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  1. <color=yellow><b><size=30><align="center">Laid Back Server</align></size=40></b></color>
  2. Basically, use common sense.
  3. <i><color=red>HAVE FUN!</i>
  4. <color=white>Rules are in the Discord!
  5. <color=blue>Join the <i><b><color=red><link="">Discord!</link></i></b>
  6. <color=white><link=""></link>
  7. Click on the link!
  9. Smod Plugins:
  10. ServerMod2 by Grover_c13
  11. 914 Custom Recipes by storm37000
  12. 914 Held Items by storm37000
  13. AdminToolBox by Rnen
  14. Custom Announcements by Cyanox
  15. Custom Loadouts by KarlofDuty
  16. LaterJoin by storm37000
  17. SCPermissions by KarlofDuty
  18. VPNshield by KarlofDuty
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