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Jan 24th, 2020
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  1. Hey... I've got a huge problem and i just don't know how to solve it, and who to trust anymore... It has nothing to do with the game but i didn't find amother way to get in contact with you.. A few hours ago, a steam user called "Sir Hammerlock" texted me, saying that he falsely reported me, for doing illegal payments and that he texted with a steam Moderator called "AndrewL". I added him on steam and stated him my problem... He "temporarily disabled my account". He wanted me to accept something in the steam mobile app. Which i did.. He also sent me a code to my email, which he wanted me to give him.. He then "disabled" my account, but i got 3 emails saying that my password and email got changed, and that the steam 2 factor authentification got removed.. Before he disabled my account, he told me that we will continue texting on discord.. He old me to add an account called "Support Validator#9565". He first wanted me to make a 50$ transaction onto an account at he gave me, to prove that it's actually my bank account, and that none of my transactions were illegal... I then told him that i dont have the money to do a 50$ transaction.. He also said that he will 100% refund it to me so i dont have to worry. I texted with a few friends about it, and they said me, if steam support really wants to disable your account, they would email you and not use their own text service, and also not 3rd party services like discord.. After i told him, that i dont have the money, to do that transaction, he wanted me to buy a 100$ steam wallet code at a local store, and also shouted at me in caps, that i should buy the 60$ steam wallet money, after i asked him several times why it has to be the most expensive ones.. My main account name that got flagged is:
  3. Account Name: aternosorg
  4. E-Mail:
  7. I want to apologize that i opened this ticket for a whole another reason than it should be for, but i just didn't find another solution to get in contact with an actual former steam Moderator / Supporter.. If you need any proof of the chat or anything, just tell me. I've got basically everything..
  8. Thank you and have a beautiful evening
  9. Kind regards
  10. ~ Astro
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