LyrapexAnon (Maredom,'semi-non-consensual', monkey dick) WIP

Jul 5th, 2016
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  1. Fixed and finished version here;
  3. >These pony trams are nice but quite bumpy.
  4. >They're still faster than walking tho.
  5. >A sharp turn shoves your crotch on the mare right in front of you.
  6. "Oh, um, sorry."
  7. >"I-It's okay." The smiling mint mare responds, before turning back towards the window.
  8. >You're not really comfortable being so close to so many ponies.
  9. >Equestrian summers are so hot, good thing you decided to put on your a-shirt.
  10. >But you heard about the other kind of heat, that was far less manageable.
  12. >At first you thought it was a joke.
  13. >"You'll see! Mares in heat are INSANE. Bucking sex maniacs, they'll do anything they can to get your juice. And I mean, ANYTHING."
  14. "What's wrong with that? That's kinda hot."
  15. >Your friends turn to each other, not believing what you just said.
  16. >"Oh yeah, it sounds funny to you, the big and strong human, we'll see if you'll still say it's hot when three mares will take turns taking your dick for a ride for two days straight." He deadpans.
  17. >"And that's without any rest. They'll give you some water, if you're cooperating. And if you can't get it up, they'll use magic and potions to keep you hard. They're crazy I tell you."
  18. "Yeah, yeah, whatever man."
  19. >"Just take care alright? If you see a wink, you get the fuck outta there, you hear? And you don't.turn.back."
  20. >It was obvious he was exaggerating. Ponies are so nice all the time, there's no way in hell they just 'transform' in some rape monsters past midnight or some shit.
  22. >Another sharp turn, but this time, it's the mare's crotch that bumps into yours.
  23. >She doesn't turn this time.
  26. >The tram itself is kinda small for you. It's fine, but they're not nearly as big and spacious as the ones on earth.
  27. >But ponies seems to always build things far too big for them, you never quite grasped why. Maybe for the other species? Like yaks and shit?
  28. >Another turn, this one taking several seconds.
  29. >A fucking roundabout.
  30. >Who the fuck designed this shit, why is a tram using a roundabout??
  31. >Ponies do love human technology and stuff, but they clearly don't always grasp everything there is to it.
  32. >The mare's contact on your shorts brings you back.
  33. >She just leans on you this time.
  34. >Well, it's not like they can use the bars for stability, like you. Unless they use their mouths, but that wouldn't really be hygienic...
  35. >She turns around, giving you an apologetic smile.
  36. "It's alright, don't worry."
  37. >"Thanks..."
  38. >The tram does another lap.
  39. >What the fuck are they doing?!
  40. >The mare's backside slightly rubs up and down.
  41. >She's just trying to get comfortable is all. Yeah that must be it.
  42. >Not like you'd get excited over that.
  43. >Well, she's kinda hot... Unicorns are generally stuck up bitches tha-
  44. >Wait, she's a fucking unicorn. Can't she use her magic to grab the bar or something?
  45. >The tram finally leaves the circle of doom, letting your left arm unwind from the slight effort.
  46. >The mare's contact doesn't stop.
  47. >On the contrary, her rump pushes against you, ever so slightly.
  48. >You hear her let out a short gasp, almost inaudible, before turning her head to you.
  49. >She's grinning now.
  52. >Her tail arches up and wraps itself around your left leg.
  53. >Giving you a nice view of everything. At least, what's not squeezing Junior.
  54. >Which is far more than enough to give him the wake up call.
  55. "Uh..."
  56. >You're really not sure of what to say at this point.
  57. >Or what to do.
  58. >N-Not like you're a beta permavirgin or anything, r-right?
  59. >She takes that as an invitation to keep going, and does just that.
  60. >Her tail's grip tighten around your leg, using it to press into you even further.
  61. >Yep, she wants it real bad.
  62. >It doesn't take long for your mast to reach maximum overdrive.
  63. >And seeing how close she is, you're sure she can feel its every centimeters.
  64. >Her butt takes a longer journey up, her back arching slightly and lowering her front half to ease the process, tracing your shaft all the way to the tip, leaving a wet streak, before pushing her now very visible swollen nub against it.
  65. >She lets out a pant at that, and so do you.
  66. >What the hell is happening?? How did it come to this?
  67. >Not that you're complaining. At all.
  68. >A wink.
  69. >You remember the discussion you had with your friends a couple weeks ago.
  70. >Yeah, nah, dick is right. Let's keep going.
  73. >She's spreading her arousal all over the front part of your shorts, the warm liquid seeping its way to your still throbbing shaft.
  74. >You've never been so hard, and you don't remember the last time you heard your heartbeat thumping in your ears so distinctively.
  75. >Her dock twitches for a second before she lifts her tail, unwrapping it from your left leg.
