Operation Ababil, Phase 2, Week 3

Dec 25th, 2012
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  1. Despite widespread protests from the Muslim world against the offensive and absurd action that has hurt the hearts of two billion Muslims in the world, unfortunately, American dominant authorities, without any attention to these protests and in a discriminatory manner, have done nothing to remove that offensive video. All conscious and impartial people know that it is very easy for American rulers to remove the video, but apparently they are looking for something else behind this insult !!!
  2. By understanding the caused problems for ordinary customers, we frequently do apologize for the disruptions in their financial transactions. We suggest that U.S. government and the banks should seek a logical and easy solution instead of spending big to deal with these attacks. This week also widespread attacks will be carried out on U.S. Banks like previous weeks.
  3. The attacks will continue until the insults remain.
  4. You want attacks to be stopped ? Banks to breath freely? Christmas to enjoy ? REMOVE THAT VIDEO FROM YOUTUBE!
  5. Izz ad - Din al - Qassam Cyber Fighters
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