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  1. Welcome to the <color=red>SynSPEC</color> (Synyster Species) Organization, here are a few basic rules:
  2. <color=#32cd32>
  4. 1) Act in a civilized manner while in the server, this means:
  6.        - No Earrape
  7.        - No Excessive Cursing
  8.        - No Disrespect towards fellow players or staff
  9.        - Have Sportsmanship (Small feuds are allowed)
  11. 2) Our punishment system for strikes is measured by the following:
  13.        - 2 Strikes: Warning
  14.        - 3 Strikes: <color=yellow>Kick</color>
  15.        - 4 Strikes: <color=orange>Temp Ban</color>
  16.        - 5 Strikes: <color=red>Perma-Ban</color>
  18. 3) Our Server Administrators have to adhere to those punishment rules, and if they didnt and you feel like you have gotten an    
  19.      unjust punishment, then you can appeal that by either contacting me by email, DMing me on Discord, or by putting an appeal in the            
  20.      #scp-server-appeals channel on the Discord server
  22. 4) Please do not use any kind of client side hacks or exploits, and avoid using glitches currently in the game to your advantage; If
  23. they are not meant to be there, do not abuse them.
  25. 5) Have fun playing on the server!
  26. </color>
  27. Discord Server: <color=red><u><link="">Click Here</link></u></color>
  28. Server Owner: Synyster#5604 (Discord),
  29. Server Admin: Berbtha#1273
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