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Sep 3rd, 2017
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  1. [02:52:24] away from you: My friend was looking to get into article/analysis translations
  2. [02:52:33] away from you: For soanish
  3. [02:52:37] away from you: Spanish*
  4. [02:52:56] away from you: Would they like pick any finished english analysis/article and tramslate it
  5. [02:53:00] away from you: Or how does that work
  6. [02:58:38] @Haund: We do not translate analyses at the moment
  7. [02:58:40] @Haund: For technical reasons
  8. [02:58:44] @Haund: We are looking to start soon though
  9. [02:58:51] away from you: Ah
  10. [02:59:04] @Haund: For articles, we translate published articles and we also do live releases
  11. [02:59:07] @Haund: alongside the english ones
  12. [02:59:16] away from you: Ah
  13. [02:59:21] @Haund: Snce your friend is interested in the spanish project, i suggest he contacts Iyarito
  14. [02:59:25] @Haund: Since she handles the spanish section
  15. [02:59:26] away from you: Ok
  16. [02:59:32] away from you: Thx
  17. [02:59:34] @Haund: and each language project has different release schedule etc
  18. [02:59:36] @Haund: you're wlecome
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