Chiming Bell Summary (Chp 18-23)

Apr 20th, 2018
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  2. Part 5: The Night Before Orleans
  3. Chapter 18
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  5. Iroha and Yachiyo wake up, aka return to Kamihama. Felicia and Sana are there to give them good news. It's still dark out in Kamihama, but people have gradually started reappearing. Iroha asks Yachiyo if that means they've succeeded in returning history to the way it's supposed to be. Yachiyo smiles and nods, but seems discouraged by how far they are from actual history. They've only managed to get to the starting line.
  7. Sana interrupts, saying that while it is a good thing that people have returned, they've started asking questions about why night won't end. Yachiyo says they need to hurry and return to Tart. Sana replies that she'll be waiting and Felicia reminds them about the steak they promised her. Iroha and Yachiyo light the candles and return to France.
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  10. Chapter 19
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  12. Iroha notices that while they've returned to Kamihama, they've been left behind by Tart and co. Yachiyo suggests they head north, just based on history.
  14. On their way, Yachiyo notices how the sun has returned. Iroha attributes it to Tart and co.'s efforts. They continue to talk about their progress and how quickly they (Tart and the French army) managed to make up the amount they lost. Yachiyo also comments on how the opposing forces are only made up of Corbeau and her summoned witches/familiars. On the other hand, despite being limited in numbers, Corbeau managed to drive an entire country into a corner. Iroha wonders if there isn't anyone from the English army. Yachiyo replies with a guess that Corbeau didn't bring them along so they wouldn't get caught up in her rampages. There's a flashback to chapter 17 referring to when Corbeau said someone told her that she could go all out as she pleased here.
  16. Something's bothering Yachiyo. Iroha asks her about it.
  17. Yachiyo answers that it's Corbeau's line about "if it's this world". She's wondering what Corbeau meant by those words. Iroha comments on how it almost sounds like she's from a completely different world. Yachiyo agrees. If Corbeau is from a different world, then what is this one?
  19. Now Iroha's confused. According to Cube, this is (their) actual medieval France. Yachiyo says she agrees with Cube's theory for the most part, but there are several things that just don't add up. For example, Yachiyo and Iroha don't know medieval French and yet they can communicate with Tart and the others. Another thing is the neverending night, which Yachiyo thinks is too unrealistic.
  21. All this confuses Iroha, which makes Yachiyo giggle. She sums it up as follows: Cube's explanation is the best one they have for now. So it's probably safe to assume this is, in fact, medieval France. And they'll eventually find out why these dreamlike, unrealistic things are occurring. Also, one thing Yachiyo knows for sure is that in this world, time does flow, and that Tart and co. are trying their best to live, just like them. She says that as long as they keep those things in mind, then they'll learn what this world actually is and they should be able to face Tart and co's feelings.
  23. They approach Chinon Castle.
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  26. Chapter 20
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  28. <1429 France, Chinon Castle>
  30. Tart and Melissa are happy to see Iroha and Yachiyo again. Everyone's there, including Charles. Tart tells them that the operation to recapture Orleans will begin the day after tomorrow, in the morning. Cube adds that there are French allies still resisting enemy forces in northern Orleans. If they can manage to take back Orleans and reunite with those allies, then, Melissa finishes for Cube, light will return Orleans. Iroha's surprised that Melissa can see Cube. He explains that Melissa's not a magical girl, but she has the potential to become one.
  32. As the deciding battle approaches, Iroha's starting to get nervous. Tart suddenly remembers that there's a banquet going on and asks if Iroha and Yachiyo would like to join her. They accept her offer. Iroha notices that Riz is missing. Melissa explains that Riz is out doing recon. Yachiyo asks if she's alone. Tart says she is, and explains that Riz said that she can use her power to hide in shadows and it's just easier for her if she's alone. According to Melissa, lately Riz acts independently and there are whole days where they don't see her. She thinks Riz is worried about Corbeau. Yachiyo thinks that Riz will probably be fine on her own, but she thinks it's not like her to leave Tart's side for that long.
  34. Suddenly, Riz herself appears, startling Iroha. Tart asks how things went. Riz answers that nothing really happened. Yachiyo silently notices that Riz is acting strange again. Once in a while, she feels like Riz is hiding something.
