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  1. [18:31:05] EVE System > Begin talking here to send a conversation request
  2. [18:31:07] Negan Wildblood > hey
  3. [18:31:18] HealsMacFeels > hey
  4. [18:31:25] Negan Wildblood > I see that you got a hold of your other accounts
  5. [18:31:52] HealsMacFeels > Yeah it took a while busted my balls getting it
  6. [18:32:21] Negan Wildblood > It was well worth it i guess ^^
  7. [18:32:34] Negan Wildblood > Please explain to me why you do not use these characters anymore.
  8. [18:32:51] HealsMacFeels > Which characters
  9. [18:33:19] HealsMacFeels > kiser or mori
  10. [18:33:28] Negan Wildblood > You told me that you only play in this current character and you said that you extracted and deleted the old ones.
  11. [18:33:28] HealsMacFeels > or do you mean both?
  12. [18:34:38] Negan Wildblood > You added 3 characters yesterday, so you have 4 in total after what i can see. One of them seems to be a trade toon or something?
  13. [18:36:24] HealsMacFeels > I never said I deleted them,I said I deleted the email address for those accounts which is why it turned out to be a pain to recover them, I dont use kiser anymore as I always disliked the name, and decided on a fresh start, mori on the other hand was my super account and I dont have use for it as I just want to run one account, traded toon?
  14. [18:37:08] Negan Wildblood > Pardon me, i must have a bad memory of that "deleted" part.
  15. [18:37:43] Negan Wildblood > "kiser horgan" looks like a market character.
  16. [18:37:49] HealsMacFeels > Thats ok
  17. [18:38:10] HealsMacFeels > Kiser horgan has always been my char from the day I made him
  18. [18:38:17] Negan Wildblood > I suffer from sleep disorder and my memory is totally garbage.. So feel free to slap me if i forget things
  19. [18:39:04] HealsMacFeels > The other char on that account was an indy char I brought off the eve fourm char market many years ago
  20. [18:39:26] Negan Wildblood > yes, i mean that you might use it for trading in jita etc.. it has the amount of skillpoints a alpha can have.
  21. [18:39:53] Negan Wildblood > Whatever.. Lets move on.. :P
  22. [18:40:29] HealsMacFeels > Oh my mistake I suppose yes I could do that with kiser if I so wished
  23. [18:40:39] Negan Wildblood > What happened in Goons and with code? when i look at your history it looks like you had a bumpy ride.. Do you have any unfinished business with them or something?
  24. [18:41:55] HealsMacFeels > Bumpy ride?
  25. [18:43:49] Negan Wildblood > yes. you have been on and off in goons
  26. [18:44:13] HealsMacFeels > I left HKU for mindstar as one of the guys I was friendly with was moving over there but sortly after that I took a break from eve and on my return to mindstar my gpu died so I was a couple of months without a working pc and when I came back a guy I met at eve dublin asked me to try out code as he seen how active I was with minluv
  27. [18:44:54] Negan Wildblood > Code is nasty.. Did you like it there? :P
  28. [18:46:26] Negan Wildblood > I remember i had some fights with them while mining ice in high sec in the old days.. phew
  29. [18:46:36] HealsMacFeels > Also I suppose its worth noting I am one of the organisers of evedublin and I run the media part of it, I also used to make eve videos on youtube <br><br>I didnt really like code what I noticed about it was that its mostly multi boxers
  30. [18:47:23] Negan Wildblood > true.. multiboxing is a good way to get easy kills.. but also easy isk and minerals :)
  31. [18:48:07] HealsMacFeels > Thats true yes
  32. [18:49:11] Negan Wildblood > Alright. So, to get to the bottom of this, we need to get trough your application and i am the lucky guy talking with you at this point..
  33. [18:49:36] HealsMacFeels > Okey dokey
  34. [18:49:40] Negan Wildblood > One last question.. What is your plans around your unused characters? Do you plan on using them if you get the feel for eve again or will the dust off?
  35. [18:51:43] HealsMacFeels > Im not sure really Im actually happy to know that mori and my indy char has sp so I suppose I might sub them at a point and bring them with me
  36. [18:52:50] Negan Wildblood > Sounds good.. I will bring this to the table and get back to you shortly :)
  37. [18:52:55] Negan Wildblood > Thank you for your time so faar!
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