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  2. RULES
  3. These rules are maintained by the administration team and are always up for discussion and subject to change once the coded admins feel necessary. All decisions made by our administrators are to be followed, regardless if they are temporary rulings or laid in stone.
  5. "If there are any errors that you see within the rule page both in-game and on the forum. Please inform Maruka via Discord. Maruka#9464"
  7. Changes to the rules that aren't in-game will be posted on the Aog Discord in the #rule-hotfixes Channel.
  9. "The Golden Rule"
  11. First and foremost, as a member of this community, you're expected to treat people as you'd like to be treated. Use common sense while in-game and remember that everyone is just here to have fun. As well as, being polite to each other, showing respect, helping people who may be new to our server and in general being a good community member. All of our rules have a general way of punishment. Three formal warnings/boots will be given. If you continue to break rules, even if they aren't the same ones, you are liable to be banned for a period of 5 days and up to 2 weeks depending on your crimes. Anyone who puts the server in danger, either by DOS/DDOS/Harmful roleplay just to hurt the progress of the server, will be permanently code banned. If you have been banned, you will go on a probation status until you are told you have been removed from that probation status by Zeno after a period of good behavior. If you continue foul behavior and breaking rules on the server, you will have various things stripped from your character; such as skill rank/jutsu/perks/log checks.
  13. 1. No metagaming
  14. Metagaming - When someone uses out of character (OOC) information for in character (IC) purposes. If you attempt to incite metagaming then you're also breaking rules.
  16. 2. No Godmodding.
  17. Godmodding is whereby you force actions upon someone, don't allow the other player to retaliate, use items in which you haven't physically obtained -- or acting well beyond character limitations. Ignoring or dulling down negative actions that are drastically less than they should be is considered a case of Godmodding. This includes roleplaying attacks that land automatically.
  19. 3. No Deathmatching
  20. Deathmatching is the act of killing another person's character without sufficient reason. The same goes for killing a character verbally without prior RP and waiting for the death role play to be posted by the person dying. Revenge killing falls under this rule. This is where you seek out a person on your death reward (DR) or alt and attempt to kill the person who killed your previous character. That means that your memory of said recent events is wiped, you are not a reincarnation that gets 'bad vibes' from the person who killed your previous character, and you are not friends with your previous character on your alt.
  22. 4. No advertising
  23. Sending other players links or discussing other servers, communities or groups on Byond in the manner of advertising is strictly prohibited. We expect all players to keep their opinions about the said matter to themselves, as we hope members from other corners of the gaming world would do the same for us. This only receives one warning and if it is done again the player will be banned for a wipe.
  25. 5. Always roleplay
  26. This is a roleplay server and no one is allowed to force a situation to go out of character unless it's an administrator. If you attempt to slow roleplay down (especially during a hostile situation) then you're also breaking this rule. Ensure that you continue to roleplay even if you disagree with what's going on until an administrator arrives after you have sent a single Admin-help. You can't be considered as OOC, have unrealistic names and have your name as OOC.
  28. 6. Reader's Discretion
  29. Every single party involved must OOCly agree to the below sorts of roleplay taking place;
  30. Rape
  31. Cannibalism
  32. Guro
  33. Vore
  34. Scat
  35. Waterworks
  36. Do bear in mind that although all parties may have agreed to said roleplay, you must be cautious when conducting these forms of roleplay in public settings. The public will be defined as whereby other members of the community can see the act of said roleplay occur, and if they did not OOCly agree to witness the roleplay, then roleplay must be paused and approved by the approaching party. If you have people OOCly agree to witness the roleplay, then you are free to continue. If any party involved or viewing the roleplay does not approve of the scene, it must be black screened but -still- happens ICly and must be served as such. This means if the victim chooses to black screen they are fully accepting whatever is done to them during said black screen after details have been discussed OOCly. You may also stop at any point during the roleplay if you wish not to continue.
  38. 7. Don't break rules simply because someone else did
  39. Under no circumstance are you allowed to break rules because someone else did. If you witness somebody breaking server rules, report them to an administrator immediately. Do not start breaking the rules yourself else you'll face punishment.
  41. 8. Getting assistance from Admins/Moderators
  42. Administrators are often heavily tasked; therefore, spamming the Admin-help can be very distracting and unnecessary. Kindly try to avoid using the Admin Help verb unless necessary.
  44. 9. Ignoring OOC communication
  45. Sometimes a player may attempt to communicate with you during roleplay. This may be because they wanting to ask you a question in regards to the roleplay, or perhaps do not like the way things are turning out. When this does happen, you are allowed to ignore these players and you are not required to reply as long as it isn't to make a clarification of the roleplay. If there is a dispute and you don't want to respond to the person you are roleplaying with then you may simply send an Admin-help requesting an admin's presence to sort out the issue. An exception is that administrators that communicate with you must be answered at all times.
  47. 10. Alt Interaction
  48. You are not allowed to transfer any kinds of assets (items, keys, money, jutsu scrolls) between your characters within your own account or over your multiple accounts. This includes using a friend to purchase a weapon via your blacksmith alt and then handing it off to you as a 'gift' as well as any other situation similar.