  76. >Her form readjusts, front hooves and back straightening, going back to her original stance.
  77. >For a fraction of a second, you think it's over. She's had her fun, and now you will part ways without saying good bye, and you'll die all alone.
  78. >Until the end of her tail finds its way under your shirt, the soft hair tickling your navel, before moving south, pressing against your skin to have enough space to get past the waistband.
  79. >You knew ponies had prehensile tails, but that's something else entirely.
  80. "Ah-"
  81. >That just came out of your mouth.
  82. >And that totally was a manly whimper.
  83. >Her tail encompasses your head and stops your mind from questioning your masculinity.
  84. >She just stands there, a foggy stare fixated on yours, her teeth slightly biting on her lower lips.
  85. >Her tail starts tugging at your shorts.
  86. >"W-Why don't you take these off?"
  87. >You really consider that. Until you feel something else pressing against your dick. Something that wasn't her tail, or wasn't /her/ at all.
  88. >"Yeah, stop teasing and take them offffff, I want to suck on your hard cock~" The second mare moans before pressing her muzzle right below your shaft, right where your balls meet and inhales deeply.
  89. >Oh, right, you were still on the tram. With a dozen other ponies.
  90. >Or rather, mares.
  93. >Your mind takes a couple seconds to acknowledge the fact that you're not asleep, and this is the real world.
  94. >Two mares are actually fondling your manmeat while a dozen others are watching.
  95. "OH FUC-"
  97. >The mint unicorn's outburst drown yours in decibels and tone.
  98. >Her head lunges towards the other mare's backside, grabbing her tail using her teeth and gives a sharp pull, separating the mare's muzzle from your personal space.
  99. >"What the buck?! Why'd you do this Lyra, I thought we were friends!"
  100. >"HE'S MINE!"
  101. >Okay, this is getting weird now.
  102. "T-there's no need to fight ladies, I-"
  103. >"See?! He's fine with sharing!"
  104. >"NO! I've marked him first, he's mine and mine alone!"
  105. >You get the sharing part, but.. marking??
  106. >"Aw come one Lyraaa~. Half the stallions left already, you can't do this to us, to me!"
  107. >"NO! AAAAAAAAAAA-"
  108. >Her horn starts glowing, and a second later, a blinding flash of light comes off it.
  109. >You throw your arms around, trying to find something to hold onto.
  110. "What the fuck was tha-OOMPH"
  111. >Something rams you, another flash, and a strange feeling later, you're falling.
  113. >You land soon enough, ass first before the rest of your body follows suit, ending up lying on your back.
  114. >Your eyes take a while to adjust, still recovering from the magic flashbang, you rub them once or twice, your normal sight slowly coming back.
  115. "Magic ponies I swear.."
  116. >You look around, not knowing where the fuck you landed, but a shuffling weight on your lower area reveals that you didn't travel unaccompanied.
  117. >"You're all mine now.."
  120. >Your heartbeat rises again, but you're not sure it's from arousal anymore.
  121. "W-Where-"
  122. >The mare, Lyra, climbs on your lap and presses her muzzle against your chest, heartily inhaling before wrapping her hooves around your frame, holding you close.
  123. >"Mmhmm you smell so good."
  124. >She moves up once again, nestling her head below your chin and gives your neck a kiss, her lips lingering there for a second.
  125. >You're REALLY getting mixed feelings about all of this. On one hand, she's super hot and super cute. On the other, she seems kind of insane.
  126. >Her lips parts from your skin and she nuzzles your neck, a contenting sigh escaping her mouth.
  127. >Hnnngghh
  128. >Your body is saying yes but your brain is on defcon 2.
  129. >Neither of you do or say anything for a minute and you try to make use of this occasion to sort out your mind, and calm your blood pressure.
  130. "S-So, umm.. Your name's Lyra, right?"
  131. >"Mmhmmh."
  132. >That's a good start.
  133. "And, uh... Where are we?"
  134. >"This is my house. We're in my room. And, its yours too, now."
  135. "Mine?"
  136. >"Yes, yours. Ours.."
  137. >She tightens her grasp.
  138. "But, uh, we-I-I can't, I mean, this is going too fast, I-"
  139. >"Shhhh" She hushes you.
  140. >She lifts her head from your neck, giving her eyes access to yours.
  141. >"It's okay, everything will be alright." She whispers, the same way you would reassure a scared child.
  142. "L-Listen, Lyra, you seems like a really cool mare, but this-"
  143. >Just like that, she leans forward and presses her lips against yours to shush you. And it works well enough.
  144. >You're too scared to push her away. You hope you're simply scared.
  145. >She places her front hooves on either side of your head, one simply laying against your cheek, the other caressing the side of your face.
