Types of Curtain Wall Facades

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  1. Do you know when you enter a beautifulThis incredible stone wall design attracts your attention in the spacious museum or hotel lobby? That is a curtain wall. It obviously does not involve the type of curtain you put in the living roomStill, the name still exists.These fabulous artworks continue to spread all over the world, with a noteworthy structure wherever they are..What type of facade can you create for your space?? Possibility is endlessEven companies that design these stunning wall designs will tell you the challenge of creating features with materials they have never used.Or seemingly impossible designIs an exciting opportunity.metal- Metal exterior walls can be made of materials such as brass, copper,aluminumOr silver-nickel, mention someAnd usually assembled to create incredible abstract designs. Because the metal is usually very heavyMost metal fa├žades are made of a thin metal coating that is mounted on a "matrix" like melanin., laminate,glass fiberConcreteOr The glass curtain wall is basically what you see in the city.-- Glass paneled skyscraper. These are all "glass curtain walls""In the company lobby, along the wall,floor-to- The glass is an attractive atmosphere with a variety of harmonious atmosphereScrub, or crystal clear glass panelSometimes with water features.stone- Stone facades everywhere. They are on the house-- You know those cottages.- a chimney with a circular river rock? If you use real rock, they are quite expensiveBut now many builders use composite materials that look like stones.. of courseActually using stonesBut it is much more expensive. Stone curtain wall design is one of the most common ways to decorate the space, even without the need for a fireplace or water feature. Many developers combine stones with copper or bronze to create a modern, rustic look or stainless steel, creating a very modern look..
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