Hearts Desire - 4

Feb 20th, 2016
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  1. >My sleep was dreamless.
  2. >Sought of.
  3. >It wasn't so much dreamless as it was that the dreams I did have were pointless.
  4. >Stupid dreams about going to school or riding the train.
  5. >I'll never understand why my mind thinks these things up.
  6. >I slowly woke and felt consciousness return to my groggy body.
  7. >My substantially more alien body, mind you.
  8. >It felt like I must have changed quite a bit in my sleep.
  9. >As I returned to the waking world just that bit more, I realized that I currently had a face full of fur.
  10. >Applejacks fur.
  11. >I gasped, realizing what I was doing and froze in place.
  12. >I had been spooning AJ in my sleep.
  13. >I slowly and carefully tried to pry my foreleg away from AJ, but as I did, she grasped at it and >pulled it closer.
  14. >“No… teddy don't go…”
  15. >Crap.
  16. >I honestly didn't want to remove my leg from her hold, but I knew I had to.
  17. >She would never believe that she held onto me in her sleep and called me a teddy bear, that's the kind of thing that happens in shitty stories and fanfictions.
  18. >Fuck it, I was comfortable like this.
  19. >The explanation could wait until after she wakes up and realize she is hugging me, not me hugging her.
  20. >Totally.
  21. >I definitely didn't want to hug her.
  22. >That's silly.
  23. >And gay as fuck.
  24. >Yeah.
  25. >Applejack made a content humming noise and rolled onto her back.
  26. >Her eyes slowly pulled themselves open and she looks at me with an innocent smile on my face.
  27. >“Howdy, sugarcube.”
  28. >My cheeks were glowing red.
  29. >I yanked my arm away and tried to stand up in a hurry, only to fall back into the chair, forgetting I couldn't stand on two legs anymore.
  30. “Uh, m-morning, Applejack.”
  31. >I fiddled with my hooves, trying to look cool and collecting.
  32. It definitely didn’t work.
  33. >“Something wrong, Rara?”
  34. “No! No, everything's… Perfect. Yeah.
  35. >She yawned widely and lifted herself up from her lying down position.
  36. >“Sure, sugarcube, whatever you say.”
  37. >And my cheeks were glowing again.
  38. >“Hey, you ok, Rara? You look kinda hot.”
  39. >Me!? I looked hot?
  40. >Holy crap, was AJ attracted to me too?
  41. >She just said I was hot, so she must!
  42. >“Woah. Best take the blanket off, Rara, you must be boiling under there.”
  43. >...Oh.
  44. >Fucking hell, Rara… Get yourself together.
  45. >Stop jumping to conclusions.
  46. “Uh, no I'm fine. Thanks for asking though.”
  47. >I smiled at her warmly.
  48. >She got up from the couch and started to head toward the kitchen.
  49. >I got a full look of how far our transformation had gone now.
  50. >Her forelegs were pony all the way up to the elbows.
  51. >I couldn't see her torso underneath the clothes she had on, but I could only assume it was still human from the way it looked.
  52. >Her hind legs, though, were a different matter entirely.
  53. >It looked like they had been fully ponified, all the way up to her hips.
  54. >I could also see something weird bulging in her pants…
  55. >Strange, unless Twilight was lying and she wasn't actually turning into a girl, then that was a tail underneath her pants.
  56. “Uh, AJ?”
  57. >“Yeah? What's up?”
  58. “I think you should check your butt.”
  59. >“What?”
  60. >She looked over her shoulder at her butt and noticed the bulge.
  61. >She pulled down her pants and immediately my face flushed red.
  62. >Oh god.
  63. >I could see it.
  64. >Not the tail, although that was there.
  65. >I could see her.
  66. >Her…
  67. >Parts.
  68. >Wait.
  69. >Oh no.
  70. >Her parts.
  71. >She had mare parts.
  72. >That means…
  73. >I looked down at my own crotch and my face flushed an even deeper red.
  74. >“Would you look at that. I got myself a tail.”
  75. >She chuckled and swished it back and forth.
  76. >“C’mon, let's see your tail too.”
  77. >My tail?
  78. >I pulled the back of my pants down and a beautiful tail fell forth.
  79. >And that wasn’t even me being full of myself, it truly was beautiful.
  80. >It was long, flowing, and suited my turquoise flank perfectly.
  81. >I looked up at AJ only to see her staring at her crotch and crying.
  82. >What?
  83. “AJ, what's wrong?”
  84. >“I… I have… Girl parts. I have… A vagina.”
  85. “Yeah, I think I do too… Gonna miss my little guy. Oh well.”
  86. >AJ sat in stunned silence, still staring at the unfamiliar parts between her legs.
