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  1. Ghouls are the world's enemy.The IGE and other GE's will gurantee you the ghouls will be eradicated" anounced Micheal D.Higgens in front of the entire world.The TV continued to drone on I was having the usaul cup of coffee. I was 14 year, lived in ireland Co Cork. It was the start of summer and I was was bored. I had just finished my first year of  secondary school at Ashton and it was the first week of the hols. So why did I feel so empty. "Maybe it is because I live alone" I muttered. My parents had died died a couple of years ago and my aunt wouldn'd let me join their family her son was the same age as me but didn't do too well at school in contrast to me.So decided to live here in a house on Cathedral road my reletives were decent enough to send me money and pay the rent.I've been living here for a year now. I took a final sip of my tv and looked at the clock above the TV. 21:03 it read, The Cons shop still should be open, I needed to get some milk.I got up, grabed my coat and closed the door.
  2.       On the the way back from the Cons I realised it was late it took me 30 minutes to get here but if i took a short cut it would be 15 minutes away. It was an alleyway that lead to Cons and back to my house but I've never used it much because it requiered a lot of jumping through other peoples gardens but tonight was an exception I was tired. I was taking the next turn when I hear a sudden bang behind me. Then there was a hiss then the sound of crunching coming around the corner in front of me. I was shaking worried about what I was going to see.I took the turn. There in front me was a woman dressed in a plain purple blouse with dark brown hair was feasting on the dead body of a child. I had the sudden eurge to puke. Then she looked at me when I saw her eyes I knew that I had to run fast. A single word escaped my mouth "ghoul" I whispered as I turned to run. Ghouls have different eyes the white in our eyes their's is black then our iris would come in different colours and our pupil would be black their's would be completly red. Ghouls can regenerate at impossible speeds and they have a deadly weapon that comes out of their backs called mortem the latin word for death. Mortems can come in 1's 2's 4's etc those are called bringers. She hadn't used hers yet probably because someone might see. I was thinking all this as I ran. She was following me closely smiling she then decided to use her mortem. They sprouted from her back. I had never seeen one for real but they looked like tenticales, they were glowing a firece red glow. I looked up as a shadow fell. I was dead.
  3.       I woke up. That was a nice surprise I was alive. I looked around to get my bearings of my suroundings. I was on a bed the over head light was on and was shining down on my face. The spotless white tiles and the blue wallpaper suggest I'm in a hospital. I winced as I got up. The last thing I remembered was the ghoul chasing me then somthing falling on top of me. I felt different now I could'nt explain it but I was different. I looked down and noticed my upper body was in bandages. I stood up and went over towards to the window. Peering through it I saw that it was a dull day and the atmosphere seemed off. The door opened behind me a nurse came in with a tray of mashed up food.Her eyes widened when see saw me before I could saw a word she stumbled back thourgh the doorway and stared calling the doctor. She appeared again with a man suposedly the doctor."Where am I? What am I doing here?" I spoke hoarsly as soon as the nurse left."Welcome back to the world of the living. I didn't think you would make it Ash Blake"said the doctor smiling nervously."My name how ...?" I stamered. "Your neighbor's were the one's who called us they also told us your name.For where you are, you are in a hospital west of cork in the country side hospital.For what you are doing here, you were crushed under debris of a roof that some how fell on top of of you. Your neighbors who wirnessed the whole said it just fell and rush over too see what happened they found you and another person,a woman, under the debris.  All your organs wear damaged besides your brain but the woman had died so..."he paused and was looking anywhere but me."So..." I inquired but I knew what he was going to say next. "So we did an organ transplant on the pair of you" he finishes facing me. I just sigh there was no point on whining about who lives or who dies right now I needed to get out of here. If they found out they had traded my organs with a ghouls they'd get the IGE in here as fact as lightning. "How many days was I out?" I asked. "You know most people would be shocked if they heard that happened to them" the doctor was looking at me shocked. This doctor was obvisously a very nervous man I thought "anyway I when do I get discharged from here because I need to go home to do something"."You were out for 3 days so it would be ok for you to leave today but let me give you a check up first" the doctor sighed leaving the room. When he had left I just sat on the bed and began to cry.
  4.         I was laying face down from my bed. It was night by the time I arrived home. I had had changed out of the clothes I had on three days ago it was in tatters. The hospital hadn't even offered me any spare clothes but I wouldn't blame them their job was to save people not to help them. I was thinking what the doctor had said about me swiching my organs. I heard that ghouls founfd normal food revolting and always throw up afterwards. I got up and went to the cupboard."No way, it's impossible" I whisper unsure of myself. I took out a bar of chocolate from the cupboard. I took a bite out of my bar of chocolate that was in my hand. "Uruf!" I put my hand to my mouth, it tasted horrible. I ran to the sink and puked it back up. "No...", I ran to food again but the outcome was the same after a while half of my food stock was gone. "No..." I wept with tears rolling down my cheeks. I needed fresh air badly.
