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Sequoia Session 14

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  1. [19:13:56] [@Doxy] ALRIGHT, so like, last time you were crawling around in some sort of strange stone-hole. In said stone-hole you found Granny Lou and got her airlifted out! The attending rangers said they'll take her to the Hollyhock Hospital back in the city.
  2. [19:15:54] * Dann- waits near the chopper until it leaves, in case they need any help. Afterwards, he checks on Atlas' progress.
  3. [19:17:07] [@Doxy] Atlas is still busy carving out his rock to his liking.
  4. [19:19:39] [Dann-] "I think I'll let you work on that for a while, Atlas. We're going to check out this cave in the meantime."
  5. [19:20:04] * Lucian gives the Rangers a quick dossier on her injuries so they can report to the hospital more accurately.
  6. [19:20:30] * SuikoGM is now known as Kaingaskhan
  7. [19:20:36] [Lucian] "I left Roy with the Mawiles. I don't think they're keen on causing any trouble though."
  8. [19:21:16] [Dann-] "They were interested in something in the cave, I take it?"
  9. [19:22:03] [Dann-] "Other than the feast."
  10. [19:22:47] [Percival] "Hm? They were interested something inside but it seemed to be a small cave that they started putting mushrooms around."
  11. [19:23:27] [Lucian] "Not really."'
  12. [19:23:57] [Lucian] "They were just clearing things up that the Metagross left behind."
  13. [19:25:20] * Adrienne (Jack@Rizon-A0DA4727.hsd1.ca.comcast.net) has joined #SleeplessInSequoia
  14. [19:27:26] [Dann-] "I wonder what made these other cuts outside. They're definitely not from the Metagross. Maybe a Bisharp or a Scyther?"
  15. [19:27:56] * Lucian shrugs, "Nothing to do but keep an eye out I guess."
  16. [19:28:05] [Lucian] "Grandma Lou would have a better idea, I think."
  17. [19:28:19] [Dann-] "Could have even been one of her's, I suppose."
  18. [19:28:24] [Lucian] "Let's wrap up here and get back to Hollyhock. We might be able to catch the tail-end of the festival."
  19. [19:28:52] [Dann-] "I would like to make it back for that. I think I'm gonna take a look in the cave first, though."
  20. [19:30:26] [Percival] "Whatever made those cuts might still be here so it may be wise to double check before we leave."
  21. [19:30:27] * Lucian jogs into the cave to catch up with Roy in the hopes that the troublemaker hasn't gotten into some kind of a scrap.
  22. [19:30:34] [Lucian] Or become King of the Mawiles.
  23. [19:31:48] [@Doxy] The Mawiles have actually settled down now that they're in their natural habitat; they're just sitting still while hanging off the cave walls, waiting for Zubats to fly close enough. You find Roy just sitting there, waiting for you.
  24. [19:32:53] [@Doxy] This area with the glowyshrooms is still relatively near the mouth of the cave, close to the chambers where the zubats next. However there seem to be more tunnels heading deeper in.
  25. [19:33:19] [Dann-] Can we identify the glowyshrooms?
  26. [19:33:31] * superblazed (~weed@Rizon-1A5D5BED.hsd1.pa.comcast.net) has joined #SleeplessInSequoia
  27. [19:34:05] * Lucian pats Roy on the ears, "I'm almost disappointed you didn't get into a scuffle."
  28. [19:34:11] [Lucian] "But also relieved."
  29. [19:34:32] * Lucian gestures at the shrooms, "Are those safe to eat?"
  30. [19:34:51] [@Doxy] You identify them as Glowicus Shroomius, the glowiest mushroom species on earth. They grow in caves prone to adventure.
  31. [19:36:09] [Percival] "You could always try them if you really wished to know."
  32. [19:36:28] [Lucian] "Just wondering if they had any medicinal value."
  33. [19:36:41] [Lucian] "I figured Roy might know."
  34. [19:36:42] [Dann-] "I think we've all had enough hallucinations for now, Percival."
  35. [19:36:49] * Dann- smirks.
  36. [19:36:50] [Lucian] "Anyway, you three good to go ahead?"
  37. [19:37:00] * Tupac has quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
  38. [19:37:09] [@Doxy] If eaten, they produce a mild euphoria and a strong localized glowing on mucous membrane tissue.
  39. [19:37:57] [Percival] "Suppose so, we don't need to hallucinate near a pack of mawiles no less. I think I'm good to go."
  40. [19:38:40] [Adrienne] "We've got time, I don't mind."
  41. [19:39:00] * Dann- wanders a little farther into the cave, pulling out his flashlight to shine it down some of the deeper paths.
  42. [19:40:57] [zooftop] Further down the path you see a cliff face, though based on the glow of shrooms below it, it doesn't seem like a very tall or dangerous one.
  43. [19:41:38] [Lucian] "Roy, how deep does it go? Can you feel that far?"
  44. [19:41:46] * Dann- calls back to the others. "We've trekked all the way out here, we might as well poke around a bit. I'm curious what else lives in here."
  45. [19:42:16] * Dann- calls out Kai. "Let me know if you catch the scent of anything down here."
  46. [19:45:29] [zooftop] Kai starts to sniff around, but sneezes as he approaches the cliff side.  He points his snout toward one of the mushrooms and makes a shrugging motion.
  47. [19:46:10] [Dann-] "Hm, mushrooms affecting your nose a bit? Oh well, we'll find something sooner or later."
  48. [19:46:19] [Dann-] Does it look like I could get back up the cliff if I go down?
  49. [19:47:15] [zooftop] Yes, if you secured some rope you could get up and down even easier
  50. [19:49:04] * Dann- pulls out some rope and starts securing it at the top of the cliff. "Anyone want to join me in taking a look down here? Shouldn't take too long."
  51. [19:49:23] * Lucian looks hesitant bur shrugs, "Sure, we all might as well check it out."
  52. [19:50:08] [Adrienne] "Caves can be fun," she says. "Sure, I'll join."
  53. [19:50:37] [Percival] "Yeah, I'll follow down there."
  54. [19:51:09] [Dann-] "Great, see you down there." Once the rope is secure, Dann repels down the wall.
  55. [19:54:00] * Adrienne secures her own rope and uses it to get down.
  56. [19:54:00] [Dann-] *rappels
  57. [19:55:40] * Percival hooks his own rope at the top of the cliff and clambours down the rope.
  58. [19:56:00] [Dann-] "How's the nose, Kai?"
  59. [19:57:38] * Adrienne activates her flashlight at the bottom, too. Light's great.
  60. [19:58:57] [zooftop] https://app.roll20.net/join/934400/nCKilw
  61. [20:03:14] [@Doxy] After doing down the cliff, you reach a small corridor that soon splits; one path to the right, one path to the left. On the path to the right, you hear... SOUNDS.
