Sample time feats

Apr 6th, 2015
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  1. It can be assumed that Time Mages can do four basic things (To me at least)
  3. 1.Slowing the flow of time and stopping it completely
  4. 2.Speeding time up/possibly causing rapid degeneration of a human body
  5. 3.With enough power, completely undoing actions or even rewriting events for an extremely high cost.
  7. Most of these would probably be quite expensive and require some skill from the user.
  9. Think The World, Kind Crimson, Made in Heaven or Gold Experience Requiem from Jojo's Bizarre Adventure.
  11. 1. Create a wall of slowed time in front of you to increase chances of dodging.
  12. -With enough skill can block damage without dodging.
  14. 2. Create a localized zone of slowed time on an opponent, reducing agility due to an inability to move
  15. -Can also be used to cause extra damage through over-stimulation of pain nerves(The hit itself is slowed but not the path to the brain the feeling will take or just increase or causing extreme trauma through sudden stopping of a body part, causing an attacker to flay themselves alive.)
  16. -Can also just slow a bullet completely, causing it to crush into itself once time resumes.
  18. 3.Stop time completely for a certain amount of time proportional to turns
  19. -No-one in a given area other than you can take an action
  20. -Requires great skill with Time magic
  22. 4.Speed the user or allies up for an increase in agility/strength
  23. -May also outright increase attack rate
  24. -Speeding up attacks from ranged weapons
  26. 5. Eraser: Can eliminate blocks of time completely, meaning attacks or other actions within a certain time frame can be completely negated.
  27. -Could also be used to 'reject' certain points in time i.e. undo damage or cause some recent (A few seconds/minutes ago, or the future) events to happen differently.
  29. Already suggested shit:
  31. Haste: Double your agility and gain one additional magical attack/rd for as long as you pay to maintain it.
  32. Slow: Slow down the passage of time for an inanimate object
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