  50. 11. Bug abusing
  51. You are not allowed to abuse bugs, bugs are considered as actions in which are not intended, such as duplication of items/money/jutsu scrolls. You are required to report any bugs you find to an admin via Admin-help or Suggestions.
  52. Failure to report bugs and instead using them for your own benefit/gain will be met with a severe punishment that may include permanent ban and a wipe of your character/items.
  54. 12. Rank Rules
  55. Ranks are put in place for a purpose; they are here to provide stimulation to the roleplaying setting to keep balance to not only story but to a government and shinobi military system. Without stabilization then the roleplay can't flourish, the village will become weaker; the faction will become weaker or broken, etc. If you are a rank do not neglect your position or if it was given to you as a starter or as a reward do not turn around and become a rogue for merely no other reason than 'I am powerful now'. (This rule applies only to starter ranks)
  57. 13. AFK rules
  58. When a player is AFK you must follow these rules when taking actions against them. You must roleplay all actions towards them and then wait ten minutes to see if they will be coming out of AFK or if anyone around the area is going to interrupt your action. The only things permitted to an AFK player are: Grabbing, binding, imprisoning, & kidnapping. (Killing, injuring, & sealing are -not- permitted.)
  60. 14. Hostile & Flee Roleplays
  61. Actions such as fleeing, stealing, attacking, destroying, killing, trapping, etc. should be of sufficient length and quality to the action being taken. They should also explain what it is you are doing and why it is you are taking the action. But should not be any less than six quality sentences detailing such actions. Killing, mass robbing, or destroying large amounts of items should be more a longer and more elaborate of a roleplay.
  62. If someone is captured, imprisoned, or has an action done to them which could potentially cut off their roleplay, then it is obligatory to roleplay with them in one way or another. You cannot lock someone in and cut their roleplay off. If a player is cut off from roleplay for more than one OOC day, they may Admin-help to roleplay escaping, of course, they must deal with any NPC's supervising them. Players cannot randomly kill players or rob buildings at the drop of a dime with little to no reason. If your background consists of habits regarding a short temper, or anything of the sort regarding this sort of behavior, then you must at least give generous amounts of role-playing before an ultimatum. And even then the player should react with breaking bones, scarring or severing limbs before resorting to killing. Solely for the sake of preserving, promoting, and expanding roleplay experiences for all. No one wants to put a lot of time and effort into a character just to be snuffed out without warning. When players are killed off early or shortly after making a character, it can discourage them and cause them to give up or quit. Which in turn gives us fewer players, and in turn gives less roleplay which results in a dying server.
  63. Leaving a hostile situation requires a roleplay stating as such and then waiting for OOC or IC approval from all parties you are permitted to leave.
  64. When joining a hostile roleplay one must start the further possible away from the target (where a roleplay is still visible), and post an entrance roleplay, before entering the battle. You may only enter a combat situation ICly two rounds after arriving OOCly. If you have T2 sight/hearing/sensor/smell and have an attack that is capable of reaching the target from that range, you are permitted to roleplay after waiting for only one round.
  66. 15. Scouting
  67. To scout, you must roleplay arriving, and then leaving. You cannot run into an area OOC, instantly dip, and relay information. Both of these must be done from the furthest pointable within vision distance and the use of a bunshin or roleplay flag to mark your position may be used as you move closer to be in roleplay range. If you are capable of scouting outside of normal sensing/sight range, Admin-help for admin assistance.
  69. . Handseals
  70. The maximum allowed hand seals in a single role-play without Tier 1 Handseals, is five hand seals.
  72. 17. Speech during Hostile Roleplay
  73. ICly speaking outside a roleplay two times during a battle forfeits your roleplay turn for the next round if your opponent decides to call it. In other words, you must accept whatever your opponent roleplays if you speak, whisper, or use a radio communication that was not roleplayed in your previous post.
  75. 18. Age limitations
  76. For various advances on the server, there will be age limitations simply because some ages just don't make sense for child soldiers that are overpowered and can outfight a six foot tall fully matured adult. It's simple logic. 1) Perk progression:
  77. a. Tier 1: 4 years old without genius/prodigy, 3 years old with genius/prodigy
  78. b. Tier 2: 5 years old without genius/prodigy, 4 years old with genius/prodigy
  79. c. Tier 3: 10 years old without genius/prodigy, 9 years old with genius/prodigy
  80. 2) Jutsu progression:
  81. a. D Rank: 4 years old without genius/prodigy, 3 years old with genius/prodigy
  82. b. C Rank: 5 years old without genius/prodigy, 4 years old with genius/prodigy
  83. c. B Rank: 8 years old without genius/prodigy, 7 years old with genius/prodigy
  84. d. A Rank: 10 years old without genius/prodigy, 9 years old with genius/prodigy
  87. 19. Familiars
  88. Animals must Admin-help to get their icon changed. Be sure you are creating an animal that is approved to be a familiar/pet. If you aren't sure, Admin-help before creating. Animal's/pet's cannot speak with anyone (excluding Inuzuka's with ninken trained dogs) until they have acquired the intelligent familiar perk. (Familiar set up: 2 Tier 1 cores, 1 C rank or 2 D rank familiar appropriate custom attacks)
  90. 20. Kawarimi Ruling
  91. The object must be equal mass to your body and not attached to anything. [Good Example: A chair, a light bench, a giant shuriken, a pre-cut log, solid clones (Shadow Clone). Bad Example: A branch attached to a tree, a tree, a sign attached to the ground, a desk, a kunai, a mass of water, multiple small objects, incorporeal clones.]