  62. [20:05:18] [Lucian] Can we feel tremors?
  63. [20:05:32] [@Doxy] Tremors? Nothing like that
  64. [20:06:28] [Dann-] PokeEdu?
  65. [20:06:44] [Lucian] 4d6+1 Perception
  66. [20:06:57] * CritSenpai (~CritSenpa@Rizon-6349BC74.hsd1.il.comcast.net) has joined #SleeplessInSequoia
  67. [20:07:08] [Lucian] 4d6+1 Perception (what does it sound like)
  68. [20:07:08] [CritSenpai] Perception (what does it sound like): 18 [4d6=4,6,6,1]
  69. [20:07:31] [@Doxy] It sounds like
  70. [20:07:39] [@Doxy] Uuuguuuuuuuuuuuuuu
  71. [20:09:12] [Lucian] "It sounds like an anime."
  72. [20:09:21] [Adrienne] "Let's check out that way," Adrienne suggests, flashing her flashlight to the right.
  73. [20:09:38] [Lucian] "Roy, let's go."
  74. [20:10:12] * Adrienne heads down the path and releases Arthur from his ball.
  75. [20:11:11] * Dann- follows along with Kai in tow.
  76. [20:13:05] * Percival goes down the path with Maimaigon on top of his head.
  77. [20:13:15] [@Doxy] You head down to the right and see... a pile of treasure! kind of. JUNK.
  78. [20:13:43] [@Doxy] Ellis is there, and turns around to see you as you come in. "Oy! Howdy there mates."
  79. [20:14:14] [Lucian] "Your accent is slipping though, Ellis."
  80. [20:14:39] [Adrienne] "I didn't expect to see you here. What's with the junkyard?" Adrienne sweeps her flashlight beam around.
  81. [20:14:39] [@Doxy] "It comes and goes."
  82. [20:15:05] [@Doxy] "S' their lil' pirate stash I reckon! Stuff they've pilfered."
  83. [20:15:17] [Lucian] "Why were you going 'uguu'?"
  84. [20:15:26] [@Doxy] The pile of Mimes on the floor have all been tied up with their hands behind their back, and wiggle around pathetically.
  85. [20:15:38] [Lucian] 4d6+2 Scoping through junk
  86. [20:15:38] [CritSenpai] Scoping through junk: 14 [4d6=1,2,5,4]
  87. [20:15:46] [@Doxy] "Because I'm cute. But that was 'em, actually."
  88. [20:15:55] [Percival] "Huh, that is quite the trove they've collected. Did you tie them all up?"
  89. [20:15:56] [@Doxy] "Uguuuuu" go the Mime in unison
  90. [20:16:30] [@Doxy] The loot is mostly... jackets, hats, shirts, pants, socks, scarves .. all sorts of clothes.
  91. [20:16:44] [@Doxy] Lucian finds his own pants, in fact!
  92. [20:17:02] * Lucian strips off his shorts and puts the pants back on.
  93. [20:17:11] [Lucian] "There we go."
  94. [20:17:14] [Adrienne] "... I honestly have no idea what to do with this stuff."
  95. [20:17:32] [@Doxy] There's also some more useful stuff mixed in; there's some Pokeballs, gems, and other items.
  96. [20:18:22] [Dann-] "Hm, I don't suppose the Mime that makes its own merchandise is among these?"
  97. [20:19:13] [Lucian] "We could...return these to town, I suppose."
  98. [20:19:37] [Percival] "I don't even know where we could start, not everything is going to be labelled."
  99. [20:19:41] [Dann-] If Dann spots a red shard, he walks up and reclaims it.
  100. [20:20:00] [@Doxy] You don't see a red shar, BUT...
  101. [20:20:23] [Lucian] What other items are there? Anything valuable?
  102. [20:20:29] * Adrienne just takes a good look through the piles of loot for the other items not listed.
  103. [20:21:19] [@Doxy] http://pastebin.com/a1zz5QAC
  104. [20:22:13] [@Doxy] "I reckon' s'more important to have these thieves turned in, so they'll step their mauradin' ways."
  105. [20:22:58] [Lucian] "Sure. Though, I do wonder if that would really solve anything."
  106. [20:26:08] [@Doxy] "It solves balancin' the scales of JUSTICE."
  107. [20:26:54] * Lucian looks at him and then repeats, "Sure. Though, I do wonder if that would really solve anything."
  108. [20:27:30] * Adrienne hums to herself in thought, then just grabs all the cash and the food scrap. Boom.
  109. [20:29:03] [@Doxy] "Justice is always a worthy end in and of itself."
  110. [20:29:08] [Dann-] "I mean, if we can't actually return all of this stuff to anyone, at least we can make sure it doesn't go waste?"
  111. [20:29:21] [Dann-] "I don't know if that's the just thing to do though..."
  112. [20:29:35] [@Doxy] "'Neway, I'm gonna carry these fellas back to town an' turn 'em into the rangers."
  113. [20:29:41] [@Doxy] "I'll see you fellas around."
  114. [20:29:52] [Percival] "Suppose so, there's no use in having it lie all about in the cave. It wouldn't be good if something mistook a ball for food afterall."
  115. [20:30:09] [Dann-] "Wait, Ellis, was that Mr. Mime the ringleader or something?"
  116. [20:30:13] [Adrienne] "Seeya Ellis, don't get killed doing the sword thing."
  117. [20:30:40] [Lucian] "Oh, yeah."
  118. [20:30:54] [Lucian] "Dann saw these deep claw marks on the face of the mountain."
  119. [20:30:54] * superblazed is now known as Tupac
  120. [20:31:05] [@Doxy] "I do think so, Dann."
  121. [20:31:12] [Lucian] "If you see a Bisharp or Scyther, you might not want to tangle with it."
  122. [20:31:23] [Lucian] "Report it to the Rangers and move on."
  123. [20:31:33] [@Doxy] "Noted."
  124. [20:31:53] [Dann-] "This whole Mime piracy racket had a lot more depth than I would have thought initially."
  125. [20:32:17] [@Doxy] Ellis proceeds to round up the Mimes, putting them in a big Mime pile, and walks out of the cave.
  126. [20:32:39] [Lucian] "I hope it doesn't result in all the Mime shops getting shut down."
  127. [20:32:42] [Dann-] "I wish I could carry an entire pile of Mimes..."
  128. [20:32:46] [Percival] "there's no telling how long it's been going on either."
  129. [20:32:53] [Lucian] "Mimeleo seemed like a legitimate shopkeeper."
  130. [20:33:35] [Dann-] "Maybe we can bail him out if he gets dragged down too."
