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  1. I've been trying to avoid any of mittani's incoherent ramblings about who I am as a human being he claims to know or what my motivations are, which seem to change every 10 minutes. Unfortunately people keep pasting me shit and I think it's important to set the record straight about one thing.
  3. The reason I left Goonswarm is because it is run by irredeemable garbage people with no moral grounding, perspective or loyalty. I voiced my opinion quite openly about the state of the alliance. I voiced my opinion quite openly about going nuclear should Xenuria continue to have influence in the alliance and he was "joke" elected to the CSM. A person who mocked the very person whose name is plastered all over any website mittani can figure out how to brand has been promoted by Mittani to a position of space importance, despite Mittani being told directly A) That it was unacceptable to me and B) That he mocked Vilerat. When I left I goatse'd 5 or 6 threads then simply closed my browser which is unbeknownst to me "a meltdown".
  5. I also did not know how pervasive the culture of doxxing and intermingling real life and the game was. Sure, I'd been invited to a chatroom at one point with Digi because I happen to do OSINT for a living but when I was in there there wasn't any real activity and it never occurred to me that they'd do things like out a gay man or reveal people's details on the internet.
  7. My point is that those aren't and never were the values of Goonfleet. Us against the world does not include inviting people who have mocked the death of our friends to obtain a foothold in the policymaking wing of the game. Passing around photos of people's families and laughing at them are not our values. The one value which has been the glue that bound us all of these years was loyalty and yet ANY outside observer can see the long line of people who gave years of service to Mittani and were subsequently not just discarded but completely demonized and character-assassinated in public. That means something. It means you're a fucking cunt.
  9. Everyone says I'm mad about the eve comic book and that's a valid point but it's not the comic that bothers me. It's the revisionist history that was written by a person who called themselves my friend which the comic was based on that angered me. Mittani's contribution to the fall of BoB was literally being in a voice channel for about 20 minutes. Nothing more. Haargoth disbanded the alliance when XTTZ (I think) determined it could be done and then I stole the band of brothers name when I determined that could be done. Myself and our allies then persecuted the war, toiling for over 100 days to destroy all of the towers and take the space. Mittani? I don't really know what he did. I know DBRB busted his ass. I know PL carried a ton of weight. I know superstars like Vee and Junkie Beverage all put in countless hours. All of these things are matters of record as nobody can dispute Haargoth disbanded the alliance and nobody can dispute that I am the creator of the band of brothers corporation. Nobody can dispute the time and effort that went into prosecuting that war on my part and yet, Mittani's own writings place himself in the driver's seat of a car someone else was driving. There's a reason the original Goonswarm Papyrus by Poluketes made immediately after the war looks nothing like the current wiki articles and that's because everyone who was there knows the truth and it is only over time that this is forgotten. Nobody disputes this and yet some feel that it's a point of mockery for me that I'm bothered by this. How fucked in your head must you be to feel that this is ok? This is the class of person we are dealing with.
  11. I'm bipolar. I'm not ashamed of that. The aspersions that are cast on me by my detractors such as friend of the year Mittani is that I am an asshole of an alcoholic with a rage problem and 10 years ago they were right. The problem is I was diagnosed with a disability and once that began to be treated I all but stopped drinking and have mellowed out. My point here being this is literally the only thing anyone had on me and they attempted to use it against me. I never told Mittani I was bipolar and yet he brought it up to me and then refused to acknowledge who told him about it though there's only one person in his circle who knew.
  13. Those aren't my values and those are all indisputable facts. If those are the values of the few thousand people who sit in that frankenstein garbage monster of a vanity project/business then they can fuck right off as well.
  15. I don't have any illusions about being the largest corp in eve. Despite the purported "illuminati leaks" involving a secret cabal of freemasons who have somehow poisoned me we have no such channel and never have. We had a short term slack prior to actually founding the corp but that was used by me to get a lay of the land and plan. Diogenes was there and he can attest to what was discussed. I cannot be the most pigheaded person on the planet one minute and an easily manipulated rube the next but these are both the aspersions being cast unironically within minutes of each other by the same person.
  17. I think Mittani and his entire leadership structure need to be eliminated completely and have no business in this videogame, but that is not my goal here. My goal is to create an atmosphere that isn't toxic and have fun with some space dudes achieving common objectives. Those are my motivations and goals and I have clearly stated them.
  19. If you ask around eve about my reputation or even IRL about my reputation you will hear three things. I'm a drinker, I'm an angry boy and I'm honest almost to a fault. Two of those things aren't me anymore but honesty is something I value above all except maybe loyalty. I believe sunshine is the best disinfectant and I have been completely transparent this entire time with all of you insofar as the workings of the corporation though there still does need to be some degree of secrecy as certain things gestate. As soon as I can talk about something without it exploding I do. My memory isn't the greatest so I sometimes make inadvertent inaccurate statements but I will also publicly acknowledge that when they are shown to be wrong.
  21. After all of that I'd like to be done with whatever horseshit the kind of animals who would do any of the above are involved in. I don't care what they say about me or us as they are irrelevant shadows of people to me who deserve a kick in the face. If they want to obsess about us that's fine. We can leave it at that and move on towards the future leaving them in the rear view.
  23. This is my motivation and this is why this organization was founded. Others may choose to decide that their own narrative is the preferred one but making up truths that are clearly and transparently false has long been the purview of the failed leaders of the sinking ships of eve, usually as we were killing them.
  25. I hope this makes some sense and provides you folks with some more motivation. There's nothing in this post that's secret so there's no reason not to discuss it when people ask about our corporation but I'd prefer we not spend our time focusing on the evils done to us by the scumbags of the past. We have a good core of people here and I'm very happy and very proud of what we've cobbled together from rusty bolts and discarded bongs and I'm going to continue this for the foreseeable future.
  27. Actions speak louder than words. Let's keep that in mind going forward as it's something people who do nothing but ride the coat tails of others don't understand until there comes a day of reckoning and it becomes apparent that the emperor has no clothes. At that point there's only so much spin one can create in order to make up for your lack of ability or knowledge and you falter because you were never up to the task in the first place. This is a lesson for all of us and we will not repeat the mistakes of the lessers of our past.
  29. I do not care about the "tru gooniness" of anyone and my words were misinterpreted in that what I was talking about was a mentality rather than membership in a particular forum. I have LONG decided that my role in Goonswarm was to provide things for goons to do, long before "content creation" was a buzzword. That is what I am here for. To provide you with the wheels and a platform to achieve goals that individuals can not and to make a cool group of space friends to hang out with. Some of my favorite times in Goonfleet were not sitting in a fleet but rather mining with a group of idiots or hanging out in the lobby. It's not some sense of smug space importance measured in the mockery of the RL of others as if you were something to be respected. It's the space friends we make and the good times we have.
  31. That is why I'm doing this and if isn't what you signed up for then no hard feelings. There's plenty of other things for you to do in EVE or elsewhere. I hope though that you guys will stick with us as we grow this into something wonderfully retarded and I'm looking forward to the journey.
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