  92. The object you substitute with must be within 2 tiles away when the hand seals are performed.
  93. Can only activate 10 tiles away from original location.
  94. You must kawa' to the original location, not any location of choice.
  95. The kawa' activation only remains intact for 3 rounds.
  97. 21. No EZing
  98. No EZing, this means no spamming your practice jutsu verb(You can only use this verb three times after your roleplay using a jutsu), it also means no spamming the same roleplay/periods/or unrelatable content repeatedly to gain RPP, as well as you are only allowed to click 'read scroll' -once- for each paragraph roleplayed.
  100. 22. Pills
  101. Soldier Pills/Akimichi Pills last only for a single turn, so about two minutes. So use the pill, then use your NIC immediately. ICly soldier pills last three IC days and then make the character bedridden for two IC days following.
  103. 23. RPP Purchases
  104. If you purchase something with RPP, there are NO REFUNDS. The only exception to this rule is if the game caused a glitch in which we will give you a refund. This also goes for if you think that you may be reaching your perk limit, if you think you are close to your perk restriction for your rank, SCREENSHOT YOUR ENTIRE PAGE so that we can verify that it is a recent screenshot and refund you your RPP.
  106. 24. Poison/Constitution Deaths
  107. Poison/Constitution Death is IC. If you happen to be OOCly poisoned, you will be revived, this is the only exception. Make sure you take medicine and/or eat regularly if you have an illness or need food. If you have an illness...Act like it. You can easily fight through a fever or a cold. You can even fight through the flu if you can prove that you recently medicated. But if you are caught trying to fight, spar even, with a Wasting Disorder or Fatal Immunodeficiency, or Encephalitis or any other high-tier Illness, you will be killed -immediately- with no mercy and no chance for omit. You have been warned. You do -not- know what sickness you have exactly just because of the status tab. You have to be diagnosed by a Medic before you know -exactly- what you have IC.
  109. 25. Character Restores
  110. If you do not have a screenshot of your items/money/exp/rank/jutsu/perks/etc. You will -not- have your character restored. Your character will be either DR'd or nerfed (down to only what the admins can recall you had). It is -crucial- you screenshot not only all of the things listed above but as well as any custom descriptions for perks/jutsu/weapons.
  112. 26. Invisible Henge
  113. Henging an NPC, or anything else, to make your icon invisible for any reason is prohibited.
  115. 27. Learning New Elements
  116. Learning new elements can be done through being taught by a teacher with T2 Elemental Training within the element that you are trying to learn.
  118. 28. Alt Spying
  119. Using alternate characters in order to spy on roleplay in other parts of a village/in other villages will not be tolerated. If you are not actively roleplaying on the character and it has displayed habits of alt spying you will be warned to roleplay or leave the area if you refuse you will be booted. If you continue the spying, that individual key will be banned.
  121. 29. Mission Rewards
  122. Any person found to be giving out mission rewards beyond what is approved will be stripped of their verbs and the abused exp will be deleted from the person it was given to. You are only allowed to complete 3 missions an OOC day. All B rank or higher missions -must- have an EC, unless they are 'spar a higher ranked shinobi' mission, which requires a full letter grade higher ranked player.
  124. 30. Buff/Stance Stacking
  125. There are two types of jutsu buffs in the games, one are physical buffs and one are stances. You cannot stack multiple stances together, the same applies to physical buffs. You are however allowed to stack one stance with one physical buff, even then, there are some exceptions to this rule. If you use stances/physical buffs, talk to Zeno about what you are allowed to stack.
  126. Example of Stances: Karate Style: This person uses the techniques of the classic Karate style.
  127. Example of Physical Buffs: Earth Spear, Lightning Armor, Kaguya Dances.
  129. 31. Weights Limitation
  130. There are four tiers of weights in the game, with each one costing yen to purchase and requiring an amount of RPs to attain. As an additional requirement to the achievement of the corresponding Weight Training perks, the character aiming to get weights must have a tier of the core Strength perk that is greater than or equal to the tier of weights that they wish to get. (i.e. T2 Strength for T2 Weights or lower.) Prices of Weights and RPs required:
  131. Tier 1 (Basic Weights) - 150'000 yen and 35 RPs
  132. Tier 2 (Advanced Weights) - 350'000 yen and 70 RPs
  133. Tier 3 (Massive Weights) - 750'000 yen and 105 RPs
  134. Tier 4 (Titanic Weights) - 1'500'000 yen and 140 RPs
  136. 32. Technique Requirements
  137. If a character lacks the requirement to perform the Technique, it's poorly executed causing all parameters for the technique to be halved.