  131. [20:34:07] [Lucian] "Hopefully."
  132. [20:34:16] [Lucian] "Alright, we all good to get back to Hollyhock?"
  133. [20:34:22] [Lucian] "...actually."
  134. [20:34:26] [Percival] "I doubt he'll be thrown into the same lot as them, he didn't seem to be shifty really."
  135. [20:34:27] [Lucian] "I forgot, there was a left path too."
  136. [20:34:38] [Lucian] "Let's check that out before we head back."
  137. [20:34:51] [Dann-] Is this path done?
  138. [20:35:17] * Adrienne on second thought just grabs all of the useful stuff to redistribute later.
  139. [20:35:40] [@Doxy] This path is done, yes
  140. [20:36:24] [Percival] "We'll sort out this mess of stuff outside, let's check over to the left."
  141. [20:37:22] * Adrienne is rather pleased with the haul and begins whistling a catchy pop tune while she walks.
  142. [20:38:59] [@Doxy] You head down the path on the left! Similarly, it splits into two; there's a small narrow path heading to the right, while there's a larger path heading forward. There's some cobwebs on the path heading forward.
  143. [20:39:36] [Dann-] "Smell anything Kai?"
  144. [20:39:49] [@Doxy] Kai nods towards the center path
  145. [20:41:42] [Lucian] "We should take the side path first."
  146. [20:41:50] [Lucian] "If I've learned anything from video games."
  147. [20:41:54] [Dann-] "Fine by me."
  148. [20:42:05] [Lucian] "It's that we should check out the non-progression paths first."
  149. [20:42:06] [Percival] "The smaller path might end short anyhow."
  150. [20:42:09] [Dann-] "Kai, can you try to clear these cobwebs up a bit while we check out the side here?"
  151. [20:42:37] [@Doxy] Kai nods, and begins burning down cobwebs! FOOOSH
  152. [20:43:39] * Dann- chuckles to himself. "Finally, a place where it's ok to light everything on fire."
  153. [20:44:52] [Adrienne] "Please don't turn into a pyromaniac."
  154. [20:45:03] * Lucian leads the rest of the way down the side passage with Roy at his side.
  155. [20:45:18] [Dann-] "I think Kai already is one."
  156. [20:45:30] [Lucian] "I don't think it's something you become."
  157. [20:45:39] [Lucian] "You just are or you aren't."
  158. [20:47:09] [@Doxy] You all head down the side path, and you find that seems to be dead end. Except there's a strange, polished, blue-ish statue sitting there.
  159. [20:47:52] * Lucian nudges Roy, "Can you feel a hearbeat from it?"
  160. [20:48:24] [@Doxy] Roy trundles up to it and touches it. It crawls up on it, and then shakes his head at Lucian.
  161. [20:48:43] * Lucian approaches it as well and gives the statue an experimental tap.
  162. [20:49:05] [@Doxy] Lucian taps a statue!
  163. [20:49:22] [Lucian] Can I lift it?
  164. [20:49:35] * Adrienne has no idea what this is and attempts to rifle through her memory. Just in case she read something about it?
  165. [20:49:44] [@Doxy] Are you trying?
  166. [20:49:47] [Lucian] Yes
  167. [20:49:54] [@Doxy] Roll Athletics
  168. [20:50:04] [Lucian] 3d6+2 AP
  169. [20:50:04] [CritSenpai] AP: 11 [3d6=5,2,2]
  170. [20:50:20] [@Doxy] You do not lift it, but you do manage to push it back during your attempts.
  171. [20:51:16] [@Doxy] As soon as you do so, a section of the cave behind it slides down!
  172. [20:51:34] [@Doxy] Revealing a dark, narrow passage
  173. [20:52:27] * Lucian blinks, stepping back a bit as the cave reveals the passage. "Well then..."
  174. [20:52:43] [Adrienne] "Huh."
  175. [20:53:02] [Dann-] Occult on the statue?
  176. [20:53:29] * Adrienne steps up next to Lucian and shines her light down the passage. What's it look like, other than a cave passage?
  177. [20:53:37] [Lucian] He turns his flashlight down the passage, peering into the darkness before stepping in cautiously.
  178. [20:53:48] [@Doxy] After 10 feet down, there's a stairway heading up.
  179. [20:53:52] [@Doxy] Like, an actual cut stairway
  180. [20:54:48] [Adrienne] "That's new. Let's check it out." Adrienne heads down the passage and up the stairs, space permitting.
  181. [20:55:24] [@Doxy] You head up the stairs and find yourselves... on a misty mountain slope. Seems like this way a way out of the caves!
  182. [20:55:24] * Dann- calls back to Kai. "Hey Kai, stop the burning actually. This path has more than we thought, come here."
  183. [20:55:41] [@Doxy] Kai does not respond
  184. [20:56:12] [Lucian] "Want us to wait up for you while you get him?"
  185. [20:56:46] [Dann-] "Yeah. Though if I'm not back pretty quick, maybe come check on me." Dann says as he walks back to the other area.
  186. [20:56:50] * Meta (~Metaknigh@499EBAED.85BC1F17.55236D7B.IP) has joined #SleeplessInSequoia
  187. [20:57:34] [@Doxy] You head back to where Kai was... and see no trace of him. Hmm.
  188. [20:57:38] [Dann-] "Kai?..." Dann calls out again.
  189. [20:58:17] * Dann- pops Winston onto the cave floor. "Hey Winst. You remember what Kai smells like right? Help me find him."
  190. [20:59:48] * Percival has quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
  191. [21:00:09] * Meta is now known as Percival
  192. [21:01:34] [@Doxy] You see some traces of scorched webs... but then there's a much thicker area of webbing in front of you
  193. [21:01:56] [Percival] "Wonder what this statue was put here for."
  194. [21:02:22] [Adrienne] "We'll find out once Dann gets back and we go up."
  195. [21:02:43] [Adrienne] "Gold cache?" Adrienne says in a joking way.
  196. [21:03:06] [Lucian] "Might be religious."
  197. [21:03:08] * Dann- tosses another ball on the ground. "Stefan, cut it down. All of it."
  198. [21:03:12] [Lucian] "The statue, that is."
  199. [21:03:14] * Dann- also draws his shovel.
  200. [21:04:11] [@Doxy] Stefan tries cutting it down, but only succeeds in getting mildly entangled.
  201. [21:04:18] [@Doxy] (-1 Speed CS)
  202. [21:04:45] [Dann-] "Hm. Winston, see if you can make it more brittle with a layer of ice."
  203. [21:06:01] [@Doxy] Winston begins blowing cold air onto the spider webs... but as he is, he's suddenly hit by a strand of webbing from the darkness!
