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Dec 6th, 2020
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  1. Compilation of Georgia Election Fraud Evidence, Including Substantial Debunking of Mainstream Narratives.
  3. This is a 3000 word review of the incident, citing 24 unique, credible sources. All information is based off of mainstream news, government officials, and surveillance footage. There is virtually no speculation contained within the analysis.
  5. Enough has been proven in the public sphere to not only show that Fulton County Democrats likely committed extensive election fraud, but also that the GA GOP is attempting to cover up the issue instead of investigating it in good faith. The Georgia Election Fraud incident is several notches above every other accusation of election fraud made so far, and from what I've seen, makes even good faith liberals deeply concerned when they consider the evidence.
  7. Surveillance Footage Composite, P1:
  8. Surveillance Footage Composite, P2:
  9. Infographic, Showing Evidence & Debunking Narrative:
  10. Pastebin with Infographic Sources:
  11. Pastebin with Raw Infographic Text:
  13. This information NEEDS to be organized and disseminated to the public IMMEDIATELY. Governor Kemp, his administration, and Fulton County Democrats need to be held accountable before it is too late.
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