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  1. Dear friends,
  3. A national poll was just released showing Angus King’s lead has been reduced to just eight points.
  5. King: 43  Summers: 35   Dill:14
  7. This race started in June with Angus up by 35 points. With 50 days to go, we have cut his lead to only 8 points.
  9. Angus has outspent us by more than 2 to 1. He has had the overt support of most of the news media. But it doesn’t matter.
  11. Now that the Maine people have learned about King’s record of out-of-control spending – leaving a $1 billion deficit and the largest increase in state spending in history – they are leaving him in droves. Now that they know that King left Mainers facing the highest tax burden in the nation, his lead has evaporated.
  13. And now that they’re learning that he destroyed Maine’s majestic Western Mountaintops to pursue a taxpayer-funded wind farm boondoggle, they’re changing their minds.
  15. Maine voters know that to fix the problems in Washington, we need to send a true leader to the U.S. Senate. And they know that Charlie Summers is that leader.
  17. Charlie’s experience as a small businessman, as a father, and as a veteran of Iraq and Afghanistan have given him the perspective we need now more than ever. Charlie will vote to repeal Obamacare, cut the spending, and get government out of the way so we can let our small businesses grow this economy again.
  19. We have come so far – and we need your help right now to push Charlie over the top. Please click here to donate to Charlie’s campaign.
  21. To win this race, we need to make sure we have the resources to tell Charlie’s story to every voter in Maine. Angus King has shown he will spend his vast taxpayer-funded fortune to get himself elected – he spent nearly $1 million to get elected governor.  We need your help right now to fight back.
  23. Please click here to donate and make sure Charlie Summers is our next U.S. Senator.
  25. Thanks so much for all your support,
  28. Lance
  30. Lance Dutson
  31. Campaign Manager
  32. Charlie Summers for U.S. Senate
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