  204. [21:06:09] [@Doxy] Ack!
  205. [21:08:10] [Lucian] "It's been a while."
  206. [21:08:25] [Lucian] "We should probably make sure Dann hasn't been kidnapped by Mimes are revenge or something."
  207. [21:08:35] [Lucian] "I wouldn't put it past them."
  208. [21:08:46] * Dann- dives towards Winston and tries to slice at the web with his shovel. "Stefan, go get the others!"
  209. [21:08:53] [Dann-] "You're a lot faster than me."
  210. [21:09:13] [Percival] "There's plenty of other life that might be here outside the mimes."
  211. [21:09:47] [Dann-] Do I think they could hear me if I yelled?
  212. [21:09:57] [@Doxy] Stefan does indeed go get the others, quickly bounding out of the cavern and towards where the others were waiting!
  213. [21:10:15] [@Doxy] Probably, it's pretty quiet and echo-ey in these caves
  214. [21:10:20] [@Doxy] sound might be distorted a bit I guess
  215. [21:10:28] [Dann-] Stefan's on the job, it's handled
  216. [21:10:29] * Lucian Lucian is already on the move and meets Stefan partways through.
  217. [21:11:01] [Dann-] If the shovel slice failed to cut the web, Dann grabs on to Winston to make sure he doesn't get yanked into the darkness.
  218. [21:11:12] * Adrienne gets on the move once she sees Stefan. "Come on Arthur, sounds like there's trouble."
  219. [21:11:31] * Percival already is walking towards Dann's direction and picks up the pace when he sees Stefan.
  220. [21:13:21] [@Doxy] You arrive in the large chamber to see Dann and Winston in the middle of the room
  221. [21:13:38] [@Doxy] As the rest of you start walking in, small mushrooms start glowing throughout the room...
  222. [21:13:58] [@Doxy] or rather, it's almost as if they had been purposefully veiled by something, and the veils were suddenly ripped off
  223. [21:16:48] [@Doxy] The sudden light reveals a Geodude, Bronzong, Ferroseed, and Paras; as well as a whole host of Spinarak which are on the webbing on the back wall!
  224. [21:17:17] [Adrienne] "Dammit Dann. I knew I should've told you to stop."
  225. [21:17:22] [@Doxy] In the middle, seemingly commanding these forces, is a blue and pink colored spinarak.
  226. [21:17:32] [@Doxy] It claps its front legs together..
  227. [21:17:55] [@Doxy] And suddenly a swarm of Spinarak descend behind you, sealing you in!
  228. [21:18:53] [Dann-] "And leave Kai in this mess? I don't think so."
  229. [21:19:01] * Doxy has changed the topic to: BOSS MUSIC: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7WDFUcjWARU
  230. [21:19:36] [@Doxy] speedos
  231. [21:20:40] [Lucian] Lucian 15, Ishtore 16
  232. [21:21:03] [Dann-] I'm actually gonna swap my current two to start with Glyce
  233. [21:21:11] [Dann-] Dann 10, Glyce 12
  234. [21:21:19] [Adrienne] "I mean not burning down the dumb webs in the first place." Adrienne 13, Arthur 15
  235. [21:21:49] [Lucian] "She's got a point."
  236. [21:21:58] [Lucian] "Though I guess we're all to blame here."
  237. [21:22:20] [Percival] Percival 10, Fumu 10
  238. [21:22:26] [Dann-] "I'll take the blame. Let's get Kai down first. And also let's not die."
  239. [21:24:00] [Lucian] "Somebody take care of that Geodude."
  240. [21:24:54] [Percival] "I'll see about taking care of it."
  241. [21:24:55] [@Doxy] Ishtore is up first!
  242. [21:25:33] [Lucian] Can we change the movements to meters?
  243. [21:25:46] [@Doxy] You soon begin to hear a strange, high-paced rhythmic music echoing throughout the cavern!
  244. [21:26:10] [@Doxy] You see that the spiders in the back have begun to tug, pluck, and slide against the vast webbing hanging from the back wall
  245. [21:26:17] [@Doxy] creating music
  246. [21:26:29] [Lucian] "They're creative, I'll give them that."
  247. [21:26:31] [Lucian] 1d20+3 Hidden Power Fire
  248. [21:26:32] [CritSenpai] Hidden Power Fire: 14 [1d20=11]
  249. [21:26:50] [Lucian] 2d6+8+16 Fire/Special
  250. [21:26:50] [CritSenpai] Fire/Special: 27 [2d6=2,1]
  251. [21:27:42] [castfromhp] Despite its weakness, the Bronzor holds up pretty well against that!
  252. [21:27:46] [Adrienne] "I'm actually kinda impressed, but the possibility of getting webbed up and hung upside down is killing the mood."
  253. [21:28:08] [Dann-] "Maybe they just want to play music for a captive audience."
  254. [21:28:09] [Lucian] Does it hit the Paras too?
  255. [21:28:22] [zooftop] The Paras's back is on fire and its now panicing!  It's also pretty hurt
  256. [21:28:39] [@Doxy] The Paras' muchrooms are GLOW SHROOMS instead of the more common type, by the way
  257. [21:29:42] [@Doxy] In fact, all of these Pokemon seem to have something glowy about them - there's inlaid patterns of metal glowing from the Bronzor, slightly glowing moss covers the Ferroseed, and the Geodude seems particularly shiny and reflective.
  258. [21:31:04] [@Doxy] Arthur!
  259. [21:32:42] [Adrienne] Arthur will Scratch south four squares to hit the rightmost column of Spinaraks!
  260. [21:32:50] [Adrienne] (Is that possible?)
  261. [21:34:27] [zooftop] Yes, it is
  262. [21:34:34] [@Doxy] But doing so would mean dashing right into the webbing the cluster of Spinarak is setting up.
  263. [21:36:00] [Adrienne] Oh. In that case, Arthur moves East, Southeast, then Southwest and uses Fury Swipes on the toprightmost Spinarak.
  264. [21:36:16] [Adrienne] Does that still get right into the webbing?
