Jun 5th, 2016
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  4. > 250 Dollars: Applique Armor Kit – Light – This light armor kit will add 10mm of armor plates all over the tank. An additional one can be bought if need be to increase the armor to an additional 20mm.
  5. > 500 Dollars: Applique Armor Kit – Medium – This medium armor kit will add the full regulation 20mm of armor plate around the tank’s hull.
  6. > 2000 Dollars: Camouflage Screening – This wooden screen can be easily painted before matches to match accompanying terrain, then mounted over the body to form an effective sightblocker or camouflage. It only has enough planks to work in one direction however.
  9. > 800 Dollars: Camo Netting – Camo netting for increasing the stealth ability of the tank.
  10. > 2000 Dollars: Spotlamp – This spotlamp can aid in night operations and in a pinch can be used to blind targets.
  13. > 100 Dollars: Remove Engine Governors – Oleg will remove the engine governors, allowing the full power of the engine to be unleashed.
  14. > 5,000 Dollars: War Emergency Power – Oleg can provide a little button that will significantly produce more power from the engine for a brief period of time. However the stress of using this means it can only be used once during a match AND it carries the risk of setting the engine on fire.
  15. > 20,000 Dollars: Convertible Drive Restoration – Oleg reckons he can bring the Convertible Drive system into the tank, which will allow it to run without tracks and at greater speeds. The drawback is cost, space, and THREE DAYS of modification which will render your tank unusable.
  18. > 300 Dollars: Machine Gun Armor Piercing Incendiary Tracer Ammo License
  19. > 2000 Dollars: Armor Piercing Composite Rigid – For an increased chance at penetration when loaded into a tank. Only 5 of these rounds are allotted for a match.
  20. > 500 Dollars: White Phosphorus Flares – Can be fired from the turret bomb thrower to mark targets and blind opposing tanks.
  21. > 2500 Dollars: Smoke Shell Ammo License – Unlike the smoke bombs that are fired from your turret to obscure sight, these smoke shells can be directly fired at targets to obscure their vision for a brief period of time.
  22. > 3000 Dollars: White Phosphorus Shell Ammo License – Unlike the smoke shell ammo, white phosphorus ammo will not only obscure sight but also blind enemy tanks for a short period of time. These shells can also be used for area denial.
  23. > 5000 Dollars: Armor Piercing Composite Rigid Ammo License – These are an improvement on the standard APCBC shot used by all other tanks, designed to be lighter for increased velocity while also improving penetration significantly on a smaller target area. However, these shells are not very accurate and you are only allotted 10 per match.
  24. > 10000 Dollars: Armor Piercing Discarding Sabot Ammo License – One of the best ammunition types available. Incredibly improved long range firepower with significant armor penetration improvement, but only 5 are allotted per match.
  27. > 100 Dollars: Tactical Log – Yes, it’s just a log. But Oleg says that a thick wooden log is actually very useful in getting the tank out of quagmires.
  28. > 100 Dollars: Spray Bottle of Water – You weren’t sure why Oleg was charging you a hundred bucks for a spray bottle until he said it was indestructible and that it’s for spraying crewmembers awake out of their stunned states. It does however have only five uses during a match.
  29. > 1000 Dollars: Automated Fire Extinguishers - In the event of a fire, these extinguishers will put out any fires inside of the tank. These are automatic and will deploy at the first sign of a fire. All other cases must be put out manually.
  30. > 5000 Dollars: Snorkel and Watercrossing Equipment – For waterproofing the tank during a match and allowing to stay underwater for extended periods of time. Only works once during a match.
  31. > 25000 Dollars: FG 1250 Infrared Nightvision system – This state of the art (for WWII) nightvision system can be mounted on the turret to provide nightvision capabilities to the Commander. Expensive, but it definitely works.
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