  138. C-Rank Techniques Require T1 in that field. [T1 CC for Non-Elemental Ninjutsu. T1 ?ET for ??? Elemental Ninjutsu. T1 Katana/BFSW/Fencer/Weaponist Perks for Kenjutsu. T1 Martial Arts Perk for Taijutsu. T1 Mind for Genjutsu. T1 Basic Sealing for Fuuinjutsu.]
  140. B-Rank Techniques Require T2 in that field. [T2 CC for Ninjutsu. T2 ?ET for ??? Elemental Ninjutsu. T2 Katana/BFSW/Fencer/Weaponist Perks for Kenjutsu. T2 Martial Arts Perk for Taijutsu. T2 Mind for Genjutsu. T2 Lotus Sealing for Fuuinjutsu.]
  142. A-Rank Techniques Require T3 in that field. [T3 CC for Ninjutsu. T3 ?ET for ??? Elemental Ninjutsu. T3 Katana/BFSW/Fencer/Weaponist Perks for Kenjutsu. T3 Martial Arts Perk for Taijutsu. T3 Mind for Genjutsu. T3 Root Sealing Sealing for Fuuinjutsu.]
  144. S-Rank Techniques Require T4 in that field. [T4 CC for Ninjutsu. T4 ?ET for ??? Elemental Ninjutsu. T4 Katana/BFSW/Fencer/Weaponist Perks for Kenjutsu. T4 Martial Arts Perk for Taijutsu. T4 Mind for Genjutsu. T4 Advanced Sealing for Fuuinjutsu.]
  146. 33. Elemental Affinity Teaching
  147. Requires Elemental Training 2 of the corresponding element. Cannot be done for Kekkei Genkai. After 40 RPs of training, spend 1000 RPP to get the Element in question. -5 for every Level of Training higher than Elemental Training 2 that the Teacher has in question. Lower RPs if the teacher has Sensei Perk by half.
  149. 33. Shonen Moments
  150. Shonen moments are a mechanical representation of Fate. By using a shonen moment, you are attempting to bend fate to your will in a ridiculous manner. Some uses of the Shonen Moment are default uses, which dictate their value. Otherwise, it can be used in any creative manner you wish, pending the approval of your opponent and possibly an admin.
  151. Default Uses-
  152. Auto Escape: A shonen moment can be used to automatically escape from a situation that seems hopeless. This is done through divine intervention, and can be done regardless of circumstance, as a great flood washes an injured man away to live another day, or he survives a seemingly impossible fall from a nearby cliff after being struck.
  153. Deny Auto Escape: A shonen moment can also be used to BLOCK the previously explained use. If you activate your Moment first, you may bend fate in your own favor, denying them the ability to use their own to escape. They may still escape from other means, though.
  154. Fated Duel: A shonen moment can be used against someone who has already denied your escape, to deny their escape as well. This represents both parties agreeing that their confrontation is destiny, and neither one of them can flee from that point on through any means. Fated Duels are usually to the death, and usually warrant being placed under global observation for their significance.
  155. Custom Uses-
  156. Shonen moments may also be used to empower one's abilities, or grant them temporary abilities they otherwise would not have. This use is entirely customizable, but it allows your opponent to deny your use if they do not agree with it. Some uses of Shonen Moment beyond the normal capabilities of your character also require admin approval.
  159. P.S - Everyone is allowed to obtain T1 Weights. T2 and above is for Taijutsu Spec only! P.S.S - Locations in which without Survivalist, your stats are debuffed with -10% statistic drop to your base stat.
  160. P.S.S.S - If you are Clanned, you can only get Gate 1. If you are a Taijutsu Specialist, you will be permitted at minimum, Gate 2 if you're a Clanned Person. If not, you cannot go up the Gates, unless you are a Nonclan, and only Nonclans can ever attain Gate 8.
  163. *Just because a rule isn't written down here, doesn't mean it doesn't exist. The admin team has full ability to create a rule on the spot due to a certain situation making a need for a rule to be created. This is not considered abuse it is considered consistency with keeping the game maintained. Rules are also being added almost every day if a rule isn't listed here check the rumors page for new rules that have been added between updates. If you have a suggestion for a rule, please contact one of the admins.*
  165. Admins
  167. ZenoKuthric: Owner
  168. Omnikage: Customs (Clan) Approval
  169. Maruka: Prime Minister/Customs Approval/Ranker
  170. HomoKuthric: Event Assistant
  171. Felix Wind: Head Administrator/Event Administrator
  172. Bailey: Event Administrator/Server Management(UK)
  173. DaisukeT: Event Administrator/Iconner
  174. DwnTwn(YuJin): Event Administrator/Customs Approval/HTML Coder
  176. Profession Guidelines:
  178. Taijutsu Profession: Taijutsu profession involves the intricate use of a person's body (usually fists or legs) as a weapon. (Limited to three Martial Arts Perks over T2.)
  179. - Possession of a T3 Taijutsu or T3 Martial Arts Perk.
  180. - Possession of 2 T2 Martial Arts Perks.
  181. - Possession of more than 2 Martial Arts Perks.
  182. - Possession of T2 Weight Training and above.
  183. - Possession of Gates 2 and above.
  184. - Possession of a B-ranked Taijutsu and above.
