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Toonami Drinking Game v3

kregano Nov 4th, 2012 2,403 Never
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  1. Toonami Non-Alcoholic Drinking Game
  2. (because no human could survive WITH alcohol)
  4. Take a shot every time:
  5. -A Bullhorn rhyme comes on TV or is posted in the thread
  6. -Toonami original content (promos, music videos, game reviews) finish
  7. -One of the following commercials airs:
  8.         -The "Give it to him hard" bully commercial
  9.         -Gamefly
  10.         -Trojan condoms
  11.         -Halo 4 Mountain Dew Double XP
  12.         -Any commercial you feel out of place airs
  13.         -Sexual Innuendo Hot Pockets
  14. Bonus:
  15.         -Quote Goodfellas or Casino every time you see Joe Pesci in a Snickers comercial.
  17. Bleach
  18. -The show starts
  19. -You see giant breasts on screen for more than 5 seconds.
  20. -If the human characters (besides Ichigo) are useless.
  21. -Someone gets kidnapped.
  22. -Someone does something treasonous and stupid for no good reason.
  23. -Ichigo auto bankai's
  24. -Every time Kikuchiyo tries to be/is awesome
  25. -Rangiku or Rukia are shit in a fight.
  26. -Something cool actually happens
  27. -A character is saved at the last moment
  28. -An ass pull occurs
  29. -SECRET TECHNIQUE is unveiled
  30. -Spells are useless
  31. -Somebody has an inner monologue while fighting
  32. -Somebody explains how their powers work to the enemy they're fighting
  33. -They reuse animation
  34. -They cut to a flashback in the middle of a fight (2 shots if the flashback is from the same episode)
  35. -Somebody gets loses an arm (finish your drink if they get their arm back)
  36. -An enemy emerges unscathed from a super powerful attack (two drinks if it was a "forbidden technique")
  37. -The super special awesome mega-power from this arc turns out to be completely worthless afterward.
  39. Naruto
  40. -Naruto says "Believe it"
  41. -Naruto says "I'm gonna be hokage"
  42. -Sasuke tramples on someone's fun
  43. -Someone sighs or facepalms at Naruto's antics
  44. -Take two shots if Inner Sakura appears
  45. -Naruto mentions ramen
  46. -Sakura misses a chance to be useful
  47. -Somebody runs with their arms trailing behind them
  48. -There's a flashback
  49. -Jiraiya does something perverted
  50. -Sharingan activates
  52. Samurai 7
  53. -Every time badly textured CG shows up.
  54. -Count the minutes between action scenes. Drink one shot for each minute.
  55. -Robot samurai says battle
  56. -Someone gets decapitated
  57. -Someone mentions rice
  58. -A new character with a ridiculous overbite shows up
  59. -Little sister is adorable or annoying (leaving this up to individual discretion)
  60. -One of the seven samurai says "samurai"
  61. -A samurai being a dick to the farmers just cause they're farmers
  63. Tenchi GXP
  64. -There's a cheesecake/fanservice shot
  65. -Two shots each time Tenchi appears in a scene
  66. -There's scene where two girls talk to each other and violates the Bechdel test
  67. -Somebody comments on Seina's horrible luck
  68. -Seina stares too long at tits
  69. -Seina recieves physically visible injuries
  70. -Seina's bad luck adversely affect somebody else
  71. -Two shots if Seina gets any bases covered.
  73. Eureka 7
  74. -Renton is a whiny bitch/badass
  75. -Eureka talks to the Nirvash
  76. -Renton says "At that moment"
  77. -Anemone eats jam
  78. -Eureka's kids are irritating as fuck
  79. -Anemone causes a whyboner
  80. -Renton gets screwed over/treated like shit
  81. -People treat Renton like shit/screw him over specifically because they want to show him that they care
  82. -The Itano Circus comes to town.
  83. -Holland is a colossal dick (especially to Renton)
  84. -Dominic is excessively optimistic
  85. -Matthieu says honey
  86. -Someone does a Cutback Drop Turn
  87. -Diane's face is obscured
  88. -Someone refers to Adrock as 'the King', especially as an allusion to the Golden Bough.
  89. -Any time the Golden Bough is referenced/seen.
  90. -A Ben10 commercial airs
  92. Thundercats (2012)
  93. -Someone says Whiskers
  94. -Lion-O gets shit on (2 shots if it's Tygra)
  95. -Cheetara's breasts are unusually conspicuous
  96. -Panthro cannot handle things being cute
  97. -Technology is mentioned
  98. -Cheetara or Wilykit get an ass/pantyshot
  99. -Lion-O broods
  100. -The Thundercat symbol appears
  101. -Wilykit is implied to want Elephantman dick
  103. Sym-bionic Titan
  104. -The armor suits show up
  105. -The trio combine into Titan
  106. -Modula, Solomon, and/or General Steel make an appearance
  107. -A Mutradi monster comes out of the space gate
  108. -A high school scene starts
  109. -Whenever the next door neighbor barges into their house uninvited
  110. -Every well-defined ass shot
  111. -Someone says "Titan"
  112. -Titan uses a weapon that isn't a sword
  113. -Steel yells something
  114. -Modula does something fucking crazy, in the literal sense or in the badass sense
  115. -Solomon calls Steel a dumbass
  116. -Lance pulls a face
  117. -Ilana says 'Heart'
  118. -Octus makes a comment about human behavior
  119. -5 shots for Booty Quake (you can't miss it)
  121. FMA: Brotherhood
  122. -Hughes is mentioned
  123. -Humor awkwardly interrupts a serious scene
  124. -Ling and Greed fight over Ling's body
  125. -Ed is referred to just as "Fullmetal"
  126. -Someone calls Ed short
  127. -The Elric brothers say something about getting their bodies back
  128. -Armstrong, Riza or Mustang are badass.
  129. -Armstrong takes off his shirt
  130. -Von Hohenheim is depressed
  131. -Anyone says something about a philosophers stone.
  132. -King Bradly is being a badass
  134. Cowboy Bebop
  135. -The three old guys show up
  136. -Faye gets herself in trouble
  137. -Someone pulls a gun
  138. -Tank! finishes playing
  139. -Spike mentions hating either kids or pets.
  140. -Any character says bounty.
  141. -Spike does something borderline awesome/badass
  142. -You d'aaw at Ed
  143. -Faye gets herself into trouble
  144. -"See You Space Cowboy" shows up
  146. Inuyasha
  147. -Miroku asks a woman to bear his children
  148. -Miroku molests someone with his hand
  149. -Sango or Kagome straighten out his shit
  150. -That flea guy is found sucking on someone's blood, double if it's Inuyasha
  151. -Koga of the beta tribe hits on Kagome and ignores Inuyasha
  152. -Sango talks about her little brother
  153. -Kaguya says she is the wind
  154. -Kaede uses Ye olde speak despite being fucking Japanes, not Medival English
  155. -Miasma fog appears
  156. -A horde of demons appears with the exact same reused animation
  157. -Miroku unwraps his hand, sees a bee, and wraps it back up
  158. -Shippou is useless
  159. -Poison Wasps
  160. -Naraku gets away or just as plans the gang
  161. -"Sit boy!"
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