of Pop asked him to become godfather and parent to Prince Michael II, “Blanket” if anything happened to Jackson.
  6. Malnik is an attorney who had close ties to mobster Meyer Lansky and was at one time considered Lansky’s “heir apparent.”
  8. Malnik was Jackson’s attorney and said he helped him refinance his debt with Sony and the Bank of America.
  10. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Forge_(restaurant)
  11. The Forge, his creation known in its heyday as the stomping grounds of the Rat Pack and other legendary characters
  13. lulz check the difference
  14. https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alvin_Ira_Malnik
  15. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alvin_Malnik
  17. The friendship of Malnik and Michael Jackson should go back to the year 2002. When Jackson struggled with liquidity to pay a total of $ 3 million in bail and attorney fees, it was Malnik, the leading lender in Miami, who closed this funding gap. [2]
  19. Malnik became a consultant to Michael Jackson. So he tried u. a. In 2004, a moratorium on the repayment of the millions of credits that Jackson had taken. [11]
  21. "He never cared how much he [Michael Jackson] spent."
  23. - Alvin Ira Malnik [12]
  24. As a thank you, Malnik was listed on the "Greatest Hits" album under "Special thanks" in the early 2000s. [2] Jackson had at that time a few months with his children and his followers in the House of Malnik at Palm Beach withdrawn. [13]
  26. In 2003, Jackson performed at Malnik's 70th birthday party. [14] [13]
  28. After the death of Jackson in 2009, Malnik gave numerous interviews, u. a. in the "Today Show" on NBC , with CBS (CBS4) and the Palm Beach Post , and offered the media private videos of Jackson with his children. [15] He also commented on the difficult financial position, as in addition unexplained share of claims of former business partner Debbie Rowe , the biological mother of the two oldest Jackson children, a claim to the sole custody could apply for the children.
  30. "Decrypting everything could take months, if not years."
  32. - Alvin Malnik : [16]
  33. Malnik claimed that Jackson had used him in 2003 as a liquidator . [17] In addition, he was the godfather of Prince Michael Joseph Jackson, II, the youngest son, who was discharged from a previously unknown surrogate mother. Malnik has committed in writing to provide for his godchild if something should happen to the singer. [12] Malnik denied after Jackson's death that he was the natural father of his godchild. [14] [18]
  35. The reporter Bob Norman reported that in the end the friendship of Jackson and Malnik should have broken apart, as Jackson assumed that Malnik was involved in the attempt to take away his rights to the Beatles songs. The Miami New Times described Malnik as one of Michael Jackson's countless "false friends" and "shadowy opportunists".
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  43. http://60if.proboards.com/thread/363/emi-military-intelligence-front
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