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  1. Yatogari, Yuzari would crack his hands, as he went off to start working on his next project. It seemed he would once again be working on several excavation duties. The male wouldn't even bat an eye at them. It seemed nothing else was left for the village. It didn't hurt that these tasks would be perfect to help keep working on his body, while he spent his free training on his mind and energies. So, the male went and picked up a shovel and headed off.
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  4. Seeing that the tasks were calling him southward, he would begin going towards the walls. The task in cumuliation were building more reinforcements for wall. Digging out spots where extensions and supports could be built across the wall's edge. So, it would require numerous short and small holes. Which compared to the massive one he had to dig earlier. The man was happy to comply with this lesser amount of earth to move out.
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  7. He would then start marking off each little square extension that he would be digging for the wall. The male going down the law for several long lengths, before he would stop. He take a look up the wall gazing at each little space he marked. He would just shrug it off, as he would pull out the steel of a shovel and once more bury it into his starting point. His whole body leaning to pull out the first scrape of ground.
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  10. He would roll his whole body, as he would snap loose his muscles to ease himself. He would raise his shovel up a few feet off the ground, and he would use both hands to stab into the earth. His hand working the spade into the soil. His one foot would glue itself into place, as the other raised up to slam and slam on top of the edge of spade. Driving only more of it further in.
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  13. He would then lean with his whole body back, and watch as the ground was pryed from its spot with vicious intensity. Roots and soil flying backwards after he launched them with a flick of the shovel. The soil raining down over the space behind him. He would finish up his first spot with a hole dug a few feet in to the ground only a foot and half across. The box shape perfect for whatever beam they were going to place in there.
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  16. He would then pull the shovel out of the ground. He would then begin to follow along the stone built wall to the next spot. On one foot, the male would twist and face the next markings. He would drive through the ground with another stab. More stomping, while he got ready to peel back another openeing in to the soil. His arms already getting ready bending and flicking earth to the air.
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  19. The male would continue to chop and chop his way lower into the ground. His digging having a few issues with his shovel a bit too large for the job. He had to work around the wall and its deep foundation. His steel scrapping by the markings of the wall, as he carved out the hole to match what was ordered. He would finish this hole, and move on to the next one.
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  22. Another hole and another start, his shovel sinking once more into the soil. It would be long before he have himself flinging soil behind him. His speed increasing as he got used to digging out such tiny areas. His shoveling starting to reach a certain pattern, that he personally found the fastest way to do it. At least, it let him do the least amoung of shoveling he had to do.
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  25. The male would be going down the line now, as he had picked up a good pace. His shoveling would consist of nothing more then six to seven scoops of his shovel. Several mini-mole hills would be lined up against each area. He wouldn't have time to worry about cleaning up his messes, as he put all his focus on his ability to finish each hole. The male shoving the shovel into the ground and leaving it there after he finished the last hole.
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  27. Yatogari, Yuzari would then read his next task, and once again he find himself going out to hunt animals. He let out a yawn as he read this mission. He continued to read looking for what poor creature would find itself on the end of his blade. When he read it was a couple of deer, and the man felt a little tinge of pain in his heart. He had a fondness for such creatures happy to enjoy watching them feed when they let him see their figures emerging from the forest.
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  30. However, the male knew this was a task that had to be done. So, he dropped his heart behind him. His hand causing the steel in his scabbard to clink when seizing the handle of the katana at his side. He would take a deep breathe, and he would start heading off to the forests. His mind emptied of sympathies, as he walked forward with feel softly stepping on to the grass. He would aim looking for at least creatures far away from the touch of humans.
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  33. He hoped out here that he would find himself hunting animals that he didn't feed or see personally. Then, he would find several spots to hide, waiting near a river. He would wait for the poor creatures to show and be unaware of his presence. It wouldn't be long before he would set up a zone around himself, and the moment a deer even took a step towards his area. It find itself getting a cut so fast that it couldn't react to the flicker of the blade.
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  37. The last task after carrying the deer back home, would be some training. Yuzari would let out a yawn, as he would just go and start doing some basic work outs that he did. His hands grasping on to the handle of his blade. He would then stand and straighten himself, prepping his blade out in front of him. He would then begin raising and practicing his basic cuts, as he would curl his arms and then bring them down slashing the blade.
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  40. After spending thirty minutes taking the same swipes over and over. He would then switch things to more basic physical training. The man placing the katana down, as he would go and start doing push ups. His arms bending and pushing back up, as he would curl real low to the wooden floor. He would be hovering just barely over the floor, before he fought gravity and shoved himself back up. His arms not softening up for a single moment.
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  43. When he finished up doing his push ups, he would look to working on his foot work. The man taking to starting a full brisk run around the area. He would go at a jogging pace working around his home, as he would circle it several times with his body to being uneasy for a moment. He had worked plenty hard, and adding a few more extra work outs didn't mess with him at all. When he finished up his laps he go and turn in his missions.