  187. Weaponist Profession: Weaponist profession involves the wide use of several weapons to accommodate situations and remain an unpredictable storm. (Limited to three Weapon Perks over T2.)
  188. - Possession of a T3 Weapon Perk and above.
  189. - Possession of more than 2 Weapon Perks.
  190. - Possession of 2 T2 Weapon Perks.
  191. - Possession of a B-ranked Bukijutsu/Kenjutsu and above.
  192. Side Note: Kenjutsu/BSFW/Fencing/Broadsword can count as a slot in the weaponist profession. However, Weaponist with those perks cannot obtain Iaido/Santoryuu/One-Eyed Dragon.
  194. Kenjutsu Profession: Kenjutsu profession involves the intricate utilization of swords as well as their other applications. It mainly focuses on the ability of a sword and the accentuation of its deadliness.
  195. - Possession of T3 Kenjutsu Proficiency/T3 BSFW/T3 Fencing/T3 Broadsword.
  196. - Possession of 2 T2 Sword Perks.
  197. - Possession of more than 2 Sword Perks.
  198. - Possession of a B-ranked Kenjutsu and above.
  199. - Possession of Santoryuu/Iai/One-Eyed Dragon/T5 Kenjutsu/BSFW Dual Wielding.
  202. Scout Profession: Scout profession involves assassinations, subterfuges and speedy approaches in and out of combat.
  203. - Possession of T3 Flicker Fighter and above.
  204. - Possession of Viper's Touch/Concealer/Shadow Walker
  205. - Possession of Speed Freak
  207. Medic Profession: Medic profession is what it states on the tin can. It focuses on application of medical knowledge and the study of medicine. (Limited to two medical specialties, Geneticist doesn't count as a medical specialty.)
  208. - Possession of C-ranked Healing Jutsu and above.
  209. - Possession of T2 Medic and Above.
  210. - Possession of Herbalist/Pharmacist.
  211. - Possession of -any- specialized medical perk.
  213. Fuuinjutsu Profession: Fuuinjutsu profession focuses on the application of seals, summoning and other methods of sealing chakra, a concrete object, or -anything- within a seal.
  214. - Possession of T2 Sealing and above.
  215. - Possession of Locksmith/Containment Sealing/Five Element Sealing/Masterful Sealing/Dual Pact/Familiar Tamer.
  216. - Possession of a B-ranked Fuuinjutsu and above.
  219. Genjutsu Profession: Genjutsu profession revolves around the application of numerous genjutsu to trick, distract or even kill an enemy through illusionary techniques.
  220. - Possession of C-ranked Genjutsu and above.
  221. - Possession of Hopeless Visionary/Illusionist/Magician.
  224. Elementalist Profession: Elementalist profession involves the utilization of elemental jutsu, elemental manipulation and other aspects of elements.
  225. - Possession of a T3 Elemental Training perk.
  226. - Possession of three or more Elemental Training perks.
  227. - Possession of a B-ranked Elemental jutsu.
  229. Ninja Monk Profession:
  230. Ninja Monk profession involves the utilization of mana/chi techniques as a Shinobi.
  231. - Possession of The Gift of the Hermit Group or The Gift of the Dark Messiah.
  232. - Possession of the Martial Arts Perk "Shaolin."
  233. - Possession of any Ninja Monk Jutsu such as Beast Tearing Palm.
  235. Sensory Profession:
  236. Sensory profession involves the ability to sense essence at advance levels.
  237. - Possession of T2 Sensing and above
  238. - Possession of Kagura Shingan: The Mind's Eye
  240. Blacksmith Profession:
  241. Blacksmith profession involves the ability to craft weapons, armor and inventions.
  242. - Possession of Weaponsmith/Armorsmith
  243. - Possession of Shipwright
  244. - Possession of Tinkerer
  246. Magic Specialist Profession:
  247. Magic Specialists utilize pure Light in order to attack their enemies, and defend against attacks in turn. It is the most basic of all Light-based professions, but arguably the most spectacular and diverse.
  248. - Possession of T1 Magic Specialist or above
  249. - Possession of B rank Light Magic or above
  252. Exorcist Profession:
  253. Exorcists focus on the binding and destruction of those who would go against God and the Light, armed with powerful debuffs and scaling damage against their nefarious foes by way of intricate traps.
  254. - Possession of T1 Exorcist or above
  255. - Possession of D rank Exorcisms or above
  258. Cleric Profession:
  259. Clerics are those who channel the power of God to heal his faithful. They are capable of erecting barriers against Darkness, and healing wounds with such miraculous efficiency it is as though they rewind time itself.
  260. - Possession of T1 Cleric or above
  261. - Possession of D rank Clerical Arts or above
  264. Crusader Profession:
  265. Crusaders stand against the tide of evil as vanguard to all that is Good. Armed with steel and faith, they charge into the fray and cut down heresy to the last, or die trying.
  266. - Possession of T1 Crusader or above
  267. - Possession of a T3 Taijutsu/Martial Arts/Weapon Perk.
  268. - Possession of 2 T2 Taijutsu/Martial Arts/Weapon Perks.
