Echoes Clive-Mathilda +extra

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  1. [usual disclaimer:]
  3. C: Mathilda...being able to fight side by side again is like a dream
  4. M: I feel the same Clive. It's been so long I just can't calm down. It seems I'm gonna miss my mark.
  5. C: Hahaha, that'd be a problem. Don't worry though, I won't leave your side again. So won't you show me what a beauty on the battlefield you can be?
  6. M: Oh Clive! There's nothing more reassuring that knowing you are watching over me
  7. C: Yes. I'll be counting on you.
  10. C: Hey, Mathilda. Once again you were fascinating with your spear today.
  11. M: No way. Comparing someone inexperienced like me to you is positively embarrassing.
  12. C: What are you talking about Mathilda? There's no one else in this world I'd trust with my back. So go on, use those hands of your to bring us victory.
  13. M: Clive! Leave it to me! Anyone moves against you and I'll completely rip their heads off
  14. C: Hahaha, sounds promising.
  17. M: Clive...
  18. C: What is it Mathilda? Why are you looking so gloomy? You'll ruin your beautiful face.
  19. M: Well,this isn't easy for me to say but...the other day Claire told me off about stepping in battle before you. Certainly it isn't as if I have never though about this. I know in the battlefield there is no man or woman. We are soldiers. However as your future wife I truly want to support you. Oh...what am I supposed to do...
  20. C: Don't be silly Mathilda. Forget about things like supporting me. I will show you I can shine on my own without relying on anyone's strength. But more importantly Mathilda, you should just be yourself. That would make me far happier.
  21. M: Clive...!
  22. C: Well, won't you show me again what a battle goddess you are?
  23. M: Yes, leave it to me. If you wish it I shall even become a demon!
  26. BONUS
  27. If you free Mathilda you get this small scene with Clive before Alm can recruits her.
  29. C: Mathilda!
  30. M: Clive! Oh how I missed you. My Clive...
  31. C: Forgive me Mathilda, I've let you suffer for so long...Spare me no abuse, I'll accept it all.
  32. M: What are you talking about Clive? You merely acted as the commander of the army should. Besides I'm at fault here too for letting them capture me. So don't blame yourself any more.
  33. C:  Mathilda...
  34. M: I don't want to hear more apologies. You know what I want instead don't you?
  35. C: Yes.
  36. ......
  37. Gray: Wow, that's amazing.
  38. Gray: You are blushing Alm.
  39. Alm: Eeh? No I'm not.
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