madness talents

Apr 13th, 2020
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  1. F is for Forge burning within, hammers so loud you drown in the din
  2. What can I do? Well, your soul is an alchemist’s phantasma-goria. Your ha is a sanctified crucible, your ka an athanor. Within you dwells a Forge and foundry You can take anything with you into this place. and re-forge and transmute it into something else The relationship between what goes in and what comes out isn’t literal, but rather symbolic. If you want a brand new iPhone then smelting down your old Nokia and an iPod might work for you, as might half a dozen issues of Macworld magazine.There’s a logic to it a hungry brain can recognize. Alternately you can bring forth aspects of the Forge instead pops of molten metal unnaturally hot fires massive power hammers
  3. (1-2 dice) Make things from simple combinations, based on the material compo-nents. Guzzle down some fertilizer and gasoline, then crap plastic explosives. Some of the smithing hammer or Annville
  4. (3-4 dice) Make a highly tenuous transformation with only a symbolic link between what you eat and what you make. Meltdown fifty Atomic Fireball candies and come out with fifty ounces of weapons-grade plutonium. Summon up a foundry pot of molten metal over someone's head
  5. (5-6 dice) make things which can’t possibly exist or summon massive powerful equipment
  6. rayguns, campaign posters for JFK’s second term, undead gerbils, food pills, rocket boots, tricorders, homunculi, holy grails, healing potions, cyborg arms, and vegan cheese that tastes and melts like real mozzarella power hammers the size of Buicks, enough molten metal to
  7. How does it break me?
  8. Fight-y blast furnace breath hammers in your hand everything is fire and heat and pounding and everything around you is just materials
  9. Flight-a car manifests around you a boring machine with was still cooling drill plows on ahead clearing your path
  11. L is for library filling your head some things you could learn you'd be better off dead
  12. you used to be almost normal, anyone can build a mind palace, yours was a library containing books with everything you've ever learned, but then you got that job at the used bookstore and started memorizing your way through the stacks and became obsessed with that Terry Pratchett collection and since Books = Knowledge = Power = (Force x Distance ÷ Time) so now the library in your head is connected to all possible and impossible librarys and some of the volumes are more active than others.
  13. (1-2 dice) Get a modest, immediate advantage. Learn something you once knew but have forgotten, or that should be obvious to you. Sense a quick warning of immediate danger, or recall where you have a few bucks stashed in your apartment. (3-4 dice) Gain some kind of new knowledge or insight, something isn’t totally weird and esoteric. Learn a private phone number, a person’s actual weight, or the baseball stats for the 1988 Yankees regular season. Find emergency manual to guide you through the current emergency , uncover a scrap of blackmail material /
  14. .(5-6 dice) find a volume detailing hideous and impossible things. Discover the burial place of dead gods, the phone number of Satan, or incantations which cause ghosts to burn like fuel air explosives it can tell you when the Stars Are Right, and they can grant you the knowledge to see you safe through almost any disaster, or they can teach you to cause a disaster of your own.
  15. How does it break me?
  16. Fight-you start ripping books from your skull heavy volumes to toss, reenactment of that one scene from Army of darkness.
  17. Flight- you scram dropping books in your haste, tripping your opponents
  19. How do I change?
  20. You are what you read your skin becoming more papery before flaking away into pages containing your own memories exposing your truths the ink on your skin putting your heart on your sleeve
  21. what am I changing into one day you've gone too deep into the stacks and wound up throwing out too many books or not putting them back right as punishment your own volumes are confiscated emptying your head leaving nothing but a pile of notes struggling to form a book stealing scraps of other people's stories you've become a living document
  24. P is for prepared, plans that empower come up with one quick or you will fall like the tower
  25. You’re supernaturally prepared for whatever comes up – and you may, in fact, be bending time to make it happen. At
  26. 1-2 dice, you happened to remember to pick up a flashlight a few hours ago, which helps now that you’ve gone into a dark basement.
  27. 3-4 dice
  28. you happen to have made vaguely feasible but extremely unlikely transplants for a specific circumstance you happen to be in now like planting some homemade C4 at the end of an dead-end alley set to go off at the moment you enter it to aid your escape or having preemptively bribed a prison guard to leave your cell unlocked so you can escape
  29. At 5- 6 madness dice, you just happened to put a scrap of paper into your pocket that contains the exact and very complicated combination to this wall safe you just now found out you must get open.
  30. how do I change?
