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A Twisting Turn

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Dec 13th, 2020
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  1. White, heavy snow was trifling down along on the pavements. Crystal flakes covered the hills gracefully. Rivers were twinkling, as they became swamped in an icy glaze. Snowflakes were trickling down my face. I could feel them melting as they hit my cheeks; a cold sensation, which filled me with bliss. Years have passed since the last snowfall, therefore it felt like a miracle, a winter wonderland to be exact. But, that feeling didn't remain for long. Only midday, yet darkness already began to prevail, however it was an unusual darkness as the sky endured a powerful, sudden change, spiralling into rage. A huge tornado emerged from the clouds, sweeping up anything in it's path. How could this happen so fast? A heavenly, perfect atmosphere overpowered by a chaotic, blustery windstorm. Cars were being ripped apart, slashing along the roads violently. Screams of fear and desperation cried out from the whole neighbourhood. So much damage in such little time. But, the tornado was rapidly slowing down, coming to a standstill. Immense devastation would fill the streets; residents were left emotionally bruised as all they could see was a damaged, broken village in front of them. The day wasn't over yet, so I couldn't let it burden me any longer. With most residents outside on their doorsteps, witnessing the harsh reality of the event, it seemed like a perfect opportunity to bring everyone together. Wiping the tears from my face, I announced (in my slighty croaky voice) that we can't let the tornado ruin Christmas! I started singing Mariah Carey (eventhough it was terrible) alongside my neighbours, which was a beautiful moment. I'd never seen a scene so calm, after such a torturous event. Not a single snowflake in the sky, yet it didn't matter because the sky was peaceful and I'd seen enough snow for the day... This may not have been my favourite Christmas, but at least it was memorable.
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