  36. Riz points out that the banquet is about to start, and they all leave.
  38. At the banquet, Iroha asks what Yachiyo's drinking.
  40. >Yachiyo: It's mountain goat milk. Besides, I am a minor. I don't know what the laws of the medieval era are, but Iroha, you shouldn't drink alcohol either.
  41. >Iroha: Yes! Oh, Melissa-san. What are you drinking, Melissa-san?
  42. >Melissa: It's something that the crown prince handed out as a celebratory drink. It's very delicious!
  43. >Iroha: Eh, is that alcohol? You probably shouldn't drink alcohol...
  45. "Gulp, gulp..."
  47. >Iroha: ...Wait, you already drank it all!?
  49. Just then, Gilles comes up to them. He explains that Melissa already has seven glasses over there. Iroha's stunned and Yachiyo's impressed that Melissa's face hasn't changed color. Melissa's dad comes up and comments on how it looks like they're having a good time. He asks if Melissa liked the drink and then explains that it's basically pressed grape juice, so it's something a bit different from wine. Iroha and Yachiyo are relieved that it's not alcohol.
  51. Iroha asks Riz if she's drinking the same thing as Melissa, which she is, since she doesn't drink alcohol. Then Iroha offers to grab Riz something to eat. Riz asks for something sweet. A little girl comes up and asks if Riz would like some wine. Riz refuses, but after seeing the girl's disappointed face and thinking to herself how cute she is, she accepts it. Iroha tells her not to and reminds her that she just said that she doesn't drink. Yachiyo silently wonders if Riz can't say no to a small child.
  54. Cube asks if Iroha and Yachiyo will also be joining them in the deciding battle. Iroha says they're planning on it, as long as the candles don't go out again. Cube asks them about the candles and Iroha realizes that they haven't mentioned the candles, just the dream part. Riz asks if she can hear their story too.
  56. After they tell them about the candles, Cube comments on how fascinating it is. Iroha explains that it's supposed to show them good dreams, but the candles they used didn't work. Melissa comes over and asks about the charm to make you see good dreams. Apparently she's really interested in charms and the like. Iroha asks if it's okay to tell her, and Yachiyo says that it shouldn't impact her as long as she uses regular candles.
  58. Suddenly, Iroha realizes that Tart's missing. She pops up shortly after, though notably oddly cheerful and with a sing-song voice. She even hugs Iroha. Riz says that's she's completely drunk. Yachiyo wonders who got her drunk. Cube says that she hasn't had a single sip, but somehow got drunk anyway. Meanwhile, Tart falls asleep while still clinging to Iroha, who yells out at the others to come save her.
  60. The chapter (and first part of the event) ends with Iroha commenting on how the dawn of France is near...maybe.
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  63. (second half)
  64. Part 7: Operation Recapture Orleans
  65. Chapter 21
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  67. <May 1429>
  69. Tart defeats the magical knights. Meanwhile, Melissa finds another witch's barrier and brings it to Riz's attention. Iroha and Yachiyo split up and take care of the familiars, allowing Riz and Tart to take out the witch. This clears the path for Gilles and La Hire's men.
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  72. Chapter 22
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  74. Riz informs them that the village with people allied with the prince is just ahead. But first, they have to clear the path of familiars.
  76. Afterward, Yachiyo praises Iroha. Melissa joins them and tells them that Tart is going to greet the villagers, so they should go too. Both Yachiyo and Iroha suspect that they're going to play the role of saints again. Melissa affirms their suspicions, but reassures them that Tart will be leading the way while waving her flag, so all they have to do is walk alongside her and smile. Yachiyo still doesn't want to participate, but Iroha tells her they have no choice. Riz comments on how hard it must be to be "saints" and that she's fine just being a "shadow". Melissa giggles.
  78. Tart comes over to bring Yachiyo and Iroha with her. They're greeted by cheers of "La Pucelle! La Pucelle! Oh Saints!". The villagers thank the girls and bring them gifts. A small girl calls Iroha "Saint Iroha".
  80. >Yachiyo: So you've finally become a celebrity too.
  81. >Iroha: Is it because I helped free villages all over the place...? Yachiyo-san, Yachiyo-san. That aside... The flag Tart-san's that okay!?