  31. Everything about you becomes more precise, fingerprints straightening features becoming angular and your plans seem to almost take on a life of their own as if someone you didn't know was looking out for you.
  33. What am I becoming?
  34. Eventually you lose yourself to the planning completely ,ceasing to be as a tangible thing and becoming a great plan a perfect plan for perfect lives for everyone you care about regardless of their desires or free will all of that random nonsense has already been factored into you, you aren't a person anymore you're a planned community.
  35. S is for shield standing so strong, safe to hold up but for only so long.
  36. When you reach for it it's there, the shield, every shield that's ever saved a life. It's never the same field twice and moves like it's part of your arm, like you were meant to wield it. The shield knows when it's needed and it's right there when you do, but here's the thing the shield doesn't just protect your body the shield can protect ideas, it can protect anything. Blocking a hit is only the most mundane thing it can do. But life is change things need to be destroyed suffering needs to happen to grow and the shield doesn't want that
  37. (1-2 dice) The shield is in your hand, and it can protect you. It's a shield, the typical dangers you might encounter just glancing off of it.
  38. (3-4 dice)there’s almost nothing you can’t protect with the shield in your hand, and nearly anything stops uselessly against it when raised. Its earlier effect seems much larger as well able to protect groups in a reverse cone behind you
  39. (5-6 dice) the shield doesn't just protect physical things anymore it protects ideas and abstractions you can safeguard your hopes, your dreams, raise it up and you could even protect your bank account from getting hit by unexpected charges.
  40. how do I change?
  41. When things get damaged, broken, or destroyed. They often recover, changed, even stronger than before. But what happens to things that are never challenged, never damaged? They become absolute. In the face of that...what's the point of changing? Raising and guarding in the face of opposition. Positive and negative. Poised and always in position. It comes more frequently when you have even the slightest bit of discomfort or conflict. From sounds, to feelings, to ideas. You start stagnating becoming less and less of a developed character building more and more walls around yourself preventing anyone from getting in you don't want to do that right?
  42. What am I becoming?
  43. One day you raise your shield only it's not enough you find another in your other hand and another and another forming layers of walls around you keeping you safe perfectly never letting anything come close enough to harm you again you formed thePhalanx
  46. L is for light burning so bright, shining within you can't sleep at night
  47. what can I do? The light of hope burns brightly in your soul literally, most of this time this just gives you a healthy glow but the more you let it out it can shine like the sun, it's the literary device everyone has in their subconscious when they assume that light equals good.
  48. It's the monolith improving the mind of the ape it's the divine wrath of God harrowing hell, it's everything positive you can conceive of wrapped into one luminous package.
  49. (1-2 dice) work minor but significant miracles affecting only one target in a significant but limited way, Grant hope to the hopeless, train a animal faster, heal a illness, light up a room sized area around you, bring harm to evil, reveal something hidden, squeeze a few extra uses out of a broken device.
  50. (3-4 dice) banish nightmares and evil people from an area, permanently illuminate something, resurrect the dead although they will come back a bit different, fix the broken, purify the tainted, improve a device by about a generation's worth of technology, trained animals become more like a cinematic animal companion then anything resembling a normal critter, humans become something that isn't supposed to be around yet.
  51. Burn a chunk of the evil out of someone and if they just happen to be made solely of evil well...
  52. (5-6 dice)
  53. sanctify a space keeping evil out of it forever, grant perfect absolution to someone, create a patch of heaven on earth, grant someone true enlightenment, perform an action you have no hope of doing , seizing narrative importance as the metaphorical spotlight shifts to you, if it can be described as a metaphor involving light hope or evolution it's in your power.
  54. How does it break me?
  55. Fight-divine lasers scorch your enemies, horrible insightful truths battering at their minds as their self images are challenged.
  56. Flight-the light beaming from your back propels you like a spaceship gliding on a solar sail, powering you forward as you run in panic
  57. how do I change?
  58. The light makes everything so easy and simple doesn't it, everything good will be improved everything bad will be destroyed just by letting it out but that light is the light of your soul and functional people have more than one color in their souls, more and more of you gets burned up as you use it
  59. what am I becoming?
  60. When the light finally burns up the last part of you all your bodily and spiritual impurities which is to say your body and every part of your soul that isn't the essence of God is gone leaving only the light, and like any fire it's going to try and spread , burning up the impurities around you creating an empty paradise of
  61. hollow perfection, you have become Light-headed.
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