FUCKING NORMIES REEEEEE (FloorBoredxAnon, sweet love?) WIP

Jun 4th, 2017
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  1. >"W-what...? You mean, going to see a movie together? L-like a couple?"
  2. >You're still basking in the afterglow of this last... session with the little mare fidgeting on top of you
  3. >You're both soaked in sweat, drool and other body fluids
  4. >You got accustomed to the smell, her smell, but you're sure that any other pony would faint just by taking a whiff
  5. "Well, yeah, it could be fun right? We could grab something to bite on the way back too."
  6. >She lowers her eyes from yours and fidgets some more, a blush creeping its way up her face
  7. >"B-but people will see us, and what if I want to... you know..."
  8. >She starts mumbling, the same way she always does when talking about a subject she's not too confident about
  9. "What?"
  10. >Your hand instinctively reach up to her cheek to lift her gaze back to yours
  11. >Her eyes tries to find a way out once more but a stroke of her cheek gives her enough courage to keep going
  12. >"What if I want to h-hug you or maybe even kiss you?"
  13. >You weren't expecting this
  14. >This is still kinda new to you
  15. >And you're sure she can feel your heart hammering in your chest
  16. >It takes you a couple second to gather your thoughts and to stop you from rolling to the side and pin her down for another ride
  18. "Y-you could just do it and ignore them, hell if they have a problem with that I'll just boop them!"
  19. >Oh that was sugoii, could be straight from a chineighse cartoon
  20. >And the shiver traveling down her spin comforts you in your autism
  21. >She mumbles more and you can feel warm liquid flowing down your hips
  22. >"M-m-maybe we could even hold hooves while watching the movie and feed each other popcorn?"
  23. "Like normies?"
  24. >Her timid expression instantly disappear to leave place to once of dread
  25. >"O-okay, m-maybe we shouldn't do that..."
  26. >You nod
  27. >Then you both go back to thinking for a minute without any of you saying anything
  28. >You blink
  29. >Then your hand drifts along your chest to capture her hoof, your thumb gently stroking up and down her frog
  30. >She mumbles some more
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