  269. - Possession of more than 2 Taijutsu/Martial Arts/Weapon Perks.
  270. - Possession of T2 Weight Training and above if Taijutsu Based.
  271. - Possession of D rank Exorcisms or above
  274. Dark Magic Specialist Profession:
  275. Dark Magicians are level 7 Spellcaster/Normal types. Ultimate wizards in terms of attack and defense.
  276. - Possession of T1 Magic Specialist or above
  277. - Possession of B rank Darkness Magic or above
  280. Dark Summoner Profession:
  281. Dark Summoners call upon pacts with the forces of hell to draw demons and other such monsters from the abyss and into the world, using them to fight.
  282. - Possession of T1 Dark Summoner or above
  283. - Possession of D rank Summons or above not granted by someone else
  286. Curse Specialist Profession:
  287. Curse Specialists inflict upon their foes irreparable damage and crippling abilities with mere words, speaking evil speech so evil it taints all those who hear.
  288. - Possession of T1 Curse Specialist or above
  289. - Possession of D rank Curse or above
  292. Soul-Bringer Profession:
  293. Soul-Bringers are those who draw upon the power of the Soul, manifesting it as weapon and armor to rend the very soul of others from their body. For each spirit reaped, the Soul-Bringers grows in power.
  294. - Possession of T1 Soul-Bringer or above
  295. - Possession of a Soul-Weapon
  296. - Possession of any technique reliant upon a Soul-Weapon
  299. Gravity-Bringer Profession:
  300. Gravity-Bringers bring about gravity. It's evil because Isaac Newton was evil and he invented gravity.
  301. - Possession of T1 Gravity-Bringer or above
  302. - Possession of D rank Gravity-Bringing or above
  305. Travel Rules:
  307. Each map you cross, you must roleplay two times with a minimum of six sentences each. You also must wait for a minimum of six hours between crossing each map between your destination.
  309. If you are below C- and do not have a survivalist perk you may not travel between villages without a caravan.
  311. During major events/wars, you cannot use a caravan or walk the amount of time to travel maps normally to reach the event. You arrive several days after the event/battle occurred and thus are restricted to travel if it concerns the event/battle. In matters of war, if it lasts several days and you travel during a current event, you are not allowed to participate in that current event/battle but you may participate in the following one.
  313. If you're carrying someone and cannot meet the Strength x30 vs the person's weight you are carrying, the roleplays between the maps increases to four roleplays done by the character that's carrying the person. If you want to do two roleplays while carrying a person, you can, but the character who's carrying someone without the required strength perk will have to wait twenty minutes instead of ten minutes between each map.
  315. If you have the Courier perk, the waiting time decreases to one hour per map. If you're carrying someone without the required strength and have the Courier perk, then the waiting time between each map is three hours.
  317. When a character is traveling alone or in a group, an admin is able to make an event character of a C rank skill to either try and kill the traveling characters or help them on their way - this may vary. (This can be created by an admin or the kage of your village)
  319. Movement Rules:
  321. Round up your stats if they have a .5 after them if it is below .5, such as .4 you round down.
  322. Speed + Tier # of Speed perk = Tile distance.
  323. Example: Your speed stat is ten and you have a T2 perk. 10 + 2 = 12 tiles of speed per turn.
  325. Jump Height - Strength / 2 tiles OR Control / 2 + 3 tiles (If you're jumping with suimen)
  327. Using Shunshin: Speed + (Control/2) + # of tiles stated in flicker fighter perks (if you have flicker fighter perks) = Shunshin tile distance
  329. Speedster Ruling: Speed =/= Attack Speed. The only cases where a Speedster's Tile Movement goes against someone's reflex is if they're ramming/charging into their opponent. If they run up to someone and then throw a punch/kick, they use their Attack Speed against the opponent's Reflex.
  331. Falling: 10 Tiles Per Turn
  332. Falling Damage: 1 Damage Per Tile Fallen vs Durability Flat. Max 50 Damage.
  334. Sight Requirements:
  335. This doesn't mean you can't react to someone's speed if you have enough reflex to match.
  336. Ex. Shinobi A has T1 Sight and 46 Reflex vs Shinobi B who is moving at 47 Tiles. Shinobi A can still react to Shinobi B since they have enough reflex. But Shinobi B still comes off as a blur to them.
  338. No Sight = Clearly perceive up to 15 Tile Speed/Attack Speed
  339. Sight Tier 1 = Clearly perceive up to 25 Tile Speed/Attack Speed
  340. Sight Tier 2 = Clearly perceive up to 35 Tile Speed/Attack Speed
  341. Sight Tier 3 = Clearly perceive up to 50 Tile Speed/Attack Speed
  342. Sight Tier 4 = Clearly perceive all Tile Speeds/Attack Speeds
  345. To Snipe from off screen with long range attacks, T2 Sight is Required.
  347. Combat Rules:
  349. Do note that the calculations listed below are only the general calculations. Just because your reflex is higher than your attacker's attack speed does not mean you can dodge them all the time. Strategies and logic still apply.
  351. When asking for the damage of the attack, you are accepting to receive the damage. Dodging upon finding out the damage of the attack is bad sportsmanship.