  265. [21:36:45] [@Doxy] no
  266. [21:36:51] [Adrienne] 1d20+1 vs AC5 Fury Swipes
  267. [21:36:51] [CritSenpai] vs AC5 Fury Swipes: 19 [1d20=18]
  268. [21:36:57] [Adrienne] 1d8
  269. [21:36:57] [CritSenpai] 1d8: 1 [1d8=1]
  270. [21:37:10] * cwstra (~cwstra@Rizon-6832853.dynamic.ip.windstream.net) has joined #SleeplessInSequoia
  271. [21:37:20] [zooftop] womp womp
  272. [21:37:41] [Adrienne] 1d8+8+17 Normal Physical damage
  273. [21:37:41] [CritSenpai] Normal Physical damage: 29 [1d8=4]
  274. [21:40:11] [@Doxy] Lucian's turn :3
  275. [21:40:15] * Lucian runs ahead and shouts at Ishtore, "You're deep in, Ishtore. Brace yourself!" And then chucks a Great Ball at the nearby Bronzong. (Moment of Action)
  276. [21:40:24] [Lucian] 1d20 AC 6 Balls Deep
  277. [21:40:24] [CritSenpai] AC 6 Balls Deep: 19 [1d20=19]
  278. [21:40:34] [castfromhp] hits! roll capture
  279. [21:40:38] [Lucian] 1d20+2 Balls Deeper
  280. [21:40:38] [CritSenpai] Balls Deeper: 17 [1d20=15]
  281. [21:40:57] [castfromhp] Zwoop! The Bronzor is sucked in and neatly captured!
  282. [21:40:57] [@Doxy] Balls All the Way Deep
  283. [21:43:44] [@Doxy] Adrienne?
  284. [21:44:19] [Adrienne] Oh, sorry.  Adrienne will Disengage Northeast then fire off a bean cap at the toprightmost Spinarak.
  285. [21:44:43] [Adrienne] 1d20 vs 2
  286. [21:44:43] [CritSenpai] vs 2: 14 [1d20=14]
  287. [21:45:10] [Adrienne] (You don't add Attack to the Bean Cap damage because it's an Effect, right?)
  288. [21:45:15] [@Doxy] (correct)
  289. [21:46:01] [Adrienne] (20 damage then.)
  290. [21:46:01] * Adrienne backs away from the Spinarak and brings up the Cap Cannon, preloaded with Bean Caps. She fires one off at the Spinarak that Arthur targeted.
  291. [21:46:26] [@Doxy] Pow! You hit it hard, but it's still up
  292. [21:47:23] [@Doxy] The blue spinarak begins to... dance? It begins to dance in place! The spiders behind it add another layer to the music, and the tempo increases
  293. [21:48:19] [@Doxy] Glyce~
  294. [21:49:21] [Dann-] "Blast 'em Glyce!"
  295. [21:49:29] [Dann-] Priority Brutal Order
  296. [21:50:07] [Dann-] 1d20 Twister centered on the bottom middle Spinarak
  297. [21:50:07] [CritSenpai] Twister centered on the bottom middle Spinarak: 8 [1d20=8]
  298. [21:50:21] [Dann-] WAIT
  299. [21:50:23] [Dann-] Mistyped
  300. [21:51:01] [Dann-] Uh, is there a placement that gets all the Spinarak?
  301. [21:51:39] [@Doxy] not really
  302. [21:51:46] [Dann-] South 5, West 1?
  303. [21:52:38] [@Doxy] damage?
  304. [21:53:04] [Dann-] 2d6+8+13 Special Dragon
  305. [21:53:04] [CritSenpai] Special Dragon: 30 [2d6=4,5]
  306. [21:53:19] [Dann-] Final target choice S5,W1
  307. [21:53:34] [Dann-] The ruler thinks that hits all in a blast 3, but rule however, given the walls
  308. [21:54:25] [Dann-] *bottom middle Spinarak it is
  309. [21:55:08] [@Doxy] The Spiders in the back are incensed at the lack of dancing!
  310. [21:55:20] * Dann- slips out of reach of the spider phalanx.
  311. [21:55:22] [Dann-] Disengage
  312. [21:56:47] [@Doxy] The spiders at the entrance meanwhile, set up more webbing!
  313. [21:57:33] [@Doxy] Percival's turn~
  314. [21:58:55] * Percival backs away from the spider pile and binds Trick Shot and Focus Training to Fumu.
  315. [22:00:10] [@Doxy] Fumu!
  316. [22:00:32] * Percival sends Fumu to run after the Ferroseed and Geodude with Hidden Power!
  317. [22:00:51] [Percival] 1d20 ac 2
  318. [22:00:51] [CritSenpai] ac 2: 2 [1d20=2]
  319. [22:01:09] [castfromhp] Misses both!
  320. [22:02:18] [zooftop] The Paras continues to panic, running around while on fire, and spreads poison powder on Ishtor!
  321. [22:02:19] [zooftop] 1d20
  322. [22:02:19] [CritSenpai] 1d20: 16 [1d20=16]
  323. [22:02:29] [zooftop] Ishtor is now glowing, and poisoned.
  324. [22:02:35] [castfromhp] The Geodude rolls past Fumu towards Dann and Percival and slams the ground. (Roll an AoO for Fumu against the 'dude)
  325. [22:02:48] [castfromhp] 1d20 magnitude on dann and percy
  326. [22:02:48] [CritSenpai] magnitude on dann and percy: 7 [1d20=7]
  327. [22:02:55] [Percival] 1d20
  328. [22:02:55] [CritSenpai] 1d20: 10 [1d20=10]
  329. [22:03:06] [castfromhp] 1d6+7 damage base
  330. [22:03:06] [CritSenpai] damage base: 11 [1d6=4]
  331. [22:03:17] [castfromhp] 3d10+10+15 damage!
  332. [22:03:17] [CritSenpai] damage!: 41 [3d10=8,2,6]
  333. [22:04:09] [castfromhp] The Ferroseed is also caught in the shaking earth!
  334. [22:04:16] [Percival] 1d8+6+2
  335. [22:04:17] [CritSenpai] 1d8+6+2: 13 [1d8=5]
  336. [22:04:38] [castfromhp] Fumu's passing attack plinks against the Geodude's hard shell!
  337. [22:05:52] [zooftop] The Ferroseed starts to Rollout, through Fumu and continuing on its merry way!
  338. [22:05:54] [zooftop] 1d20
  339. [22:05:54] [CritSenpai] 1d20: 4 [1d20=4]
  340. [22:06:05] [zooftop] Pretty sure that misses!
  341. [22:06:31] [Percival] yep
  342. [22:09:30] [Lucian] Ishtore turns to face the encroaching steel ball and cheekily blasts a ball of web at it, preventing the thing from getting any closer. (Spider Web)
  343. [22:09:44] [Lucian] (or are you guys still typing?)
  344. [22:09:52] [@Doxy] (Nope is fine)
  345. [22:10:00] [@Doxy] (NOW I'm typing though...)
  346. [22:11:26] [@Doxy] The tempo of the spider's song changes once again, and from the cave's ceiling slowly descends... a giant slurpuff, seated on a swing of gossamer thread!
  347. [22:11:44] [@Doxy] It hops off the swing, which is quickly pulled up again, and turns its attention towards the trainers!
  348. [22:11:57] [Adrienne] "Ah, shit."