  83. She points to the flag with the Angel-sama (Cube). Riz remembers that Tart was the one who designed it. Melissa confirms this and says that Tart did so because she wanted everyone to see what the Angel-sama looks like. Riz mumbles that every time she sees it, she can only see it as a crappy design, while Melissa thinks it looks wonderful. Cube looks on, confused. Suddenly, Melissa draws their attention to the sun, which finally shines through.
  85. >Girl: Wow... it's the sun!
  86. >Knight: Oohhh... this is truly a miracle!
  87. >Iroha: No matter how many times I see this, it's amazing, isn't it?
  88. >Yachiyo: ...Tart truly is a light of hope, isn't she? To bring about miracles like this.
  89. >Tart: No, not at all...! I'm nothing more than a rural village girl. This is all thanks to the Angel-sama and everyone who helped me!
  91. La Hire tells Gilles that it's finally time to take back the fortress. But Gilles says there's no need to worry. Riz agrees. After all, "light" is on their side.
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  94. Chapter 23
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  96. The knight reports that the enemy has a large army. Gilles tells them not to falter, since taking back the fort is the first trial awaiting them in their attempt to reclaim Orleans.
  97. Melissa tells them to believe in the "maiden", their light of hope.
  100. After the battle, Gilles praises the soldiers, declares victory and that this reclaimed fort is proof that the "maiden" is watching over them.
  101. The soldiers cheer. Tart stammers that all she did was wave their flag, but anyway, she's happy they won. A small girl asks Tart to play with her and Tart happily agrees.
  103. Yachiyo comments on how it's no surprise that Tart's loved by all. Iroha agrees. When they first met Tart, she seemed weak-spirited, but the one they see now is the real Tart. Riz agrees too. Although the scenery they're seeing now might not be real, the one in front of them is the real Tart. Yachiyo points out how it's strange to say that it "might not be real".
  104. Riz says that that's just what they said before. Iroha and Yachiyo reluctantly agree that they did say that before, but that was because they thought this was all a dream they saw after using the candles. There's a flashback to when Riz insisted that it might be a dream to them, but it's reality to her and the others.
  106. Riz says that she did say that, but she doesn't think that the whole "this is all someone else's dream" theory is a bad one.
  108. >Iroha: Eh, really!?
  109. >Riz: Yes. However, the one dreaming isn't you girls.
  110. >Yachiyo: Riz. You know something, don't you?
  111. >Riz: I'm sorry. Right now, I can't say anything. Because if I do, everything might come to an end...
  112. >Yachiyo: Riz.
  113. >Riz: What is it...?
  114. >Yachiyo: We decided to assist Tart and her battle because you said those things. So that's why, from now on, I'd like you to not hide anything from us.
  115. >Riz: .......Right. Before that, could you tell me? About those candles you're using.
  116. >Iroha: Eh, the candles...? They're red and blue, and they're very old antiques.
  117. >Riz: Is that so... ....So you girls really did come from the future.
  118. >Iroha: Eh...? You figured out something from that just now?
  119. >Riz: Yes, that's right. Just as I thought, Tart was able to get back on her feet because you girls know the true future...
  121. There's a flashback to when Iroha said that she was absolutely going to take back their future. When Iroha said that, Tart was able to believe that there is definitely hope in the future.
  122. The flashback ends and Riz says...
  124. >Riz: ...Iroha, Yachiyo.
  125. >Iroha: Yes?
  126. >Riz: Listen carefully to what I'm about to say. Because I think I can entrust you girls with this... If and when something were to happen to me and you need someone's help... Tart's younger sister "Catherine"... Offer your prayers to her at the church whose name has a connection to her.
  127. >Yachiyo: Is something there?
  129. Riz isn't absolutely certain, but she thinks if they do that, they might be able to meet something that can save them. With that, she leaves to do recon, vanishing shadows. Iroha and Yachiyo contemplate what she just told them.
  130. Iroha doesn't really understand what she said, but she thinks there's some sort of secret involved. Yachiyo agrees with Iroha. It seems like there's some reason why Riz can't be more specific... Iroha points out that she does seem to trust them though, hence why she told them what she could.
  132. Suddenly, Iroha senses that they're about to return to Kamihama. The chapter ends with Iroha wishing that they could return using some sort of cool, special ability instead of just being forcefully ejected all the time.
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