  146. >Her lips leave yours but she doesn't go far away, her muzzle still pressed against the tip of your nose, eskimo kissing you.
  147. >"We're going to get along so well together."
  148. >"I can feel it.."
  151. >She leans back a bit, her gaze leaving yours, her focus switching to her retreating right hoof which she places on your chest, softly pawing at it.
  152. >"You know, I've been watching you for a while now.."
  153. >You raise an eyebrow.
  154. >Watching you?
  155. "Watching me?"
  156. >"Ye-Nononono, not like that, you know, just... watching you."
  157. >Your eyebrow can't really go higher than that.
  158. >"Um.. It came out wrong.."
  159. >"I didn't really know how to.. Approach you?"
  160. >"I-I mean, I'm a m-mare and you're a.. human."
  161. >Something clicks inside of her when she says this last word.
  162. >The way she's looking at you changes, as well as the force behind her hoof, now sinking deeper inside your flesh.
  165. >"A big, strong human, w-with hands and.."
  166. >She inhales loudly, her nostrils flaring a bit when your smell hits her.
  167. >"A-And your smell.."
  168. >"Nnh- I can't take it anymore!"
  169. >Her form collapses on you, her rump instantly connecting with your crotch.
  170. >"I need this so bad-Nnh"
  171. >She's not waiting for your half chub to harden, her crotch is already grinding against yours.
  172. >"Damn clothes... You're such a tease~"
  173. "J-Just wait a sec-"
  174. >She doesn't wait.
  175. >Not like you really expected her to.
  176. >She lifts her rump and takes a step back, charging her horn. Her magic encompasses your shorts and telekinetically draws them down, then focuses on your boxers.
  177. >You instantly stop your underwear's descent by reflex using your right hand, which earn you a sharp frown and an angry glare from the unicorn.
  178. >Her horn glows brighter and you feel the tingling aura envelop your hand, vigorously pulling it away.
  179. >You try to fight it for a second but soon find it impossible.
  180. >The interference finally out of the way, she drags your boxers down, your member emerging, finally free from its prison.
  181. >"Hello there~"
  182. >She leans forward and lifts her right hoof, placing it at the base of your junk.
  183. >"We're going to become really good friends you and I..."
  184. >She's whispering to your cock. If it wasn't for the whole bipolar thing, you'd find it really cute. Really.
  185. >She buries the frog of her hoof deeper, lightly pushing your balls down before going the other way, the soft fuzzyness of it tracing its path all the way to your tip.
  186. >Your dick doesn't really need much more reasons to keep swelling.
  187. >"Best friends, even.. mmh."
  188. >Another sniff and she has her muzzle planted on your dick, nuzzling your sack.
  189. >"I so so so need to taste you~"
  192. >Her lips parts, letting her warm tongue press against your skin. Just a lick, before retreating back in her mouth to evaluate your flavor.
  193. >"Nnhh.."
  194. >You shudder when the heated air of her moan engulf your balls.
  195. >She prods your meat once again, enthusiastically this time, her muzzle traveling an inch up your shaft, her tongue following it.
  196. >After another short pause, she repeat the process, but much more slowly. Much much more slowly.
  197. >It takes her an agonizingly long time to get to the tip, her muzzle pressing forward, her lips parting just enough to let your head press into it, her breath washing over it.
  198. >You shudder once again and hold your breath, waiting for the promised tongue to lap at it, but it doesn't come.
  199. >Instead, she simply kisses it. Just a peck, a simple caress.
  200. >Your member gives a hearty throb and you grunt in response.
  201. >She lifts her gaze, leaving the head of your cock to stop on your other head.
  202. >A mischievous expression forms on her face.
  203. >She kisses it again. Another twitch.
  204. >And again, her lips lingering on it this time.
  205. >You heave a strained sigh.
  206. >She giggles.
  207. >"What's wrong? You don't like it? Should I stop?"
  208. >Her grin exposes her real intentions, but you still miss the fleshy contact.
  209. >"You don't really seem to dislike it from here..."
  210. >Her lips goes back to their previous spot, not quite enveloping your head, but giving her tongue access to the most sensitive area of your dick, which she exploits without wasting time.
  211. >The touch is enough to jolt your whole body forward.
  212. >She arches an eyebrow at that, before giving your frenulum another lick.
  213. >You moan, she giggles.
  214. >"Ooooh, you like that, don't you? And here I was wonderi-"
  215. >Her eyes widen when she notices the small bead of precum forming at the tip of your shaft.
  216. >Her mouth engulf your head immediately, a gasp leaving your lips when you feel her tongue lap it up.
  217. >She closes her eyes and hums softly, her tongue still resting against your tip.
  220. >"Nnnhhhhhh..."
  221. >She gives your glans another lick for good measure before drawing it out of her mouth.
  222. >"Humans taste sooo good..."