  349. [22:12:14] [@Doxy] 1d20 Dazzling Gleam on Glyace/Adrienne
  350. [22:12:14] [CritSenpai] Dazzling Gleam on Glyace/Adrienne: 7 [1d20=7]
  351. [22:12:17] [Percival] "Well we're definetely in fairy town still."
  352. [22:12:34] [@Doxy] 3d8+10+18
  353. [22:12:34] [CritSenpai] 3d8+10+18: 35 [3d8=4,1,2]
  354. [22:13:18] [@Doxy] Arthur's turn!
  355. [22:16:02] [Adrienne] (Just to have it clear, Arthur can initiate a switch out and I can still have my turn, or would that take Arthur's turn?)
  356. [22:17:08] [@Doxy] (That would take up your Pokemon turn for the round)
  357. [22:17:22] [@Doxy] (but your Trainer turn would be freed up)
  358. [22:18:20] [Adrienne] (K, gotcha. Could Arthur Delay his turn until after Adrienne so I can switch and still have a turn?)
  359. [22:19:44] [@Doxy] (you can just have Arthur pass, yes)
  360. [22:19:53] [@Doxy] Lucian!
  361. [22:20:10] * Lucian takes a step back to better distance himself from the clustered blasts the Pokemon in here liked to use and lobs a ball at the very weakened Paras currently engaging Ishtor.
  362. [22:20:14] [Lucian] 1d20 AC 6
  363. [22:20:14] [CritSenpai] AC 6: 20 [1d20=20]
  364. [22:20:28] [Lucian] 1d20 Pokeball
  365. [22:20:28] [CritSenpai] Pokeball: 3 [1d20=3]
  366. [22:20:31] [Lucian] lol
  367. [22:20:58] [zooftop] The ball is on fire.
  368. [22:21:03] [zooftop] Poor ball.
  369. [22:21:36] [@Doxy] Adrienne!
  370. [22:22:50] * Adrienne switches out Arthur for Rami (Speed 13) and Disengages southeast.
  371. [22:23:29] [@Doxy] Rami!
  372. [22:23:51] [Adrienne] Rami uses Glare on the Slurpuff!
  373. [22:23:51] [Adrienne] 1d20+1 vs AC 2
  374. [22:23:51] [CritSenpai] vs AC 2: 21 [1d20=20]
  375. [22:24:54] [Adrienne] That's it for Rami's turn.
  376. [22:24:55] * TemporalMech (~TemporalM@Rizon-1D1FE01D.xlate.ufl.edu) has joined #SleeplessInSequoia
  377. [22:26:59] [@Doxy] 1d20 String Quartet on Lucian, Adrienne, and Rami!
  378. [22:26:59] [CritSenpai] String Quartet on Lucian, Adrienne, and Rami!: 10 [1d20=10]
  379. [22:27:25] [@Doxy] 3d8+10+18
  380. [22:27:25] [CritSenpai] 3d8+10+18: 40 [3d8=7,4,1]
  381. [22:27:36] [@Doxy] (Bug Type and Physical)
  382. [22:28:14] [@Doxy] Glyce!
  383. [22:28:26] [@Doxy] (bug also hang on, typing)
  384. [22:29:38] [Dann-] Glyce fires off another twister at the remaining Spinarak to the south.
  385. [22:30:09] [@Doxy] The blue spider approaches the group of trainer to the south-east, and raises her spinner - she then begins dancing, while simultaneously unleashing a barrage of shots of sharp string!
  386. [22:30:44] [@Doxy] (ok, go ahead and roll now Dann :3)
  387. [22:30:47] [Dann-] 1d20 Twister centered 3 south, 1 west
  388. [22:30:48] [CritSenpai] Twister centered 3 south, 1 west: 9 [1d20=9]
  389. [22:31:05] [Dann-] 2d6+8+13 Dragon Special
  390. [22:31:05] [CritSenpai] Dragon Special: 27 [2d6=5,1]
  391. [22:32:59] [@Doxy] The Spinarak continue weaving their webs! Two of them become enveloped enough that they're difficult to spot
  392. [22:33:04] [@Doxy] Dann's turn
  393. [22:34:03] * Dann- takes careful aim across the webbing, and lobs an ultra ball at the Ferroseed.
  394. [22:34:15] [Dann-] 1d20+1 Accuracy+AP
  395. [22:34:15] [CritSenpai] Accuracy+AP: 10 [1d20=9]
  396. [22:34:20] [@Doxy] hitto
  397. [22:34:27] [Dann-] 1d20+3
  398. [22:34:27] [CritSenpai] 1d20+3: 13 [1d20=10]
  399. [22:34:59] [@Doxy] The Ferroseed is pulled into the ball, which begins wiggling!
  400. [22:35:00] [@Doxy] Wiggle
  401. [22:35:02] [@Doxy] wiggle
  402. [22:35:04] [@Doxy] wiggle
  403. [22:35:08] [@Doxy] .... woggle
  404. [22:35:10] [@Doxy] click
  405. [22:35:23] [@Doxy] Percival!
  406. [22:35:35] * Percival swifts Focus Training onto Fumu and applies a potion to his face.
  407. [22:35:51] [@Doxy] F U M U
  408. [22:36:26] * Dann- slides away from the Geodude.
  409. [22:37:44] * Percival calls for Fumu to use Metronome!
  410. [22:37:46] [Percival] !tick
  411. [22:37:47] [CritSenpai] Tick tock tick tock!  Metronome! You used Hyperspace Hole!
  412. [22:38:11] [Lucian] !tick
  413. [22:38:11] [CritSenpai] Tick tock tick tock!  Metronome! You used Hyperspace Hole!
  414. [22:41:18] * CritSenpai has quit (Remote host closed the connection)
  415. [22:41:25] * CritSenpai (~CritSenpa@Rizon-2D2B5C14.phlapa.fios.verizon.net) has joined #SleeplessInSequoia
  416. [22:41:47] [@Doxy] !tick 4 real
  417. [22:41:52] [@Doxy] !tick
  418. [22:41:53] [CritSenpai] Tick tock tick tock!  Metronome! You used Peck!
  419. [22:42:51] [Percival] 1d20 ac 2 vs puff
  420. [22:42:51] [CritSenpai] ac 2 vs puff: 12 [1d20=12]
  421. [22:43:22] [Percival] 2d6+8+2
  422. [22:43:22] [CritSenpai] 2d6+8+2: 15 [2d6=2,3]
  423. [22:44:37] [zooftop] The Paras continues to frantically run around on fire, now spilling Stun Spores on Fumu
  424. [22:44:38] [zooftop] 1d20
  425. [22:44:38] [CritSenpai] 1d20: 13 [1d20=13]
  426. [22:45:04] [castfromhp] The Geodude rolls up and charges at Percival and Dann!