  353. Carry Capacity - Strength Flat without Weight Training.
  355. Attacking and Defending Calculation - When an attack is being issued upon a defending person, first identify which value is high, the Attacking Speed(Projectile Speed), or the Defending Reflex, this is the Winner, and the degree of succes, determined by the difference.
  357. Attacking Winner:
  358. Degree 1 - 1-5 Attack Speed over Reflex: Opponent cannot dodge, but they may block or parry without much intrusion on their actions.
  359. Degree 2 - 6-15 Attack Speed over Reflex: Opponent cannot dodge, but they may block or parry at the detriment of their actions, or receive a grazing blow instead.
  360. Degree 3 - 16-20 Attack Speed over Reflex: Opponent cannot dodge, block, or parry. They may only attempt to redirect the attack somewhere nearby(throat to shoulder.)
  361. Degree 4 - 21+ Attack Speed over Reflex: Opponent cannot respond in any meaningful way to the attack, even if they can perceive it via sight rules.
  363. Defending Winner:
  364. Degree 1 - 1-5 Reflex over Attack Speed: Winner cannot dodge, but they may block or parry without much intrusion on their actions.
  365. Degree 2 - 6-15 Reflex over Attack Speed: Winner can dodge the full force of an attack, but they will still receive a grazing blow. They may block or parry without intrusion on their actions.
  366. Degree 3 - 16-20 Reflex over Attack Speed: Winner can dodge the attack narrowly.
  367. Degree 4 - 21+ Reflex over Attack Speed: Winner can dodge with ease.
  369. Landing Projectiles Calculations - When attacking with a projectile such as Spirit Techniques or Weaponry. There are three stages that you have to go through before deciding if it lands cleanly, blocked, deflected, or grazed.
  371. Phase 1 - Attacker's Reflex + Marksman Perk's Effect vs Defender's Movement Speed
  372. Phase 1 is the Attacker aiming at their target while the target is attempting to avoid the projectile preemptively. This Phase can be skipped if the target is stationary or wasn't able to react to the preparation of the projectile being sent.
  373. Phase 2 - Projectile's Movement Speed + (Difference of Phase 1) vs Defender's Reflex
  374. Phase 2 is the Attacker firing their Projectile at their opponent. The results of this Phase follows the Degrees of the "Attacking and Defending" Rule.
  376. Example - Player One: 20 Reflex/30 Strength
  377. Player Two: 20 Reflex/30 Movement Speed
  379. Phase 1 = 20 vs 30
  380. Phase 2 = 30 + (-10) vs 20
  382. Using a Technique in Defense Calculation: In order to cast a technique in reaction to an attack or etc. You must be able to react to the attack first and foremost. So if the Attack Speed's 21 or above then the Defender's Reflex isn't allowed to cast anything in response.
  383. Stage 1 - Defender's Reflex vs Attack's Attack Speed/Tile Speed
  384. Stage 2 - Defender's Casting Speed(Control/Attack Speed) + the Difference of Stage 1 vs Attack's Attack Speed/Tile Speed
  385. If Defender Loses, they fail to defend against the technique and are struck by it where the Attacker Intended.
  386. If Attacker Loses, their attack is blocked by the Defender's Technique.
  388. Example: Necromancer D Attacks Priest F with a Kosen Technique moving at 50 Tile Speed. Priest F has 60 Reflex and wants to cast Agies to help them defend against the attack with 30 Control. They first go through Stage One: 60 vs 50. The difference of the two is 10, so they're allowed to move onto Stage Two: 30 + 10 vs 50. Even with their high Reflex, their technique is still too slow in casting to be effective. So with the Kosen winning by 10, the Defender failed to cast Agies in time to help them defend against the Kosen Technique.
  390. Fightning Multiple Enemies - Without Transitionist, your reflex is split between everyone you're reacting to in the fight.
  391. Example: If your reflex is 40 and you're fighting two people without transitionist. Your reflex towards each of their attacks will be 20 reflex.
  393. Parry Calculation - A parry is a redirection of an attack away from it's intended target. It's basically the opposite of a dodge, instead of moving out of the way, you move the attack out of the way. This is done by striking an incoming attack at a point perpendicular to it's momentum to cast it aside. Most often this is done with a weapon, as parrying blades with your bare hands usually hurts.
  394. To Parry, compare the Parrying Party's Taijutsu + Attack Speed/2 + Reflex/2 vs the Attackers Taijutsu + Attack Speed/2 + Reflex/2. Every successive parry attempt you make decreases your score by 2. If the Parrying Party is within ten points of the Attacker, they have successfully performed a Parry, and have redirected the blow away from them. If the Parrying Party exceeds the Attacker, they have performed a Perfect Parry and may Riposte.
  395. Parrying with the lower amount requires an equal tier in Martial Arts Perk. i.e. T2 Kung Fu needed to parry someone with T2 Dagger
  397. Riposte: An attack immediately following a Perfect Parry (A Parry where the Parrying Party has a higher score than the Attacker) is considered a Riposte. A riposte must be the first action taken after the parry, and imposes a reflex penalty on the defendent equal to the difference by which the Parrying Party succeeded in the Parry test.