  223. >Okay, fuck your brain and your survival instincts, this is so fucking hot.
  224. "Um..?"
  225. >Her eyes find yours instantly, at first not understanding the reason of your plea.
  226. >"Oh? Do you want more?"
  227. >Her mischievous smirk comes back.
  228. >You nod, eagerly.
  229. >She giggles again.
  230. >"Oh I bet you do..."
  231. >She lifts her right hoof from the ground and places it on your abdomen, pushing the end of your shirt higher before moving it back down, softly caressing your skin.
  232. >"Don't worry, I wasn't intending on stopping here anyway~"
  233. >Her head drops and she takes the head of your shaft inside her mouth, lifting it to give her easier access.
  234. >You shudder when you feel her broad, warm and wet tongue envelop the first inch of your cock.
  235. >She shudders too when she tastes another drop of pre escaping your shaft.
  236. >She slowly engulfs another inch before withdrawing, her lips encompassing your head, the tip of her tongue carefully cleaning your slit of any liquid and then backs out completely, your now very lonely dick swinging in the cold air.
  237. >"Oh no, you don't have to worry about that at all..."
  238. >She once again leans forward to nuzzle your balls, giving it a long sniff.
  239. >"I could suck on your dick all day long."
  242. >She kisses your right nut before going back up, her tongue tracing the underside of your shaft all the way up, making your member twitch in return.
  243. >She gives a low hum before she downs the first inch of your shaft, locking her soft lips around your crown.
  244. >She doesn't waste any time and dive down, taking the entirety of your rod inside her mouth.
  245. >"Gluk"
  246. "Holyshit-ooo"
  247. >Your legs tense and you groan in surprise.
  248. >She keeps her head down, shaking slightly in discomfort. Her eyes close and you catch sight of a tear forming in one of them.
  249. >She's obviously lacking experience on the subject, but what she lacks in skills, she makes up in enthusiasm.
  250. >"Pfffwwhh-"
  251. >In Zeal, rather than enthusiasm. She's quite literally choking on your cock, all by herself.
  252. >You can feel her uvula caressing the top of your cock, her tongue instinctively trying to push it out of her mouth but only resulting in pleasuring your cock even more.
  253. >She gags once again before she decides to pull back, but not enough to free your rod from her embrace.
  254. >She doesn't move for a minute to catch her breath.
  255. >"Nngh.." She gulps.
  256. >"I-I.. I got this."
  257. >And just like that, she devour your everything once again.
  258. >It seems that she's a fast learner. She doesn't choke this time.
  259. >You moan in delight.
  260. >You feel her tongue adjust slightly, and she starts swallowing with your dick buried deep inside her mouth.
  261. >"GGLK-"
  262. >Spoke too soon.
  263. >You feel her warm saliva starting to pool at the base of your cock before a cough sends it flying lower, strands linking your shaft, balls and her lips.
  264. >She groans in frustration, at least try to groan, in between the gags and choking sounds.
  267. >You can't let her keep going like that, even if it feels so good.
  268. >You raise your right hand, directing it towards her face.
  269. "Wai-Wait, stop, you don't have to-"
  270. >But before long her horn glows again, stopping your hand mid-air, she open her eyes and frown at you once again, before withdrawing from your cock, letting her teeth scrape against your skin.
  271. "OOooO-Kay! I-I j-just meant that, you can do it if you want to, I mean, It's not like I'm the boss here or a-anything, right? I-uh. Yeah, I'll shut up now, just don't bite my dick off, please."
  272. >Happy with your response, she let go of your hand and her frown softens before diving back in her previous activity.
  273. >Seeing as the initial tactic wasn't working, she tries something new, settling on the first few inches of your shaft before bobbing her head slowly.
  274. >After another few motions, she starts going deeper, slowly, excruciatingly so. And repeat the bobbing.
  275. >You can't even stop the sounds leaving your mouth anymore. Your heart is pumping so fast it could explode. Labored breaths followed by moans, harmonically paced with the twitches of your member.
  276. >You're not going to last long.
  277. >Just now you remark her tail, lifted high and sporadically shifting left and right.
  278. >As if on cue, her rump falls down on your right knee, a leg on either sides. A moan escape her lips when her wet fur connect with your skin.
  279. >Your eyes immediately find hers, now seemingly begging for something.
  280. >Her mouth being occupied and clearly not wanting to leave your dick feeling neglected to express her demands, she grinds the lower part of her flower against you.
  281. >She's drenched..
  282. >It doesn't take you long to understand what she wants. And you comply.
  283. >You raise your knee just a bit to press against her soft flesh, her legs instantly losing any strength she had left, pushing your knee even further into her.
  284. >She moans again, this one pitching so high her voice cracks, before you feel some hot liquid poor down your leg.
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