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I met a bear

dzaima May 10th, 2017 146 Never
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  1. ev~½ΠΥ≠ļ‚ļ╚■.ō1Τ⁾⁶J1⅓⁶ζ⅝:‚$η╬Μīβ╚ø○θωΔβ}%⁴šσƧxeρ}∙-Pē§′ī□0▼⅞∫╤Κī,└#%℮Δ:╤╝XN3¾3≤Β╚⌡ææ3─벉7y⅜Η⁸‘→≥℮⅓ƨ9$►,cS|kņ═C⁷Ρv ητΕ▓«⁸○!FΩ§@f▒2čļΓμ±'aΖ[A±wdM∙ξ↓I┐η)℮∙↕↑|G-█lz◄xΖp⁴╤§¬╝╔5ξΣ█⅟Q╗Πψū→iT\]ļ⌡Kōnō╗═↓ΝX~⁶←±;ΔÆ▼η╤→=ō>○ξlζ║╥⌠čø▼e≤ā‼1²ζ∑%′`u¤¹ZΕ⅓╚Ƨ╚═′ž⁽μOģΤΒΨs⅜≡8γ¾:╝ss1⅟p?╬¾⌡░WƧΛφ].zΜ╔D/dσ←╝ΣΡ    $β]¤λƨ█‼□nZ⁰⁴ERāv⅔⅔Lv<-ε÷׀@∫νυPθšΦ‚Υ«HΠ¤⅝⅓→∙UWv∞⁵⁾JΕ∙9ø(»≡ΧVδ█∙~³A⁄└υ℮‘+ ¶ΘL{øO4{aIAawa8«-?⁾}≥}≥4{tt≥}≥øO4{O
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