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  46. Yatogari, Yuzari would go and start on his next set of tasks. Of course, when he asked so quickly and on such notice. He would get pegged with such demeaning tasks. He once again got plenty of holes to dig up for himself. Though this time, one of them were purely for the amusement of the leader of this land. The boy groaned and would regret leaving his shovel near the wall, as he had to go and fetch it once again.
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  49. He would then decide to take on the first challenging and real mission of the group he had collected. This one actually to dig two seperate holes for placement of a massive sign board. So, the two holes had to be dug and then filled up after the board was placed. It wasn't too hard to find the spot as the board laid flatly on the ground. Ropes and harnesses already clung to its structure to pull it up when the time came.
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  52. It seemed all the other workers would come later, and for now it was just Yuzari's job to take care of the holes. He would go and start digging looking at the massive trunk of the sign board's legs. He would have to dig a massive hole, good enough for him to sit in if he wanted this thing to even have a chance of fitting. He would let out a low breathe, as he prepared beginning to start chipping away at the ground in front of him.
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  55. Would start to dig away and flick more dirt behind him. He would use the strength he could muster to carve down into the soil. His legs stamped firmly in place to help hold him steady, when the rest of his body wanted to take a break. It wouldn't take long that he had to readjust his postioin going down to what he had already dug so far. His shovel soon going dirty with how much earth it had pulled out from the ground.
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  58. The man would already have to stop half way down the hole, as he would be caught sweating from the brim of his brow. He was already starting to sparkle with dedication to his work. His arms feeling so sluggish after already digging so much the past few days. He would take a seat on the top of his hole, and rub his arms for a few moments. His body snapping a bit thanks to how stressed they were.
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  61. He would have to fight it off, and shook his whole body to wake himself back again. He would then take a moment to breathe deeply in. Then soon, the sounds of his shovel would start echoing otu of the hole. The male's sharp cuts slicing both air and soil. His arms shaking for a moment, before he managed to toss more dirt out of the hole. His body slowly sinking down as he lowered himself further into the hole.
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  64. The male would have to keep digging and shoveling out the dirt. He would push the steel further and further into the ground. His leg stomping hard on the ground, and his back would rear back pulling out the shovel out. His hand gripping harder and squeezing as powerfully on the wooden handle. He would let out a loud groan and flicked the last huge chunks of earth out of the hole. Finishing it up, he would then jump to the other hole.
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  67. The male would then see as he got out of the hole, and he would look over to a group of guys starting to get there. He would let out a sigh, as he had to hurry up on this mission. He would then look over to the empty space for the next hole. He would have to quickly scurry over and start working his arms as fast as he could. His hands using the shove to pluck soil right out of the hole.
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  70. The male's body would slowly start to sink again, and he would be working like a mad man to cut down several feet into the ground. The crowd of men waiting to help with lifting the sign board, would sarcastically start cheering for him. This would annoy Yuzari hating to have to work for a crowd. He would continue to break several layers of the soil. Going as fast as he could, he would finally jump up just finishing the hole.
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  73. The male would then take a seat getting a chance to rest, as he watched the other men gather up. Yuzari would sit back with shovel by his side ready to pick it up when the men had finished. He watched as they groand and yelled at one another. Soon, the massive sign board was raised up and its legs dropped into the holes with a solid and satisfying slam on the ground. Once the bill board was straightened and standing tall, it was Yuzari's turn.
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  76. The male would then hop to the first hole, and would quickly start shuffling dirt of the mound outside back into the hole. He was glad this was a lot easier with the dirt already loose and the legs of the sign being big enough that he didn't have to undo all his work. He only had to fill up enough to fit snuggly to the side walls and the legs itself.
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  79. He would finish up the first leg, and then he go jumping straight to the next one. He would start scooping soil back into its depths. His arms shaking as he was getting tired once again. But, he had to hurry still becasue the men still held the sign board. He finally patted it tightly and finished off the hole. The men letting go with great relief.
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  82. He would shake for a moment and take a seat, having to rest after that massive amount of digging. However, he knew he wasn't done just yet. So, he took a big breathe. Yuzari not willing to just go home and pack it up just yet. He fetch the shovel and groan as he walked over to a near by empty space. His hand picking up the shovel and just straight throwing it down in to the soil.
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  85. There was no big project behind this task, as it was just something simple to keep him occupied. The male would grunt as he tossed the first load of picked up soil. He would shake his head wondering why he had to do this. But, he then decided to let it go since he was still being paid for it. He would continue to huff and puff while slinging mud everywhere. The boy's hole soon dug as deep as it needed to be.
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  88. He would slowly climb back out of the hole, and he would take a moment to stretch and loosen again. When he was ready the male would start dragging dirt back into the hole. He would almost feel a tear coming up having to undo this work. Still, he was more then happy to get it done either way. He then plop down on to his back to rest after finishing filling the hole.
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