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  1. # This is useful for repositories holding several stages of a same example, as some teachers do for their class examples.
  2. # This strategy is useful for showing different steps of the construction of a piece of software.
  3. # The problem is that if you have to change something in one of the initial branches, you have to rebase all following ones.
  4. # This script can help automate that process.
  6. # In my case the initial branch is named `inicioClaseHerencia`
  7. # And all dependent branches are named `punto1-...` to `punto#-...`, so they can be find with a pattern.
  9. old=inicioClaseHerencia
  10. for b in `gb --list "punto*"`; do
  11.         gco $b;
  12.         git rebase $old
  13.         old=$b
  14. done
  16. git push --all -f
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