  398. Example: Fighter C attacks Fighter D. Fighter D parries with a 30 calculation verses Fighter C's 20 Parry calculation so his attack is shoved off to the side and it leaves him open. Then for the counter attack, when Fighter D attacks Fighter C. Fighter C's Reflex is reduced by 10 when faced with Fighter D's attack speed.
  400. Repeated Parrying: A drawback to someone using parry back to back in a combat situation receives a -2 to their parry calculation each time.
  401. Example: During the first turn, Fighter A parries with a Parry Calculation of 40 with Fighter B's Parry Calculation is 50. Then during the next turn, Fighter A attempts to parry Fighter B's attack. Though this time the Parry Calculation from Fighter A will be 38 instead of 40, causing him to fail his parry attempt and get hit by Fighter B's attacks.
  403. Blocking - Removes 1/4th of the Damage Recieved
  404. During combat, this is your second to the last line of defense if you can't dodge or parry someone's attack in hand to hand combat. It only works towards blunt force and has no use against ninjutsu and weaponry with blades or sharp tips.
  405. Example: Durability = 10 vs Str = 30. Instead of taking 20 points of damage, with blocking you would only take 15 points of damage.
  407. Grazes - Removes 3/4th of the Damage Recieved
  408. Example: Durability = 10 vs Str = 30. Instead of taking 20 points of damage, you're grazed and only take 5 points of damage.
  411. Taijutsu Damage - Strength vs Durability
  413. Spirit Jutsu Damage - Spirit vs Spirit Defense
  415. Landing Mental Techniques - Mental vs Mental Resistance
  417. Mental Damage - Intelligence + Mental vs Intelligence + Mental
  419. Breaking out of Mental Techniques - Control + Mental vs Control + Mental + (1 x Mastery Level of Kai) or 5 damage over Durability x 2
  421. Breaking Items - Dealing damage over the item's durability. That damage is then used to reduce the item's HP and when it hits 0 is when the item breaks.
  423. Hitting an armored enemy - The damage will be reduced by the armor's durability FLAT. The damage will also be calculated against the armor's durability to see whether or not it gets damaged.
  425. Projectile Speed - Throwable Weaponry = Strength
  427. Bow Calculations - Drawing Speed for Bows = Attack Speed
  428. Speed of Arrow(s) fired = Strength
  432. Jutsu Tile Range and Speed - Control tiles per turn
  434. Regular Sand Moves - Control
  436. Iron Sand Moves - Control - 1
  438. Gold Sand Moves - Control - 2
  440. You can use one chakra draining move and one stamina draining move in combat without having the Transitionist perk. Activating buffs count as a move in this scenario. Gates, however, do not follow this rule as a person can activate two Gates at the same turn without the use of the Gate Opening Methods.
  442. When stunned for one turn by a player, your reaction RP to the stun attempt is not counted as one turn. For an instance, when you're stunned by Lightning Release: Taser and you RPed responding to it and being stunned for one turn, you will still be stunned in your next RP and only after you RP that stunned turn can you move properly once again.
  444. Damage Scale:
  446. 1-10 - Minor Damage
  447. 11-30 - Medium Damage
  448. 31-49 - Major Damage
  449. 50+ - Lethal Damage
  452. For the severity of the damage, the damage doesn't build up unless it is aimed at the same spot, which isn't easy to say the least. 40+ Lethal Damage can kill, but it isn't instantaneous depending on the spot. If it's aimed at the arm, naturally the arm will just be rendered useless. 75+ Deathly Lethal can instantaneously kill depending on the spot.
  454. Damage Caps:
  455. The maximum amount of damage that can be done after calculations.
  457. Taijutsu : T1-T2 = Medium | T3 = Major | T4 = Lethal
  458. Weapons : T1 = Medium | T2 = Major | T3 = Lethal
  459. Projectile Weaponry : T1 = Minor | T2 = Medium | T3 = Major | T4 = Lethal
  460. Jutsu : In Descriptions
  461. Manipulator : T1-T2 = Minor | T3-T4 = Medium
  462. Speedster : Never increased Cap
  465. Genjutsu Damage Scaling:
  467. 1-10 - Minor Damage
  468. 11-30 - Medium Damage
  469. 31-50 - Major Damage
  470. 50+ - Temporary Brain Damage
  471. 100+ - Permanent Brain Damage
  472. 150+ - Brain Fry
  475. Organs do not have durability since they are incapable of being trained to withstand significant blows. These includes the eyes. To target the eyes, however, even in close ranged, a person has to at least have T1 Marksmanship to aim for it. Human beings aren't trained, even swordsmen and the like, to aim for such small targets in the heat of combat where the participants are actively in locomotion. However, if the target is immobile, this restriction is considered void. Do note that this only applies to specific aiming for the eyes. If slashes encompass a wide area, it naturally has a -chance- of landing on the eyes.
  477. Elemental Jutsu Clashing:
  478. If the clashing jutsu have opposing elements, for this instance Fire versus Water, the advantageous element gains +20 to the damage during the calculation of the clashing of the jutsu, which is Damage of the Jutsu vs Damage of the Jutsu.
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