The kind that stays

Feb 21st, 2014
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  3. >"You're the father, Anon..." Rainbow Dash mumbles, turning away from you in what appears to be shame.
  4. >The revelation hits you like a sack of bricks, and you stagger backward as if it were a literal blow while you struggle to think of a response.
  5. >You broke up with her weeks ago.
  6. >Things just weren't working out...
  8. "Dashie, I-I... me? A-are you sure?"
  9. >"Who else could it be, huh?" She growls with indignation.
  10. >You were her first, and so far only boyfriend.
  11. >You also hold the title of first guy to break her heart as well.
  12. >Words fail to heed your call, and you stand idly with your jaw hanging open.
  13. >Only the broken beginnings of various positive and negative responses find any exit.
  14. >Dashie's magenta eyes, once so friendly, bore a hole into you.
  15. >Asking -begging you to say something.
  16. >Anything.
  18. "D-dashie, I-I..."
  19. >Still nothing.
  20. >Your hollow gaze rests on her belly.
  21. >She isn't showing, but there's a strange sensation within you when the thought of your future son or daughter crosses your mind.
  22. >The cold loneliness of a child that had no father fills you once again.
  23. >"... Anon, you need to tell me what you plan to do about this. I'm keeping it either way, but... I have to know about you."
  24. >What is there to tell?
  25. >That you're terrified of parenthood?
  26. >That you don't know the first thing about being a father because you've never had one?
  27. >You recall growing up.
  28. >No dad to teach you sports.
  29. >You learned that in school.
  30. >The one boy that didn't know how to throw a football so that it spirals, out how to properly adopt a basket.
  32. >The boy that sat in class with nothing to do when the other students made paper-tie cards for Father's Day.
  33. >The awkward teenager that had no male figure to consult about his first girlfriend.
  34. >Memories you'll never have.
  35. >With only your Mom as a substitute, you were more feminine than most guys.
  36. >Gentle as opposed to rowdy, more lean than toned, and easily understanding of the emotions of others.
  37. >A benefit you often overlook on the occasions when you examine your life.
  38. >A hindrance that won Rainbow Dash over, actually.
  39. >The tough tomboy that had no mother around...
  40. >...And you realize that she's on the same page as you.
  41. >Uncertain about her qualifications as a parent to your baby.
  42. >What is her world missing?
  43. >Without you, what is your child missing?
  44. >Countless moments unique to a family with both a Mom and Dad present.
  45. >Then you have your answer.
  47. "...I plan to be here. With the two of you."
  48. >A bright smile breaks out on Dashie's face and she throws her arms around you.
  49. >Your father was never around for you, and you'll never get that experience back.
  50. >But you'll be there for your baby.
  51. >You're going to be the best Dad ever.
  52. >The kind that stays.
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