  5.         I was outside on the street. I walked down Shandon street to Olivir Plunketts st. I sniffed the air 'they smell good...' a voice in the back of my head spoke.I shook my head, I must be hullucinating. I hear a familiar voice behind me "Ash I didn't expect to see you this early in the summer". I turned around. In front of me was a smiling idiot whom was my best friend."Sup Will! Hope you have been doing well", I smiled the voice had dissapeared. "You wanna to go somewhere else, this place is kind of crowded", Will's voice was full of amusement.
  6.      We were in an alley way. Not my favourite place to be after the 'accident'. But I didn't let that show. We talked about football and games. Since I moved, I also changed schools. The teachers at Ashton were nice enough and the fees were good for my budget, so it was ideal. The students there was nice too and the campus was impressive. We were turning a corner when we heard it. It was the sound of something eating. There in front of us was a teenager that was no older than us he was wearing a plain purple shirt with jeans. He seemed familiar."Ronan O'Conner of class 2B!" Will exclaimed. "Wait, you know this guy?" I asked confused but the guy did seem familiar. "Yeah, he goes to our school ,don't you know, he is the most popular guy at Ashton".But my thoughts were different what was the munching sound earlier. Ronan turned to face us. I saw his eyes he was a ghoul. I tensed Will was frozen on the spot and was trembling."Oh...You guy's are my main course" Ronan licked his lips. Ronan covered the distance between us in an instant. Then his mortem hit.
  7.       I manged to just to the side. But Will wasn't so lucky. The mortem grabed Will then threw him to the wall. He was unconcious. I looked up to Ronan his mortem was was just one it was more like an arm than a tenticle then the woman before in the allyway it was pulsing blue. He started walking towards Will. I stood up "leave him alone". "What are you gonna do about it" he spoke while turning towards me. "This" I replied. I was seething I concentrated all my angry in one place where the mortem comes out one of my eyes turned. I was going for the kill. Out came the mortem. My mind was blank but my body knew what to do. ''Wha..." before Ronan could finished his sentence I attacked.Ronan tried to aim an attack at me but I blocked and grabed him and threw him to a power line he was electrocuted and fell to the floor.Then his mortem dissapeared and his eyes went back to normal. I looked at my mortem it was exactly like as the women in the alleyway. "Why... do... you... have... Rize's..."Ronan then lost conscinous. I rushed over to Will suddenly as if something was controling my entire body "ffeedd I must feed" I slurred "he's my friend right, I-I-I should he'll forgive me" I opened my mouth. "Don't if you do you'll be scarred for life,you'll never forgive yourself", a voice behind me spoke. I turned around. In front of me was a girl with dark hair and wearing a GAP jumper and skinny jeans. She then punched me in the face. I was sent flying. Jugding from her strength she was a ghoul too. The punch jarred me and I came back too to my sences. My mortem dissapeared and I reverted back to human."Thanks, I needed that" I grunted rubbing my cheek. "Come with me. If you go rogue again I won't be around to stop you there are people who can help you. Help me carry Ronan and follow me I called an ambulance for your friend so get up" she said with no concern. "You haven't even told me your name yet and why should I trust you?" I scowled I didn't like the idea of leaving Will on the cold pavement. "My name is Kate and why should you trust me? Cause if you don't then I would have to kill you and I wouln't get my answers will I?"she smiled.  It was not like I had any choice.
  8.          We left Will for the ambulance to get I left a bit of my blood on the floor so the IGE would think I was killed. I felt bad for lieing to Will but I knew if I wanted to survive Will would only get in my way. Me and Kate didn't talk through out the trip. We avoided main street and headed south. "We're here" Kate announced. I looked up it was a cafe on Sullivans Quay.'Antinque' read the sign. Kate let go Ronan and opened the door . I draged Ronan inside and dropped him to the floor. "Hey! What was that for?" demanded Kate. "Why should I help someone who tried to kill my friend?" I retorted. Kate was about say something but was interrupted. "Kate who have you? brought where's Ronan?" asked a deep voice from behind me. I turn around. In front of me was an old man he had come out of the door labled staff. He was wearing a black suit. "Hello Mr Henessy. Ronan is behind me sleeping and I brought this guy because he smelt like Rize and only had one ghoul eye"."what?" this Mr henessy guy looking at me with new interest.kate glared at me "what is your conection to Rize?". I realise that they were talking about that woman I swapped organs with her so I smelt like her and had her mortem. I explained how I became a ghoul.
  9.       When I was done they just stared they didn't buy it I could tell by their reactions but it was the truth. Ater a while Mr Henessy spoke "join us Ash. You are new to this world and I want to help you . We devised a way to stem the urge to feed. By drinking coffee. That way we can eat normal food but only for a certain amount of time but it should help you better since your a hlaf ghoul and you can live here with us. So what do you say?" asked Mr Henessy extending out his hand. I smiled mabye there was a way to get out of this crazy world ater all.I took his ahnd and shook it.
