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Dec 23rd, 2012
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  1. Message desk: message desk
  2. OhWelp: 231003
  3. Message desk: just a minute
  4. Message desk: sorry but this has been really weird lately
  5. OhWelp: sure
  6. Message desk: ok, verification code
  7. OhWelp: 5f67b
  8. Message desk: that's 5, f as in fish, 7, b as in boy
  9. OhWelp: yes
  10. Message desk: ok, just a minute
  11. Message desk: k it says here, I am supposed to ask you if you have any questions
  12. OhWelp: yes, could you, could you describe any of the packages that have been sent out lately, could you describe any of the packages that have been sent out lately, I know that earlier we, I called and gave a code, I gave a mailing address I wasn't sure exactly what was gonna be mailed
  13. Message desk: alright, hold on, have to use a different system for this
  14. Message desk: so, we've got a QS1 describe a package delivery, sent out, address, unsure what to expect
  15. OhWelp: I can also give you product codes
  16. Message desk: oh, of ones you've submitted, ok. just putting in the question here
  17. OhWelp: AB101-DOC, and AB101
  18. Message desk: ok, this isn't exactly an interactive system, I've submitted that, I can submit more if you want
  19. OhWelp: ok, I will call back another time with more questions
  20. Message desk: I don't think, this is a one time code so I don't think you can do that
  21. OhWelp: ok, also, I'm sorry?
  22. Message desk: I can hold if you want
  23. OhWelp: that'd be good, can you give me 2 minutes?
  24. Message desk: yes
  25. OhWelp: thank you
  26. OhWelp: and is it possible to uh get another copy of the book?
  27. Message desk: typing Q, ok I've submitted that one
  28. OhWelp: ok great, and thank you so much
  29. Message desk: you have to stay on hold if you want the answers
  30. OhWelp: ok sure
  31. Message desk: they did an update to the system I think, I don't know, it's being weird
  32. OhWelp: yeah, that sounds pretty weird. it's just going really slow or?
  33. Message desk: it's always slow, sometimes completely, I don't know
  34. OhWelp: do you know who's running it or who's responsible for it? like can you send in a complaint to get it fixed?
  35. Message desk: they, they just pay us to use their system basically, they know that it's slow. most of the contracts are not usually so problematic (unclear)
  36. OhWelp: what do you mean? this one just like really bad particularly?
  37. Message desk: well, normally the calls that I get are, people are a little more regimented. the people that I talk to, who call me seem to know what's going on on their end. I don't know where these calls are coming from. and we're not technically a govt agency, we just contract for them. so, but you know there are certain levels of professionalism. hold on a sec
  38. Message desk: you're still there
  39. OhWelp: yeah
  40. Message desk: well they're submitted. let's see, let me check, KOOOO, load, press QX0002, submitted says here
  41. Message desk: ok
  42. OhWelp: uh huh
  43. Message desk: it says, replacement books issued only with valid reason
  44. Message desk: so you want me to submit a reason?
  45. OhWelp: yeah that'd be great. let me know when you're ready
  46. Message desk: one sec
  47. Message desk: ok, QX0003 go ahead
  48. OhWelp: previous book has been damaged in a number of places and it's becoming more and more difficult to interpret some areas, we I mean I need a replacement book in order to be sure I can decode and give the proper responses
  49. Message desk: ok
  50. Message desk: ok, check address, that's checked (unclear)
  51. Message desk: ok, QX003 alright it says return book, wait for drop location
  52. OhWelp: ok
  53. Message desk: let me try, QX001, ok
  54. Message desk: QX0001 says package containing AB101 modem, AB101 documentation, order has not yet been dispatched, still processing
  55. OhWelp: ok, can I still submit a question for the previous, for the first question? another one about a book?
  56. Message desk: tell me what to type in
  57. OhWelp: what is the process for returning a book?
  58. Message desk: ok, that's submitted
  59. OhWelp: ok, I can just hold for a second then
  60. Message desk: yeah, just have to wait, it's a one time code so you can't do this again, I can submit as many as you want while we're still on the line
  61. Message desk: still waiting
  62. Message desk: I don't know what's with this system, some bizarro modem, it's really really slow, can't type lowercase letters
  63. OhWelp: that sounds really brutal, that's crazy that they haven't fixed it
  64. Message desk: well, it works, again, it's just slow. it's just one of those things. just slow
  65. Message desk: if you were waiting for it to spit out punch cards it probablyt wouldn't be so bad
  66. OhWelp: I just assumed they wouldn't want folks waiting like 2 hours waiting for responses
  67. Message desk: at least chat with my coworkers is still fast
  68. Message desk: did you have any more questions to submit while we're waiting, I can put more in
  69. OhWelp: I would also, in a previous drop there was supposed to be a green paper that may have been missed, like to inquire about green paper with auth codes on it