  427. [22:45:07] [castfromhp] 1d20 ac 4 rollout
  428. [22:45:07] [CritSenpai] ac 4 rollout: 9 [1d20=9]
  429. [22:45:25] [castfromhp] 1d8+8+15 rock physical
  430. [22:45:25] [CritSenpai] rock physical: 24 [1d8=1]
  431. [22:45:49] [Lucian] Can Ishtor walk on webs without being slowed?
  432. [22:46:00] [@Doxy] no
  433. [22:48:10] [Lucian] 1d20+3 AC 2 Hidden Power
  434. [22:48:11] [CritSenpai] AC 2 Hidden Power: 21 [1d20=18]
  435. [22:48:36] [Lucian] 2d6+8+16 Fire/Special
  436. [22:48:36] [CritSenpai] Fire/Special: 31 [2d6=1,6]
  437. [22:50:31] [@Doxy] The burst of flame finishes off the Paras, and hits the blue spider quite hard, too!
  438. [22:50:43] [@Doxy] And it burns off the right eye in her web smiley face. Rude.
  439. [22:50:55] * Lucian follows up by throwing a green/black ball at the blue spider, eager to take it out of the fight early.
  440. [22:50:58] [Lucian] 1d20+1 AP Toss
  441. [22:50:58] [CritSenpai] AP Toss: 18 [1d20=17]
  442. [22:51:28] [Lucian] 1d20+5
  443. [22:51:28] [CritSenpai] 1d20+5: 10 [1d20=5]
  444. [22:51:46] [@Doxy] Zooop
  445. [22:52:23] [@Doxy] The ball rolls around, and clicks!
  446. [22:52:28] [Lucian] He doesn't watch to confirm the capture, instead running toward Dann and thrusting a vial of clear blue liquid at him. "It's a potion, use it."
  447. [22:52:41] [@Doxy] ... A spider descends on a thread, puts a tea-set next to the ball, and then pulls itself back up in the darkness above.
  448. [22:53:54] [@Doxy] As soon as the blue spider is caught, the music stops
  449. [22:54:35] [@Doxy] They all begin to skitter back up the cavern's wall, fleeing.
  450. [22:55:01] [@Doxy] Although one does stop to drop down the neat silken bundle containing Kai next to the tea set
  451. [22:55:06] [Adrienne] "... That's one way to win, I guess."
  452. [22:55:14] [Adrienne] "Good job, Luce."
  453. [22:55:50] * Dann- looks past Lucian at the still ball and the tea-set. "Yeah, that might do it."
  454. [22:55:57] [@Doxy] Even the Slurpuff runs off, simple jumping down into the cliff by the end of the cavern.
  455. [22:56:18] * Lucian blinks at Dann and then turns to look at the...teaset? "I guess it was."
  456. [22:56:33] [castfromhp] The Geodude, seeing all the spiders fleeing, decides to just curl up and pretend to be a normal rock.
  457. [22:57:05] * Dann- glares at the Geodude, but decides not to bother it despite the pain it caused. He rushes over to Kai.
  458. [22:57:19] [Percival] "That is one rude rock."
  459. [22:57:20] * Adrienne walks over to the tea set and checks it out up close.
  460. [22:57:27] * Lucian follows Dann to check up on Kai, "Let me take a looksee."
  461. [22:57:41] [Lucian] "I don't those spiders really wanted to hurt him, but let's be safe."
  462. [22:57:58] * Dann- makes room for Lucian as he crouches near the fire fox.
  463. [22:58:08] [Dann-] "Kai? You ok?"
  464. [22:58:16] [Lucian] 4d6+1 Any visible injuries?
  465. [22:58:16] [CritSenpai] Any visible injuries?: 18 [4d6=3,6,5,3]
  466. [22:58:33] * Percival walks over and checks out the strange tea set and fox.
  467. [22:58:35] [@Doxy] Kai seems to be completely fine - just... tightly wrapped up in spider silk
  468. [23:00:05] [Lucian] "I think they just wanted us, and I know this sounds weird, dance with them?"
  469. [23:00:34] [Lucian] "They haven't injured Kai at all. He's in better shape than us, actually."
  470. [23:00:43] * Dann- carefully uses the sharp corner of his shovel to start tearing the silk off. "Maybe. You could always take out that troublemaker and ask?"
  471. [23:00:51] * Lucian does exactly that.
  472. [23:01:05] * Lucian gives Dann scissors from his satchel.
  473. [23:01:22] [Lucian] "Here, you're going to rip Kai's head off like that. Or mine."
  474. [23:01:40] [castfromhp] The tea set is tiny and spider-sized, by the way, for those of you examining it.
  475. [23:01:53] * Dann- looks between the offered scissors and the shovel. "Uh, yeah, that's a better idea. Thanks."
  476. [23:02:01] [@Doxy] The blue spider simply heads over to the tea set, and pours herself a cup of tea.
  477. [23:02:06] [@Doxy] Aaah, delicious.
  478. [23:02:20] * Lucian clears his throat and then, takes a seat across from it.
  479. [23:02:22] * Doxy has quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
  480. [23:02:30] * Doxy (~Doxy@I.Climb.Clouds) has joined #SleeplessInSequoia
  481. [23:02:30] * ChanServ gives channel operator status to Doxy
  482. [23:02:46] [Lucian] He grips one of the tea cups carefully, watching the spider's reaction as he does so.
  483. [23:04:11] [@Doxy] The Spider raises her cup slightly towards Lucian in acknowledgement, then takes another sip
  484. [23:05:04] * Adrienne puts away the cap cannon and kind of embarrassed. "Now I feel like an idiot."
  485. [23:06:10] * Lucian lifts it up in response, and after taking a careful whiff, sips at it as well.
  486. [23:06:26] * Percival sits down next to the tea set and picks up a cup for himself.
  487. [23:06:54] [Dann-] "Well, their intentions aside, I still don't appreciate them wrapping up Kai to get our attention." Dann watches the tea party with a raised eyebrow before looking back to the fox. "But at least they didn't hurt him."
  488. [23:07:06] [Percival] "Still I'm not sure if we could've done too much. A small misunderstanding didn't hurt either side too much atleast.
  489. [23:07:06] [Dann-] "How's the tea?"
  490. [23:07:15] [Lucian] "Well, and I'm not defending their actions, you did burn their home."
  491. [23:07:22] [Lucian] "Kind of a tit for tat deal."
  492. [23:07:39] [Dann-] "Yeah, it's true. For that matter, Kai may have burned their instrument."
  493. [23:07:41] [Lucian] "Or at least their thoroughfare."