  87. >“C’mon, stop staring at it. Kinda creeping me out.”
  88. >I chuckled nervously.
  89. >She ignored me completely.
  90. >Tears still flowed freely from her face and she began to laugh.
  91. “Applejack? What's going on?”
  92. >Her laughter grew louder and louder.
  93. >She jumped up and hugged me tightly, flinging me around in joy as she danced, laughing the whole time.
  94. >I tried to go along with it, but I was a bit freaked out.
  95. >I did like it that she was holding me though.
  96. >“I did it, Rara! We did it! I'm a girl! A real girl!”
  97. >Oh god, I was stupid.
  98. >Of course she would be excited about having mare parts, this is what she had always wanted!
  99. >I truly felt her joy now and danced along, holding her as I did.
  100. >I knew that she was happy, and that made me happy.
  101. >As long as she was happy, I didn't need anything else.
  102. >She was the only pony I cared about.
  103. >She was my world.
  104. >I pressed my muzzle against hers and kissed her.
  109. >Fuck
  110. >You fucking idiot.
  111. >Applejack stopped dancing and stared at me.
  112. >Her beautiful green eyes.
  113. >That were filled with confusion.
  114. “Oh god, AJ. I'm so sorry. I'm… Oh god.”
  115. >I pulled away from her and ran.
  116. >“R-Rara, wait!”
  117. >I didn't have anywhere to go, so I just hobbled as quickly as possible to my room, slamming it behind me and pulling my guitar amp in front of the door.
  118. >It wasn't the greatest “lock” in the world, but it was all I could do to keep her out
  119. >To keep myself from facing embarrassment.
  120. >Why the fuck did I do that?
  121. >How could I be so naive and stupid?
  122. >This was clearly one of the happiest days of her life, and I had ruined it with my selfish actions.
  123. >She didn't love me.
  124. >How could she.
  125. >I was a useless deadbeat with no prospects.
  126. >I didn't even deserve to have her as a friend.
  127. >I smashed my face into my pillow and sobbed.
  128. >The female hormones rushing into my system had to be affecting how intense these emotions were.
  129. >There was a knock at my door.
  130. >I silenced my sobbing.
  131. >“...Rara? Are… Are you OK?”
  132. >I stayed quiet.
  133. >“Look, I don't know… I don't judge you, okay? Please come out so we can talk about this, >please?”
  134. >I stayed quiet for a little longer.
  135. “No.”
  136. >“Rara?”
  137. “No. I'm n-not c-coming out.”
  138. >I tried to put on a confident tone, but my sobs broke through my words.
  139. >“Please! I… I need to talk to you about this!”
  140. >She wanted to tell me she didn't want to be my friend anymore.
  141. >That she wanted to go to Equestria alone.
  142. >And I would be stuck here in this world as a pony.
  143. >Alone forever.
  144. “G-go away.”
  145. >I cried into my pillow again.
  146. >“What can I say to get you to talk to me?”
  147. “Nothing. I-I don't d-deserve you as a f-friend. I don't deserve anything.”
  148. >She was silent.
  149. >For a while, all I could hear was the sounds of the wind outside and my own heart beating.
  150. >“What if… what if I told you that I liked it?”
  151. “You… What?”
  152. >“The kiss. That's what it was, right? I liked it. I… I like you. A lot.”
  153. >I was already at the door moving the amp away.
  154. >I opened it up to see a watery eyed pony standing before me.
  155. >Even when crying, she was beautiful.
  156. “Applejack… I'm sorry.”
  157. >“Don't be.”
  158. “Well I am. You… I know you didn't want to kiss me. I forced that on you.”
  159. >“That doesn't mean I didn't like it.”
  160. >My heart was racing and my cheeks were on fire.
  161. >I stared into her big beautiful eyes.
  162. >I took in her smell.
  163. >The smell of freshly washed hair and apples.
  164. >It was so intoxicating and sweet.
  165. >I needed her.
  166. >I needed to feel those lips against mine.
  167. >I slowly moved forward and glanced up at her.
  168. >I was shorter than her by only about a few inches, but it still felt like I was looking up at a goddess.
  169. >“Rara… I… I gotta be honest with you. I kinda saw this coming.”
  170. “Wh-what?”
  171. >“You were trying to sit closer and closer to me all of last night, you said that you didn't want to sleep alone, I woke up today with you hugging me, Rara.”
  172. “A-actually, you held onto /me/, a-and, well…”
  173. >“Uh huh. Sure”
  174. >She smiled coyly and raised an eyebrow.
  175. >“As I was saying, I saw this coming. All I can hope is that you didn't see this coming.”
  176. >And with that, Applejack kissed me.
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