  10.          My days at Antique were peacefull 6 other people were living ther incuding me. There was Kate,Mr Henessy, a 26 year old man named Matt,a woman named Polly and a orphaned girl named cathy all of them acepted me except Kate whom almost never taked to me. But happy days never last the world was a cruel place. On the way back from a delivery I saw some had broken the glass and wreked the inside of antique the afternoon sunlight was shining through the empty glass panes. I rushed in. The palce was destroyed and Polly, Cathy and Matt were on the floor. I knew Kate and Mr Henessy were out so I knew there were ok. behind them was a man and 2 cloaked ghouls "hello one eye"spoke the man he wore an white suit and was blond. The ghouls behind him were masked so I couldn't see their face. "Get him" the suited man ordered. The last thing I saw before I lost conscinous was the white suited man laughed.
  11.           When I woke up I was in a cell. I was tied to a chair and I couldn't move. Then he appeared in front of me, "Welcome Ash, my name is Jason. I hear you have Rize's organs Ash, that makes you my enemy, don't worry about your friends in antique they're alive but they're not going to find you any time soon", Jason smiled angrily. "So what are you gonna do to me because I can clearly see a crazy fat psychopath right in front of me." "You won't be insulting me for long, you're going to die nice and slow." I just spat at him in the face, thats when the pain started.
  14. The days went by. He'd come every 2 hours to torture me from electrocuting to skinning to put a red centipide in my ear. I counted down from a thousand in sevens those numbers help me keep my sanity. I'd watch my body regenerate only be stopped to what ever torture method he had. Jason knew I couldn't eat humans so he would just send 2 humans to me to give me normal food. The humans were a couple and they tried to help me as much as they could but one day while I was counting as my body regenerated Jason came with the 2 humans who were helping me."Hheyy Ash. I want you to choose which one should I kill?", pulling at my hair. I looked at them, they were tied up and gagged with tape. I asked for their names I merely refered to him as mister and miss. The woman was trembling while the man was stock still looking at me."Well choose! Left or right?! Man or woman?!! That one or this one?!! CHOOSE!!!", Jason bellowed."No don't", I whispered ,"Leave them be." Tears were coming down my cheeks."Oh! I see!", Jason laughed ,"I should kill them both!" The woman began to scramble away. The tape had fallen away from the man and he started screaming ," PICK ME ASH, PICK ME!!!" But then Jason turned into a ghoul his mortem grabing both the man and woman and crushed their spines to dust. Jason reverted and let them fall to the floor in front of me. I looked at them in horror ,"Why?! Why did they have to die because of me?!", I wept."Ash", cried the man with a struggled voice not dead yet but only had a few seconds left "Eat me, I want to leave this world knowing that someone will kill that monster, please do it." I didn't want to but I knew I he was right ,"Before I do may I ask both of your names?" "Sam and Joan. Go kill him Ash. Thankyou" Sam took his final breath. I leant forward on the chair and ate with one thought in my mind as my hair turned white. I'm a ghoul.
  16.      Jason came back."Ash looks like your friends have come to save you but I won't let that happen." He looked at my white hair than at me, his feet twisted ,"Ash, let me take from you! I'm hungry! I wonder how one eyed ghouls taste!", Jason shouted walking towards me ,"Let me eat you!" Thats when I struck, broke the foot shackles and jumped over the hand cuffs and twisted them around his neck. I pulled and bit his temple and jumped off when the cuffs broke."Wha? You bit me!", Jason roared baffled."Hey Jason! How about this! I eat you!", I looked at him smiling. I ran, jumped and aimed a kick at his head but he grabed my foot."I'm not letting go", Jason laughed. I did A 360 degrees turn and kicked him with my other foot. The force released his grip on me and sent him through a wall."After all I've been through you'd think something as minor as this would hurt", I said as I twisted my foot back into shape."Ash", Jason screamed turning into a ghoul but his transformation was different, his mortem enveloped entire arm and half of his face ,"This is my beserk mode, I'm going to eat you piece by piece." "Shut up!", I charge. I dodged his attacks and got a solid punch in the gut . But Jason didn't even flinch, he smiled and using his mortem enveloped arm he threw me through a wall. Jason grinning spotted when he saw get up ,"Hey, I'll get serious now", I spoke with confidence as I charged into the ghoul, my mortem coming out of my back. I threw myself at him getting shots in at every opening. His mortem caught me by the face and sent me flying up but I reacted quickly by twisting back and smashing my mortm into jason the impact caused a crater in the ground."Say Jason whats a thousand minus seven?" I asked . Jason refuse to respond i stabed him with one of my bringers.I repeated the question.He reused to answer again.I sabed him with the the rest of the brings he wailed."993,981,974..." he stamered as tears rolled down his cheeks."You said you wanted to eat me my piece by picce.I think i'll do that to you.I opened my mouth and ate while listening too his screams.
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