  494. [23:08:11] [@Doxy] The blue spider nods at this, looking at Kai with a disdainful expression.
  495. [23:08:31] [Lucian] "As...enchanting as this high tea has been, I think we should get going. There's still that hidden passageway and the festival to get to."
  496. [23:08:51] * Dann- sighs and calls to the spider. "Don't blame him, I'm the one that told him to do it. Sorry."
  497. [23:09:11] * Percival drinks some of the tea as well. "Of course, we can check that passage out before heading off. It was a nice break still"
  498. [23:10:23] [Dann-] "There's still quite a bit of cave in this direction. This place is huge. I don't think I need to keep going though."
  499. [23:10:57] * Adrienne heads out first to get back to the secret statue passageway.
  500. [23:10:59] [Lucian] "I should patch us all up before we head on though."
  501. [23:11:03] [Lucian] "Everyone line up."
  502. [23:11:22] * Dann- pauses and looks around the glowing cavern. "Are you taking this guy away from here Lucian? He was essentially the conductor of this glowing orchestra."
  503. [23:11:35] [Percival] "Sound idea, most of us got a balled up rock rolled at us."
  504. [23:12:32] * Lucian considers it and then nods, "Yes. My team and I bested it in an exchange and I managed to capture it. Fair's fair."
  505. [23:12:37] [Lucian] "Any objections, lady?"
  506. [23:13:18] [Percival] "They might find a new conductor, surely one of them has some sort of aspiration to do so."
  507. [23:13:19] [@Doxy] The spider shakes its head, and takes another sip of tea
  508. [23:13:23] [Lucian] 4d6+11 Heal
  509. [23:13:23] [CritSenpai] Heal: 19 [4d6=3,1,2,2]
  510. [23:13:30] [Dann-] "I don't fault you for it, I just wonder what will happen here. Will another spider fill the role, or was this phenomenon unique?" His last remark incites Dann to pull out a notebook and start writing a bit down about this.
  511. [23:13:31] [Lucian] 4d6+11 Percy
  512. [23:13:31] [CritSenpai] Percy: 22 [4d6=4,3,2,2]
  513. [23:13:36] [Lucian] 4d6+11 Me
  514. [23:13:36] [CritSenpai] Me: 24 [4d6=5,6,1,1]
  515. [23:14:03] [Lucian] "It's something worth investigating, but it's not within my field of interests."
  516. [23:14:49] [Dann-] "Maybe you can get her to do some performances for us sometime."
  517. [23:15:03] * Lucian returns Ishtor, "Let's go. And maybe I will."
  518. [23:15:08] [Dann-] "Have a DJ showdown with Rasha."
  519. [23:15:33] * Adrienne stops to let Lucian patch her up. Whoops, jumped the gun there.
  520. [23:15:47] [Lucian] 4d6+11 Adrienne
  521. [23:15:47] [CritSenpai] Adrienne: 32 [4d6=5,5,5,6]
  522. [23:15:50] [Lucian] Dang
  523. [23:16:19] [Lucian] "You can keep the Potion by the way, Dann. I can just make more."
  524. [23:16:43] [Adrienne] Looks like Lucian is motivated.
  525. [23:16:47] [Dann-] "Oh, cool. Thanks." Dann was about to offer it back to Lucian, but instead puts it away.
  526. [23:18:40] * Lucian leads the others back to the side passage, poking his flashlight into the darkness. He asks the spider following him. "You know what's behind here, miss?"
  527. [23:19:28] * Percival heads back to the passageway and takes a gander inside.
  528. [23:22:52] * Dann- recalls Glyce and carries Kai back towards the side passage. "You ok?"
  529. [23:24:30] * Adrienne decides to just lead the way with Rami following behind.
  530. [23:25:39] [@Doxy] The Spider nods, and leads the way up the side passage.
  531. [23:26:05] [@Doxy] Going up the stairs, you find that they simply empty out onto a small cave on the mountain slopes nearby.
  532. [23:26:51] * Lucian looks around, "I wonder why this place was all sealed up?"
  533. [23:27:58] [Percival] "Maybe somebody feared the mawile swarms and spiders in here?"
  534. [23:29:30] [Lucian] "I dunno, the spiders and Mawiles were hardly threatening. Seems like a lot of effort for not much pay off if that were the case."
  535. [23:29:47] [Lucian] "Well, I guess it doesn't matter."
  536. [23:30:02] [Dann-] Where are we relative to the entrance?
  537. [23:30:14] * Adrienne takes a good look around. Why would someone go through the trouble of making a hidden passage if they weren't going to put anything inside it?
  538. [23:30:33] [Dann-] "The passage could only be accessed from the side we came from too. Odd."
  539. [23:33:26] [Percival] "The only other thing that comes to mind is a bum escape route when someone was finishing digging around the cave."
  540. [23:33:52] [Adrienne] "If it only opens from the outside... maybe a trap of some kind?"
  541. [23:35:24] [Lucian] "Maybe."
  542. [23:35:40] [Lucian] "I think it's about time we headed back."
  543. [23:35:47] [Lucian] "Unless one of you has some business here?"
  544. [23:35:48] [Dann-] "Should we seal this passage on our way back?"
  545. [23:36:19] [Percival] "Ehh I don't see why we need to seal it. More fresh air in here can't be too bad."
  546. [23:36:24] [Adrienne] "Nah, I've got nothing to do here."
  547. [23:36:48] [Adrienne] "Just leave it open." If you want you can put a sign on it that says there's seriously nothing there."
  548. [23:38:05] [Lucian] "Hell, it might be useful to us down the line."
  549. [23:38:13] [Lucian] "Or anybody, really."
  550. [23:38:45] * Dann- shrugs. "How far off are we from that clearing we came from?"
  551. [23:39:07] [Adrienne] "Not that far."
  552. [23:39:36] [Dann-] "I know, I'm just wondering how this exit compares to the one we entered geographically. In any case, we can back track through the cave."
  553. [23:40:39] [@Doxy] You're not that far away geographically, but you ARE on the other side of a small mountain now. So it saves quite a bit of time.
  554. [23:41:53] [Dann-] "Actually, maybe the Mimes used this."
  555. [23:41:57] [Dann-] "We can head back."
  556. [23:41:59] [Lucian] "That seems likely."
  557. [23:42:16] [Lucian] FF to town/whatever we come across on the way there?
  558. [23:42:23] [Percival] "We should get going back to the festival really."
  559. [23:42:43] [@Doxy] THREE DAYS LATER, you're in Hollyhock! Woo!
  560. [23:42:46] * Lucian sends a text to Alex, [Hey, we're headed back to Hollyhock. Wanna hang out for the last days of the festival?]
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