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  1. <color=yellow><b><size=30><align="center">Laid Back Server</align></size=40></b></color>
  2. Basically, use common sense.
  3. Rules:
  4. 1. Don’t argue with mods, admins, and especially the server owners. Their word is final.
  5. If you do believe someone is abusing their power, please privately contact either the person themselves to resolve the issue or contact a higher rank on discord if you still believe they are abusing. Please do so respectfully and provide evidence if you have any.
  6. 2. Don't be a dick towards people. Example: Insulting someone, being toxic, etc. We are here to have fun, don’t ruin it.
  7. 3. Do not purposely kill teammates against their will regardless of method. Anyone caught teamkilling will be punished and their victim respawned if possible. Teams are MTF/Guards/Scientist, Chaos/D-Class and SCP/Serpents-Hand, 079 is not to kill other SCPs/SH in tesla gates. D-Class teamkill on D class is allowed.
  8. 4. Excessive mic spamming is prohibited. Mic spamming is allowed, but do not mic spam excessively. If you do not want to hear a micspammer, open up the playerlist and click on the sound icon next to their name. This will mute them.
  9. 5. Never try to impersonate a staff member. This includes but is not limited to saying you are a staff member, as well as changing your name to a specific staff member. Violators of this rule will be punished severely.
  10. 6. No bigotry. Racist, sexist, homophobic and similar slurs are not allowed on the server. Neither is any form of hate speech, Holocaust denialism, etc.
  11. 7. Don’t start petty arguments. We don’t need that. This includes but is not limited to politics and religion.
  12. 8. Do not attempt to intentionally delay the round for an extended period of time. Example: Camping the warhead silo and turning off the nuke every time it is activated.
  13. 9. Hacking, exploiting, glitching and using third-party applications to gain an advantage is not allowed under any circumstance. Violation of this rule will result in very harsh punishment and most likely a permanent ban.
  14. 10. If you become an SCP-049-2 do not kill yourself on purpose. First time will result in a warn and second time resulting in a ban, length of ban depends on the staff member.
  15. 11. Use common sense. This includes but is not limited to finding loopholes in the rules. Anything‌ ‌not‌ ‌stated‌ ‌in‌ the rules ‌but‌ ‌is‌ ‌‌CLEARLY‌ ‌‌not‌ ‌allowed‌ ‌is‌ ‌not‌ ‌allowed.
  16. 12. Do not intentionally mislead others about the server rules. ESPECIALLY in an attempt to get them punished.
  17. 13. Do not kill those on the opposite team who have been disarmed. The only exception to this is if you were the one to disarm them. You may also not undisarm them unless you are the one who initially disarmed them.
  18. <i><color=red>HAVE FUN!</i>
  19. <color=white>You can report rule breakers in the Discord. If there are mic spammers please press “n” and click the mute icon if you want to mute them.
  20. <color=blue>Join the <i><b><color=red><link="https://discord.gg/MCGE6a9">Discord!</link></i></b>
  21. <color=white><link="https://discord.gg/MCGE6a9">https://discord.gg/MCGE6a9</link>
  22. Click on the link!
  24. Plugins by
  25. Mith
  26. Grover_c13
  27. storm37000
  28. Rnen
  29. Androx
  30. PatPeter
  31. Cyanox
  32. KarlofDuty
  33. F4Friday
  34. RogerFK
  35. Joker119
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