  70. Message desk: was the question, should there have been a green paper?
  71. OhWelp: yes, should there have been a green paper?
  72. Message desk: green paper at previous drop, was it missed? ok, submitted that one
  73. Message desk: QX004, ok there we go
  74. Message desk: place book in appropriate package, conceal in assigned drop location
  75. Message desk: you will receive the message on agent code 18029, location TBD, alright
  76. OhWelp: great, that was in response to the, I didn't catch which question
  77. Message desk: that was QX0004, what is the process for returning a book
  78. OhWelp: I'll just wait for the green paper response, I'll have another question for you in a second I think
  79. Message desk: ok, QX005 in response to should there have been a green paper at previous drop
  80. Message desk: the response: please describe contents of drop you are referring to
  81. OhWelp: give me one second
  82. OhWelp: the drop item I'm talking about is one with a, there was a black box with a USB connector that was used to place the auth codes into, was dropped there, the questino is whethere a green piece of paper was also supposed to be dropped with it
  83. Message desk: ok, anyomore questions to submit while we wait
  84. OhWelp: I'll let you know in a minute
  85. Message desk: ok, your response: green paper contains SIM activation instructions, did you get that?
  86. OhWelp: yes, ok. and I assume I was supposed to get one? is it possible to have that dropped?
  87. Message desk: QX7, possible to have that dropped?
  88. Message desk: (unclear) just a minute
  89. Message desk: ok, logging back on
  90. Message desk: check brass QX0007, what do we got here
  91. Message desk: ok, in response to, is it possible to have that dropped (green paper), the response
  92. Message desk: SIM has already been activated, so activation instructions are irrelevant. have not seen in use in assigned device as of yet, is this sim card in your possession?
  93. OhWelp: go ahead and reply, yes SIM card is in possession
  94. Message desk: anything else with that?
  95. OhWelp: just that
  96. Message desk: do you have more questions?
  97. OhWelp: was the drop at 36.1741 and 139.8217 in Japan collected?
  98. Message desk: submitted
  99. OhWelp: great, just give me one second
  100. Message desk: (unclear in background)
  101. OhWelp: I have another question for you, what is the current location and state of the payload 1 which was successfully melted?
  102. Message desk: QX009, ok
  103. Message desk: ok, QX0009 in response to, was drop in Japan collected, response, why was the drop not collected?
  104. OhWelp: can you repeat that?
  105. Message desk: response was, why was drop not collected?
  106. OhWelp: unable to locate it, despite multiple visits and extensive search the drop was unable to be located
  107. Message desk: ok, submitted that
  108. Message desk: response to what is current location and state of payload one which was successfully melted, response, outside operational scope
  109. Message desk: do you have more questions
  110. OhWelp: give me a minute, thank you
  111. Message desk: (unclear in background)
  112. OhWelp: are you still there
  113. Message desk: yeah, hello?
  114. OhWelp: can you give the full designation for ABISM and PRJMLPL?
  115. OhWelp: and also, could you ask, what are the purpose of the components that will be brought to svalbard?
  116. Message desk: ok, in response to, QX0011, says, had problems with counter operation intercepting drops, have assigned agent 16042 and 16043 to determine threat and neutralize if necessary, why was missing drop report not filed?
  117. Message desk: do you want to respond to that?
  118. OhWelp: what is process for missing drop report?
  119. Message desk: ok, QX012
  120. Message desk: ok, response to full designation for ABISM and PRJMLPL. response: it is in the book.
  121. OhWelp: ok, really need a replacement book then
  122. OhWelp: give me one second
  123. Message desk: connection appears to be deteriorating
  124. OhWelp: if I can ask another question
  125. Message desk: sure
  126. OhWelp: are there any current outstanding orders that should be dealt with immediately?
  127. Message desk: QX(), ok
  128. Message desk: in response to, QX0112, use coordinates on 373, wait, what. connection, 0113, 0013 hold on
  129. Message desk: QX0013, getting some line noise here
  130. Message desk: looks like, in response to QX0013, components something brought to svalbard out scope, cannot proceed, something unable, about time, I can't, you got the gist of that I don't know
  131. Message desk: let me get a response to 014 here
  132. OhWelp: go ahead, I'll wait until you get the response
  133. Message desk: that was, process for missing drop report
  134. Message desk: response, should be submitted over ABISM
  135. OhWelp: ok
  136. Message desk: another question?
  137. OhWelp: is the connection still detioriorating?
  138. Message desk: it seems to be coming and going. another if you want?
  139. OhWelp: in terms of the question I asked earlier about outstanding orders, did that one
  140. Message desk: QX0015, you will need to test channel bandwidth with sweeper on agent 0, sorry that was, why didn't it send me that one back, not doing well
  141. Message desk: try again, check brass QX0015
  142. Message desk: do you want to try any more while we wait for this one?
  143. OhWelp: not this second I'll let you know
  144. Message desk: check brass QX0015, ok response to QX0015, are there any current outstanding orders etc?
  145. Message desk: response: please hold, next line, no current outstanding orders but there's one pending state, no release date attached, cannot open yet
  146. OhWelp: what is the method for asking more questions like this?
  147. Message desk: that is submitted
  148. Message desk: anything more you want to throw in there
  149. OhWelp: yeah, a little while ago I called the normal agent number and got operations, what is the purpose of operations and how can I reach it again?
  150. Message desk: any more you want to try jamming in there?
  151. OhWelp: I'll let you know
  152. Message desk: this will be a minute
  153. Message desk: (unclear in background- singing)
  154. Message desk: ok, in response to QX0016, what is method for asking more questions like this? you will need dispatch a keep alive request into the agent system. this is in your book.
  155. Message desk: operations department maintains physical agent systems. do you want to open a trouble ticket?
  156. OhWelp: no, not at this time, thank you
  157. Message desk: do you have more questions?
  158. OhWelp: I have no more questions
  159. Message desk: alright
  160. OhWelp: jesus christ
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