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  1. Why do you want to be staff?
  2. Honestly, I don't even know where to start. The community on this server is amazing and I would love to share my experience here. My name is Bryson and I have been playing Minecraft for 4-5 years. I release my passion for being staff for Minecraft and other services. I would say I am an exceptional leader talented in many ways. Technically without outstanding levels of large-scale projects, including budgeting and administration. I tent to be more of a Freelancer now, but I am looking for a somewhat long term to stay with now. I believe I should be staff here for the number of skills and dedication I could bring here too. I want you to trust me and get to know me and believe I can get a staff position. Since I am a very organized person I can keep everyone and everything on track. I know what to do with my fellow staff team and I will be able to coordinate really well with the rest of the team. All around I know I'm not perfect, but I think I am applicable enough to be on the team. I will dedicate my personal time on the server that maybe other Staff Members can't. I will always aim to complete my task and try my best to do it until I succeed. I am always ready to help a player and I am always ready to help make the community a better place and I always try my best to get rid of the rule-breakers. Also, I have been taught to handle tough situations. I've also noticed at times of the day/night there are not as many staff online at the night time, and I am on at the night, so I can deal with hackers and the rule-breakers when other staff members can't. I am a very loyal person. When I tell someone that I'll do it I'll do it. You can trust me and I'll most of the time have your back. I will not abandon you I'll always be there for a player if they need help. I am a very trustworthy guy. When someone has gained my trust, they will not lose it. I do not backstab other players when they trust me. When I gain trust I do not just gain trust to hurt someone and take over something. I am a very honest guy, I do not lie to other players nor do I lie to Staff Members. I do not lie about my friend hacking. I never lie about an application or lie about if something is good. Most of the time I tell the truth, but some of the time I do not want to hurt players feeling and it makes me feel bad. I am a very respectful person. I respect everyone on the server even if they're rude to me. I always say "Hello" to players if they say Hello to me. I always try to help a person out while they message me in-game. I do not swear at players a lot and I always try to nice to players. I do not be rude about people's race, were all Humans it's the way we were born. I will put my full effort and potential while helping a player. I will put my full dedication on the server and try my best to help out the community. If I fail while helping a player I will keep trying until I succeed in the task I'm doing.
  5. What puts you over other applicants?
  6. I would love to become Staff on the server because I can put my full effort into the server while helping players in the game and in TeamSpeak. I will be active every single day and I will be on in the morning and at night while some staff is not on. Being a part of the staff team would allow me to improve my prior knowledge of commands and how to handle situations well. I want to become staff on the server because I'm generally a generous person. Taking this opportunity as a staff member on the server is a very big role and it's very hard to get. If I get this staff rank I will be giving my time and effort to help out this server and get rid of the rule-breakers. Being able to ban these hackers on Server would make it a very better place and it would be better for the players not complaining about Hackers and it would be an easier job for the staff members. I feel as if I'm professional in the role I'm given. If I would be a professional staff the staff will see that I was a good choice and the Manager was right and he picked a very good addition to the staff team. I would also like to become staff on here is because I would love to learn to be a great staff member on a good server with great plugins and staff. All the hackers in the game are ruining a good experience for other trying to play the game and trying to have fun and fight, but the hackers have to be rude and kill them and I would like to get this unfair advantage out of the way and make the server clean. I could not only improve myself as a staff member, but I could help out the other staff members with the knowledge in which I have had over the years playing Minecraft. I also love seeing players having fun on the server, and if they're not having fun on the server I would love to help the try to have fun. I also am very good with communication, I always like talking and helping other staff members/players when they need help. I also like chatting and having fun with the staff members in TeamSpeak and joke around and have some laughs. I consider communication one of my strong traits. These opportunities include making new friends and also improving my staffing skills. I would be nice to all staff including players.
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