famitracker tutorial list

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  1. 1. Building FamiTracker 0.4.6 and Its NSF Driver
  2.    Demonstrates the basic requirements to compile a working build of FamiTracker 0.4.6, the most recent stable version available. Also shows how to build the NSF driver on ca65, as well as create the driver header files for use in FamiTracker.
  3. 2. Implementation of Global Pattern Effects
  4.    Describes the working principles of tempo and speed in FamiTracker and the NSF driver, as well as the effect of non-default refresh rates on the NSF driver. Describes also the working principles of the pattern effects Bxx, Cxx, Dxx, Fxx, and Gxx.
  5. 3. Implementations of Pattern Effects, Part I (Common)
  6.    Describes the working principles of the pattern effects common to all sound channels, including 0xy, 1xx, 2xx, 3xx, 4xy, 7xy, Axy, Pxx, Qxy, Rxy, Sxx, and Vxx.
  7. 4. Implementations of Pattern Effects, Part II (Chip-specific)
  8.    Describes the working principles of the pattern effects specific to certain sound channels, including 2A03 Exx, Hxy, Ixy, Wxx, Xxx, Yxx, Zxx; FDS Hxx, Ixx, Jxx; 5B Hxx, Ixx, Jxy.
  9. 5. Adding a Custom Pattern Effect in FamiTracker
  10.    Goes through the steps of creating a new pattern effect in FamiTracker, and making it work in the NSF driver. Implements a test effect that works like the Pxx fine pitch effect, but accumulates its parameter value over time.
  11. 6. Using the FamiTracker Exporter Plugin
  12.    Demonstrates usage of the FamiTracker exporter interface. (Under construction.)
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